Beard styles designs. Your Essential List of Men Beard Grooming Styles

Being in fashion plays a major role in creating one’s own individuality and personality in the kind of world we live in. Fashion has become a way of helping people when it comes to displaying what they’re feeling or how they want to look in front of others. Beard types styles.

Having a unique personal style is something that a lot of guys strive for, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You might not give it much credit but the fashion industry coupled with individual styles is a behemoth in the business world.

While women have always been linked to fashion, trends, and style, more and more men are making the transition too. Some men are on top of all the latest trends while some stick to their personal style. One such trend that seems to be sweeping the nation is growing a beard. A lot of young men are leaving a clean shaved face behind and embracing their natural facial hair. Whether or not you want to call it a trend, being bearded is certainly here for the long haul.

You’ll end up seeing a lot of different beards depending on factors such as culture, religion, geographical region, etc. However, one thing is for sure, and that’s that a groomed beard is one that catches the eye.

The right kind of beard can completely change your personality. It might take you a while to figure out which type of beard suits you the best but keep at it. To help you out with your journey, mentioned below are some of the top beard grooming styles you should check out.

The Balbo is considered as one of the most common beard styles. It looks best on men with a narrow chin. This is the beard you use to see most often, but with the resurgence of facial hair growth in the past few years it has lost some popularity. That being said, this may still be the best beard for your face type and genetics.

Do not be afraid to try a classic!

The main feature of this style is that you can grow it as long as you’re genetically able to. It’ll probably take you around 7 months to reach the required length. It’s best for people who a triangular face.

Different types beard styles

That may just be the most popular beard at the time I am writing this. It seems everywhere you go you will run into this beard, but that is for a reason. It’s a force to be reckoned with amongst the bearded community. If you can grow it…do!

The circle beard is the combination of a mustache and a rounded beard style. The best thing about the circle beard style is that it suits everyone.

Although I am not a personal fan of this beard, there are a lot of employers that are ok with this but not a full blown beard. If it is your only choice, we understand!

It is a combination of a mustache and a goatee beard. It looks best on people with square faces.

Once again, this is something more and more employers will let you do when they are not ok with a full beard.

It is commonly referred to as side whiskers. Men with circular or a square shaped face tend to carry it the best.

These chops aren’t just for cosplaying or halloween! Wolverine has showed us just how badass this style can be with the right amount of attitude behind it.

Facial hair types beard styles

This style is another common one. A well-groomed full beard makes for an attractive look. If you can grow a full beard chances are this style will suit you.

This is a tried and true look with the ladies. It gives the the sensation of a Bandholz with the primping of a clean shaven look. Women love a man that takes care of himself.

This grooming style of beard requires the minimum amount of trimming. It suits people with a rectangular face.

Not all of use can be bothered to trim or cut a beard every few days…hell, that’s why most of us starting growing a beard to begin with! But for shits sake, throw some oil and balm in that face badger…you dirty animal.

It is the simplest beard style which requires no particular attention other than beard oil, but also doesn’t make you look untidy.

This look if for the guy that has a woman that won’t “let” him have a beard. You rebel…

You can grow your short stubble to about 3 to 5mm for a medium one. Maintain it well. It suits most faces.

Beard shape styles

This can be a nice look, but most often is the transistion phase from clean shaven to fulled bearded. Get some, brother!

This type of stubble has a length of 6mm. It is kind of tricky to maintain when compared to short and medium stubble because you’ll need to remove stray hairs for a cleaner look.

Look bro, just let that thing grow…you have the genetics and support from those around you. Let that mane take over!!

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