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Grow your beard and mustache out for three to four weeks prior to trimming it. This will allow you to establish length. Select the style of mustache that you wish to grow, along with your beard. Mustache and beard styles.

Wash your face in your sink with soap, a washcloth and warm water. Scrub your beard gently with the washcloth to remove any dirt or grease. Then rinse your face and beard and allow them both to dry.

Gather your razor, scissors and trimmer -- clippers with a guard to protect your skin will work in the event that a beard and mustache trimmer is unavailable -- and set them next to the sink. Place a plastic bag in the sink to prevent falling hairs from clogging it.


Set the comb that guards the trimmer blades to the desired length. Trim your beard and mustache with scissors and a comb, prior to using the electric trimmer, if they are longer than an inch or two.

Watch yourself in the mirror while trimming your beard and mustache. Drag the trimmer comb through your beard or mustache, against the direction of growth.

Continue trimming until all of the hair on your face is the same length. If you wish to maintain a beard and mustache of different lengths, trim each accordingly.

New mustache and beard styles


Remove the comb that guards the trimmer blades and carefully trim around the edges of your beard and mustache.

Lather your neck at the edges of your beard. Shave away any unsightly hair that remains outside your beard with a razor, to give it a clean look. Wash your face again.

Dispose of the plastic bag with the hair in it. Clean the sink of any hairs that missed the bag. Brush hairs out of the trimmer blades and clean any removable and washable parts.

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Styles of beard and mustache

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There are many ways to groom a mustache. Decide how you want yours to look before following these instructions.

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