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5 Best Winter Beard Styles For Men

Men has not always been strictly associated to fashion, but truth is nowadays they are becoming trendy, hot and extremely brand conscious even more than women. Most of the time, they want to experiment with new stuff, but carrying everything with confidence and masculinity. They love everything their favorite rockstar or celebrity do, wear the same outfit and get the same tattoo. So what are the 5 best winter beard styles for men in 2016? Chin strap beard styles.

This winter season, men mostly prefer wearing coats, jerseys and boots. As they need to cover themselves from the cold and inevitably hide their tattoos, they like making changes on their hair and beard styles.

But shaping beards and mustaches is more a form of art rather than science. For beard styles, men may need tricks and tips about the recent trends. Do have a look at the most recent beard styles!

Winter beard styles for men 2016

Chin strap beard out of style

1. Goatee

Adam Sandler‘,s and Orlando Bloom‘,s famous bearded chin are the hottest beard styles for the season. The goat like beard style looks very masculine and mature. A perfectly trimmed goatee makes anybody look urban and sophisticated.

2. Balbo Beard

Who can forget Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio and his balbo style? This style is particular as it highlights the chin although it is quite different form the goatee. Mustache and beard are not connected but the overall style gives an elegant and classy look to the face. This beard style is also carried by other famous celebs such as Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.

3. Short Beard

Lazy men while like this style for sure as they don’,t really need to shave to get this. Just trimming their beard is enough to carry the style. The kind of look you get is manly and defines the face really well. Especially during the winter season, this facial hairstyle is ideal.

Chin strap beard styles pictures

4. Scruffy Beard

The Twilight star Robert Pattinson is famous for this look, while Daniel Craig is showing this style

on James Bond. This face hairstyle has a villain image and express audacity. For teens, the effect is that of a carefree image which stars like Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling are showing in their films.

5. Full Beard

For this look, do not shave. This grown up and and big man style is the fashion trend of the season. Jake Gyllenhall is famous for this style.

Chin strap beard out of style

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