Chin strap beard styles pictures. How to Grow a Soul Patch, eHow

Look at pictures online and in magazines to get an idea of the different types of soul patches out there. A soul patch can be quite long and full or smaller and thinner. A website like All About Beards is a great place to see the variety of styles and options (see Resources). Chin strap beard styles.

Choose the type of soul patch you want to grow. A thinner patch tends to require more maintenance, while a fuller one requires less.

Grow your facial hair slightly long so you can see where you'll need to trim the hair later. Some men stop when they see a little stubble, while other men like having a several days of growth to work with.

Shave the sides of your face around your cheeks and chin to reduce the amount of hair you see. The more you shave, the closer you'll get to your soul patch.

Chin strap beard styles pictures

Remove the hair from your chin until you have only a small tuft of hair left. This little piece of hair is your soul patch.

Trim the hair regularly with a razor or small pair of scissors to keep the soul patch looking groomed and clean. Depending on how full you want it to look, you can delay the trimming for a few days.


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Chin strap beard out of style

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Chin strap beard out of style

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