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Beards have become hugely popular in the last few years, and every man is looking to grow one and be a part of the trend. There are many different beard styles, and the choice of beard that you should become will depend on many factors including your likes. You need to feel comfortable with a beard and you should not go for a style that you will not feel satisfactory however by gathering information from internet and reviews of other men can help you considerably in making the right choice. Different types beard styles.

A nice beard will always be well groomed. Most of the offices nowadays allow their employees to grow the beard the way they want until it is groomed to look professional. Some men grow facial hair late while some can get full beard at a very stage. When you are choosing a particular style, make sure that you also consider the amount of hair you grow and if there are any patches. The trend in beard style keeps changing regularly. Following are five of the key styles popular in 2017:


The band hold style looks awesome on men in their middle age. The beard style is perfect for all face types including oval, round, diamond and triangle. To grow this kind of beard style, you will need to be a lot patient as you may have to wait as much as six months before you can trim it to give the right shape and style.

Uniform beard

A beard that is uniform all across will look very professional and is easy to groom. To grow this beard, you need to spend more time in grooming the mustache to ensure that it aligns perfectly with the rest of the beard.

Different kinds of beard styles

Tapered style

This beard style needs to be done right to make sure that it looks good. You need to have the edges trimmed correctly, and the sideburns have to be invisible almost. For such a style the mustache has to blend with the beard and so is not suitable for people with patches. People will oval, and round shape is recommended to grow such a kind of mustache.

Thin beard

Another favorite style of beard is the light style. You need to trim it well throughout for uniformity. Men with square and oval shape faces will look good in such a beard style.

Thick and bold

The thick and bold style of beard is another example of a beard style that will never go out of fashion. In this form, you need to get your beard blend with the sideburns. You need to let the facial hair below the lower lip to grow and then trim it uniformity. People with beard patches will find it difficult to grow such a beard, but for others, this is the excellent choice.

Different types of french beard styles

When you are choosing a beard style, make sure that you go for one that suits your facial style. If you have patches, look for ways that can help you to cover them. For some styles, you will have to wait patiently to grow the facial hair to the required length.

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