Mustache and beard styles for round face. 7 Trendiest Beard Styles

Written by Gareth Healey in Men's Style on July 21st, 2015 Cool mustache and beard styles.

Think the beard is on it’,s way out? Think again.

The coolest beard styles are so versatile, they’,re sure to stand the test of changing seasons. A mere ‘,change in fashion’, will never knock this macho staple out of the style game. So, if you want facial hair that you can maintain for seasons to come, then check out this list of the trendiest beard styles.

That 5 o’,clock shadow you keep trying to fend off could in fact be your new statement look. This short growth of beard will give your face a deliberately rugged, untidy appearance.

Cool moustache and beard styles

With tighter shaped lines and short growth, this smart beard look is great for bringing definition to your face. This style requires plenty of attention and trimming as it grows to keep it in line –, make sure to shave under your neck to create a defined line under your chin. For a trim beard, make sure the hair stops midway up the cheek and connects fairly evenly with your moustache.

A full beard says you’,re the manliest of men. Dynamic and stylish, your beard will make you look smart when it’,s groomed and rugged when it’,s not. Low maintenance and easy to style, it’,s no wonder this look has become so popular.

Inspired by one of Johnny Depp’,s most iconic characters, the Captain Jack is an on-trend blend of moustache, soul patch and goatee-style whiskers. Quick-growing facial hair should be trimmed daily to maintain this look, whilst a healthy dose of wax can help you keep the shape.

Best goatee beard styles

This messy-style beard actually takes a lot of maintenance (although many the hipster would try to convince you otherwise). Trimming around the moustache and mouth can give you a more defined look, or you could always try modelling a handlebar moustache for an extra alternative look. Whatever your style, make sure you’,re making the most of beard oil if you choose the hipster route.

Cool and downright artsy, the Van Dyke look consists of a short, pointy beard and pointy moustache that’,s often waxed. The lack of hair on the sides of the face gives this look a dynamic edge.

If hipster hairstyles and Van Dyke looks are way too mainstream for you, then you could always unleash your creativity on your bead and go all out with some of these styles …,

Best moustache and beard styles

Needless to say, looks this cool take a lot of maintenance, perseverance and general awesomeness.

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