Beard fashion styles. A Truly Unique Style- Devin Deuel

When creating art in Anchorage it is not hard to become part of a particular socail circle of artists. They gather at the businesses that support the arts such as Brown Bag Sandwich Comany. One such artist even created a mural for them in their first business location and works for them currently. , Beard designs and styles.

He has travled to many different states and created art in each of them. You may see his mural on the side of the Ak Alchemist coffee shop. His unqiue style in this work of art displays images native to alaska such as salmon and bears. However it is his portriats that truly give me the chills. I am not too prideful to admit that his portrayal of women's faces gives me goosebumps and I am alittle envious at times. ,

You will see him at the music and art events around town. He is normally sporting a unique hair and/ or beard design which is very much his style as well as the uniquely ragged boots he wares. I only mention this becasue it paints the picture of his personality and unique artistic attributes. (Devin these are all compliments by the way). ,

Fashion beard styles 2012

I visited him once when he was created a very detailed, pen drawn, work of art. It was HUGE! It was the largest piece of paper I have ever seen and it was mounted straight up and down on the wall, what looked like flood lights pointed straight at it. His forearm was rested on the wall and his nose was so close to the piece that it almost touched. The skeleton of the image was complete but he was adding in details  ,that would be hard to see without a magnifying glass. It is the patience this work of art had taken, even in it's beginning stages, that struck me most. ,

He is now creating tatoos at the Vala Gallery on Schoon Street. Go say hello and check him out. If you like his work show the love and comment or subscribe to the blog to see more of other artists in Anchorage. ,

Beard designs and styles

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