Facial hair styles circle beard. Start Growing Your Facial Hair to Rock These Beard Styles, Products For Your New Beard Style

If you’re sick of seeing the same thing in the mirror every morning, an update to your facial hair might be in order. With a little bit of organic beard oil for grooming and beard balm for sculpting, you can transform your mug and join the ranks of distinguished beardsmen. Before deciding on a style, you should first figure out the structure of your face, as your beard should fit one of the four common shapes: Facial hair and beard styles.

Now the signature look of Robert Downey Jr., the Balbo actually dates back to fascist Italy, but who cares about that when you can look like Iron Man? Perfect for rounder face shapes, this style combines a mustache, soul patch and chin hair that extends along the jaw line. Start with a full beard and sculpt the components until you’re ready to join the rest of the Avengers.

If you have a square face, you want to accentuate your strong jaw with a style that’s shorter on the sides and fuller on the chin. The Royale is a mustache with a small chin beard and soul patch below the lower lip.

Facial hair and beard styles

For those with an oval face, you have your choice of any style, so why not have some fun? The Garibaldi is full and luxurious, but it doesn’t make you look unkempt. Keep your mustache neatly trimmed as you grow your beard long enough to sculpt the bottom into a rounded shape.

Rectangular faces can look narrow, so go with a design that’s fuller on the sides and short on the bottom. To achieve this effect, combine mutton chops with a mustache and keep your chin completely bare to make your face appear broader.

Facial hair styles full beard

No matter which style you choose, you’ll want to keep your facial hair looking its best with the many oils and beard balms available from Lovely Beards.

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