Bald and facial hair styles. Different Hairstyles For Men - Men s Haircuts + Hairstyles 2017

Different hairstyles for men are constantly popping up. In fact, skilled barbers all around the world are always coming up with different haircuts for their patrons who want unique cuts and styles to stand out. And this desire to create new short and long hairstyles for guys has resulted in some of the coolest men’,s haircuts in recent years. Bald hair and beard styles.

Top Haircuts For Guys

Below, we’,ve highlighted the best haircut styles to try in 2017. From hair designs to different types of fades to trendy ways to style your hair on top, this guide offers an awesome collection of modern hairstyles for boys and men.

High Bald Fade with Thick Quiff

Here we have a high skin fade with a line up. And the thick textured hair on top is styled as a quiff. This versatile look allows guys to style a number of different hairstyles.

Low Fade with Slick Back and Facial Hair

This hot low fade haircut looks even better with a shiny slick back and some stubble for facial hair. To get this type of sheen on your hair, you’,ll definitely need a pomade with medium to high gloss.

High Skin Fade with Messy Spiky Hair

This cool high skin fade offers a super clean cut on the sides. Combined with the spiky hair on top and brushed up fringe, and this hairstyle looks awesome!

Undercut with Long Comb Over and Beard

This long comb over on top is coupled with an undercut on the sides. The beard adds a certain level of masculinity that girls find irresistible.

Bald and facial hair styles

Quiff with Tapered Sides and Beard

Here we have a super stylish quiff with short tapered sides and not a fade. While quiff hairstyles can be styled into almost any hair type, it’,s best if you have thick, straight hair.

Long Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair always looks great with a disconnected undercut. If you’,re thinking about a textured hairstyle on top, consider a short cut on the sides to really accentuate the style.

Pompadour with Mid Fade and Beard

The modern pompadour is a hot variation of the retro style popularized by Rock and Roll in the 50’,s and 60’,s. The hairstyle continues to be widespread and requires a good pomade when styling.

Spiky Hair with Undercut Fade

To avoid clumpy spikes, style your spiky hair with pomade for a textured look. This example is particularly trendy because the barber cut an undercut fade with a shape up.

Hard Part Comb Over

The hard comb over is a thicker and more voluminous variation of the side part. If you have thick, straight hair and want longer hair on top, this hairstyle is a great option.

Bald head and facial hair styles

Curly Fringe with High Fade and Beard

Curly hair is notorious for being difficult to tame. This curly fringe hairstyle with a high fade haircut simply looks better because of the curls.

Hard Side Part with High Fade

A hard part can turn a classic side part into a more modern look. Throw in the cool high bald fade and you have the perfect style for your personal and professional life.

Faux Hawk with Hard Part and Mid Fade

A faux hawk ( fohawk ) can be styled any time you have long hair on top. This fresh and dapper hairstyle works perfectly with the hard part, fade, and beard.

Burst Fade Mohawk with Hair Design

Brushed Back Hair with Mid Skin Fade

The brushed back hairstyle provides guys with a quick way to style their hair in the mornings. You can apply pomade or go natural, but the look always looks stylish.

Buzz Cut with High Bald Fade and Line Up

The buzz cut continues to be a popular short haircut for men. Easy and simple, the buzz cut doesn’,t require any styling and looks best with a fade on the sides.

Bald head and facial hair styles

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