Different beard styles bald head. Famous Bald People List in A-Z Order with Images

American Author, musician, vocalist and guitarist in rock band Smashing Pumpkins. Shaved his head bald in 1995 after he had spent a lot of time worrying about his hair loss and trying different styles to cover bald spots that one day he just decided to shave all his hair off and stop being so vane. ‘,Good move Billy’, you really suit it and couldn’,t imagine you with any other look. Different beard styles bald head.

American actor that is bald. Most celebrated appearance was the lead role in ‘,The Phantom’, movie. Often seem in public sporting a full beard. Those high testosterone balding genes really pay off if you want a thick beard right?

Bald Australian rugby league x player. Rugby league ‘,Immortal’,, coach and now ARL selector. Can be heard on the weekend radio 2gb Australia show ‘,The Continuous Call’, with Ray ‘,Bolts’, Hadley, Steve ‘,Blocker’, Roach and Darryl ‘,The Big Marn’, Brohman.

Different beard styles bald head

Actually not bald but still worth a mention –, celebrity pop star shaved her head bald in 2007. For what reason? Apparently to mask her drug use when a hair sample was to be examined over a child custody battle as reported in the UK Mirror. Read the Full Story.

Bald American Actor. Born in Germany. One of the most famous, popular, and well known bald people in modern times. Apart from his movies, Bruce really shines and reveals his personality on ‘,The late show with David Letterman’,. Checkout Bruce Willis and Dave Letterman on YouTube.

Different beard styles bald head

American Musician formed his own rock band ‘,Daughtry’, after competing and finishing fourth place on TV show ‘,American Idol’, season five.

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