Beard styles for teenagers. Harry Styles Finally Gets A Haircut - Say Goodbye To The Curls…

Thank goodness it’s only that! One fan almost had us fooled with a clever– and momentarily convincing– photo manipulation showing Harry with a drastic makeover that quickly made the rounds of many fans’ blogs. Beard styles for teenagers.

What is true is that unlike the other boys, over the years, Harry seems to have made the least changes to his hair.

Zayn humoured us with his blonde streaks, Liam’s buzz cut broke hearts, Niall’s hair cut and colour have undergone many subtle variations, and Louis has tried out a lot of different styles on his fringe.

Beard styles for teenagers

What’s more, Zayn, Liam, and Louis have all grown out beards!

Meanwhile though, Harry’s curls have always been coiffed in such a way as to keep a good balance going between tame and entirely out of control. We have seen a variety of lengths while he has been growing it out, which has prompted creative uses of hair gel that have often defied gravity, but there has been no change in style or cut!

Beard styles for teenagers

Lately, the length has become enough that Harry’s bandanas have become an almost permanent accessory in an attempt to keep it all out of his eyes on stage, and yet it just keeps on growing.

Is Harry’s ever-growing hair part of the bandana and earring look we’ve seen lately? Is he avoiding a cut out of the same fear that many of us have that the stylist will take off too much? Or has there been an unspoken decision that nothing but luscious curls will look good on him?

Beard styles for teenagers

It’s a relief that the drastic photo that sparked all these questions isn’t real, but is it a suggestion that fans think Harry needs a haircut? You tell us!

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