Trendy beard styles 2015. Beard Styles For Men(Trending Beard Styles in 2017)

Beard Styles For Men:

There are lots of beard styles for men that you’,ll be able to select from.However, you must realize there are lots of factors which are needed to be considered in order for you to find the correct beard style which will fit your personality.Various beard styles are required by distinctive face shape. Don’,t forget, what looks great on others might not just appear the same on you. Trendy beard styles.

I have combined the very best beard styles for men in 2017 that is sure to add oomph to your appearances.It’,s possible for you to test as much as you would like in order for you to find what’,ll actually look great on you. Read my below article about some trending beard styles in 2017.

1. Designer Stubble Beard Style:

Designer stubble beard style is also known as “,five o’,clock is a short growth of beard aimed to effect a rugged masculine appearance that became popular in 1980s. The best known of all “,designer stubble beard style”, wearers was George Micheal.

2. Professional Beard Style:

Professional beard style requires plenty of attentions as you grow it. The hair must be kept shorter and the lines should be shaped tighter. This beard style give to your face a definition and strong character.

Make sure to shave the neck in profession beard style and create a defined line underneath the chin.Stops midway up the cheek to connect fairly and evenly with the moustache line.

3. Full Beard Style:

A full beard style that is well groomed says you are the manliest of the men. You are virile,self confident and looks classy when your beard is groomed and rugged when it not groomed. This beard style requires very little maintenance and is arguably the most popular beard style.

4. Captain Jack Beard Style:

The captain jack beard style is a mixture of mustache,soul patch and goatee-like whiskers,this style is crowd pleasure indeed.

If your facial hair grows so fast,you should regularly trim,shave and do grooming wax can help to keep the shape. The oil will make your beard and moustache look healthy. Always keep in mind to keep it clean.

5. Hipster Beard Style:

Despite the rough appearance,growing a hipster beard requires a level of maintenance. Some wearers prefers to avoid growing a “,neck beard”, and therefore have to shave the upper part of the neck.

Others also trim the moustache around the mouth. Some hipster also cultivate traditional “,handle bar”, moustaches,which can require extensive grooming and styling.

6. Van Dyke Beard Style:

The van dyke beard style specifically consists of short,pointy beard and pointy moustache(often waxed),without hair on the side of the van dyke requires regular up keep to maintain its unique look.

7. Bandholz Beard Style:

The bandholz beard style is impressive. It was actually popularized by Eric Bandholz the owner of BeardBrand.

How To Grow Bandholz Beard:

The bandholz is going to take time to grow,expect to wait at a minimum 6 months to amass this beard style.

Maintain the length and girth and leave your grooming tools untouched.

Once your beard stops growing,trim to your preference and maintain.

8. Uniform Beard Style:

The uniform beard style is just what the name implies.A beard that is uniform in length throughout.

How to Grow Uniform Beard:

It isn’,t one of the longer beards that for sure.

Trending beard styles

This full beard extends about 2 inches past the chin,ending in a nice,shaped rounded point.

The moustache needs to blend in uniformly with the beard. The same hair length is trimmed throughout the beard and the moustache for smoother appearance.

This style is perfect for the working professionals.

9. Razor Edge Beard Style:

The razor beard edge a beard style which will never go out of the beard styling trend.

How to Grow Razor Edge Beard:

You can achieve the razor edge beard by fading the sideburns to give way to a wild,full beard.

The sides are not trimmed but you should keep the edges nice and even for a sharp,clean overall look.

Grow out your moustache and shape it so it curls slightly upwards at the tip.

Below the chin,keep hair long and sloping gently towards a point,but cut off at the end.

10. Old Dutch Beard Style:

The dutch is stable in beard growth. Its most of an old school or lumberjack look and similar to the Garibaldi. The dutch beard style is another large beard and minus the moustache.

How to Grow Old Dutch Beard:

The growth from the side-burns is kept fat because Dutch men are not allowed to grow moustaches.

The beard is grown outwards and allowed to flare outwards as well as accented by the chin.

11. Short and Tapered Beard Style:

The short and tapered beard style is very simple shorted beard style that can blow minds away when it is done right.

How To Grow Short and Tapered Beard:

For starter your hairs need to be short and cut into defined lines at the edges.

Sideburns need to be invisible until they fade into the beard at mid-cheek.

Let your moustaches blend into your beard,and keep the meeting point at uniform length.

Trim your beard, so it just past your chin,tapering into round point.

Trendy beard styles 2011

Grow a small soul patch for a fuller appearance.

12. Thin Beard Style:

Thin beard style is the one of the shortest beard style you can have. This beard style is perfect for a fade in your hair style.

How To Grow Thin Beard:

Let your sideburns come down thin,disappearing and then fading into the main beard.

Keep edges sharply defined with a slight curve.

The moustache needs to be closely trimmed,so it is basically a line of stubble that meets the beard close to the lower lip.

Keep everthing trimmed to perfection for a clean cut look.

13. Lines for Days Beard Style:

This beautiful beard style works with fades.

How To Grow Lines for Days Beard:

Let the sideburns grow short and extend to the full beard at about mid-ear.

Send the edges diagonally downward and up into a small soul patch.

The moustache needs to be closely trimmed and curving down to meet the beard but never touching.

Make sure all the lines defined clearly by shaving rogue hairs away with a straight razor if possible.

Perfect for these Face Shapes:

14. Short Beard with Moustache:

How To Grow Short Bear with Moustaches:

Keep the beard down to almost your jawline for the start.

Let the side burns grow into it.

Shape it to the shape of your chin.

Let the moustache grow into the shape of inverted U without touching your beard and ruining the do.

Keep it all closely trimmed for the best result,paired with a nice and clean side part.

Trendy beard styles

Perfect for these Face Shapes:

15. Bold and Thick Beard Style:

This beard style is very famous now a days. The bold and thick beard style gives off quite a dashing appearance when done right.

How To Grow Bold and Thick Beard:

For this style you should let your sideburns blend into the beard,grooming to the same length throughout.

Angle the top edge down diagonally across your cheek,curving upwards at your lower lip to meet a trimmed soul patch.

Below the chin,let your beard grow down an inch and taper it to a rounded end.

Trimmed your moustache and and let a thin line of hair meet the rest of beard,traveling down to the corners of your mouth.

16. Faded Beard Style:

By taking its name,from the sideburns that fade nicely into the beard. This shorter beard style is an instant classic.

How To Grow Faded Beard:

You can get this beard style by letting your sideburns fade into the main beard,which must have a square cut when looked it from the front.

Let the beard grow down to below your chin to about 3 inches,then trim it to a flat line at the end.

For some added flare,you can pair this beard with a handle bar moustache.

17. Balbo Beard Style:

The Balbo beard style is among the most popular beard styles these days. Robert Downey, Jr., a renowned American actor who starred on top grossing films such as The Avengers and Iron Man, has been maintaining the Balbo look for years as it matches his features pretty well.

How To Grow Balbo Beard:

You need to grow a full beard in order for you to have ample hair for shaping.

Do not shave for 4 weeks or until the beard has fully grown. You also need to grow a mustache. It requires careful sculpting so you need good razors to achieve the look.

You can use a disposable or an electric razor to take off the hair on the sides, and a straight razor to shape the Balbo beard style appropriately.

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