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"San Andreas take their hair very seriously and, like everything else in Los Santos, half of it isn't real. For a classic fade, rails, tramlines, siderows, shutters and more, visit the original Herr Kutz in South Los Santos or, if you're willing to spend a little more (i.e. add a zero), Bob Mulet in Rockford Hills can craft you a prize coif in minutes." Black barbershop beard styles.


In GTA San Andreas, Barbers become available in the third main story mission, " Ryder ". The types of hairstyles selected may enhance both the player's respect from Grove Street Families members and the player's sex appeal towards girlfriends. In total, there are seven barbers throughout San Andreas all categorized into only three types, two of which are only limited to one outlet each.

In GTA V, Barbers become available after the second main story mission, Franklin and Lamar. The hairstyles and beards only serve as a cosmetic customization, not affecting the gameplay in any way. As a coincidence, there are seven barbers throughout San Andreas.

Barbers in GTA San Andreas

Old Reece's Hair and Facial Studio

Hair styles

Macisla Unisex Hair Salon

The Macisla Unisex Hair Salon (also known simply as "Barber Shop" by its outdoor sign) is found in Playa Del Seville, Los Santos. Like Old Reece's, Macisla boasts a unique interior with a sleek and modernized design modeling after a more urban Black barbershop/salon and has a unique barber model, a young African American character with a unique pattern design in his haircut. Apprently it targets a younger Afro American crowd (at the time) with wild hair designs that Black teens and yound Black adults would wear in the early '90's. The "Macisla Unisex Hair Salon" name is derived from the interior's mirrors, although the exterior implies it is simply known as "Barber Shop".

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Miscellaneous barbershops

Shared interior of GTA San Andreas' miscellaneous barbershops, this interior is of the Marina "Barber Salon".

Black barbershop beard styles

Other barbershops throughout San Andreas fall into a single group that offer the player the same set of hairstyles, and feature the same interior (a similarly modern interior as Macisla, distinguished by its checkered tile floor) and the same barber model (a Caucasian character with a radical hairstyle, parodying rapper Vanilla Ice).These barbershops may also target the (at the time) young Black crowd with wild hairstyles but may also target the young suburban White crowd who would act Black thus modeling the barber with a wild hairstyle. The barbers will attempt to talk in urban slang to CJ, as well with Radio Los Santos being played at every shop, and the shops themselves placed in high class areas of San Andreas (and country and desert areas for some strange reason). The barber himself is also implied to be a member of the Epsilon Program, including mention of the group and "Kifflom" in speech. The only difference is their exteriors and storefronts, which often assume different names and design.

Hair styles

Hairstyles offered from these barbers include:

Locations in GTA San Andreas

Barbers in GTA V

High-End Barbers

There's just one high-end barber shop in GTA V: the Bob Mulét salon in Rockford Hills. The salon has its own unique interior, unlike all the other barber shops in the game that share the same interior. It's also much bigger than the other shops. Unique haircuts can be aquired there, they are much more expensive than the other haircuts available in the other barber shops.

Hair Styles

Low-End Barbers

There's multiple low-end barber shops in the game, such as the Herr Kutz Barber, the Beach Combover Barber, the O'Sheas Barbers Shop and the Hair on Hawick shop. All of then share the same interior, barber and haircut opitions. The haircuts are much cheaper and have a more ghetto and old-school style.

Black barbers beard style

Hair Styles

Locations in GTA V


Aside from car sprays and clothing shops, barbers can also remove the wanted level.

Barbershops were cut in Grand Theft Auto IV during development, however they can still be found in the game files.

Lamar tells Franklin to get a haircut in " Franklin and Lamar ". The way he says it is similar to Ryder telling CJ to get a haircut in his introductory mission, " Ryder ".

In GTA Online, players waiting for their friend to get a haircut can sit on a couch beside the door (so far only seen in Hair on Hawick ).

Black barbers beard style

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