Best beard styles for bald heads. 8 Myths About Beards That Simply Aren t True BaldingBeards

Beards &mdash, like most uncommon things in society, are prone to some peculiar misconceptions. These unnecessary false beliefs stop many potential beard-growers. Bald beard styles.

Below are eight beard myths that should have been dispelled decades ago.

1. Beards are itchy

Fact: Beard itch is uncommon and never lasts longer than three weeks. Itchiness can occur because of dry skin and coarse hair. A smart beard cultivator keeps his beard adequately moisturized to keep it healthy and itch-free. ( This is best done using beard oil ).

2. You have to find a barber to trim your beard

Fact: The best place you can go to cut your beard is your bathroom. A barber will often take off too much and style your beard on his preference. You best bet is to learn how do it yourself ( using a beard trimmer, scissors and a comb) or take the time to find the right barber.

3. Shaving a beard will make it thicker

4. Greying and multicolored beards look unappealing

Fact: You know what beards make you? Distinguished. Want to stand out even more? Have a unique beard color. Colorful and greying whiskers add sophistication. Never be afraid to stand out.

Bald beard styles 2015

5. You won&rsquo,t be able to land a job

Fact: If you look closely you will find a lot of bearded men in the work environment. While it&rsquo,s true, some professions are more beard-friendly compared to others &mdash, a well-kept beard can even prove as an advantage. An interviewer will be able to distinguish you from other candidates more efficiently and have an easier time remembering you.

6. A beard makes you look unattractive

Fact: Contrary to what some people believe &mdash, beards make you more attractive.

Of course, it comes down to personal preference. But, a scientific study in Australia proved that:

an intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring

Bald facial hair styles

If you&rsquo,re not bearding, you&rsquo,re missing out.

7. A beard has to be &ldquo,full&rdquo, to look handsome

Fact: A beard does not have to be full to look good. Take example from actors like Johnny Depp, Shia Labeouf, Ashton Kutcher, Keanu Reeves and the late Heath Ledger. Their beards are not &ldquo,full&rdquo,, yet pleasing to the eye.

Every beard shape is unique &mdash, embrace yours.

8. Beards are filled with Poop

Fact: If you don&rsquo,t clean your beard &mdash, it&rsquo,s going to be dirty. No surprises here. Same as washing your head hair. Beards are our natural filters that keep germs, bacteria, pollen and other invaders away from your system.

Beard styles on bald head

Wash it on a regular basis, and you can rest assured your facial follicles are pure like snow in Alaska.


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