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I suppose that there are people out there for whom there can never be too much Latakia or Perique or Basma, or whatever other condiment we can name. There are also people who like French fries with their ketchup and sushi with their wasabi. To each his own. For me, however, Pirate Kake is nothing short of a ridiculous, unbalanced mess. There is a sort of vague sweetness somewhere in the background, but smoking this is sort of like falling face-first into the moist remains of the campfire you doused the night before while sucking on a charcoal lozenge. Not pleasant. Diffrent beard styles.

The little black clump of tobacco you get in the tin is relatively easy to work with, but that',s small redemption for the Latakia overload that follows a crumble, a load, and a light. If this were my pirate ration, I',d have tossed myself overboard before the thieving and pillaging even started.

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Pressed plug, quite compressed, so I',m not sure I',d call it a kake, but still not as dense and fine as a traditional English plug. The dark and light leaf are easily distinguishable by sight.

This has a very fresh tin aroma, almost perfume like. I agree with earlier reviewers who think this is Syrian latakia. The terpene smell so indicative of Cyprian latakia is almost not there. Still very smoky.

Takes a light well and burns with few relights. The smokiness is front and centre throughout. On the tongue this tobacco is sweet and fresh. An after dinner smoke for me.

Edit 27/9/14. I',m upping this to 4 stars and it',s made it into my favourites as well. The satisfaction this baccy gives me is immense. On reflection I doubt the Lat is Syrian either, I was probably confused by the other Orientals.

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HO-LEEE SMOKES, BATMAN!!! Put your big boy pants on for this one. Latakia heaven.

UPDATE: 12/3/2013 Not just a lat bomb. The oriental component is actually very noticeable. Not quite balanced, but nearly so. Stouter than most of those "late evening" blends and a great way to end the day.

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As a former cigar smoker this was right up my ally. The generous amount of smokey Latakia (75%) combined with the sweetness of the Turkish and hit of nicotine from the burley really agreed with my taste buds. On opening the tin the aroma reminded me of a warm spring night next to the campfire. Once rubbed out and let to dry for about an hour there was no issues keeping the bowl lit. Taste was consistent. A beautifully smokey taste with a sweet background and almost barn sawdust background note that burnt down to the bottom with a beautiful creamy mouthfeel. Once again C&,D is probably my favourite Tobacco company as the blends are spot on and the quality of tobaccos they use seem to be carefully selected and properly kept as far as humidity before blending.

update July 2014** I decided to change the blend type of this tobacco to other primarily because I don',t believe it is an English blend due to its high amount of Latakia. Personally in the world of pipe tobacco there should be a blend known as Latakia based, with the "spice tobaccos" added in, which quite a few blends would fall under.

update December 2014** same batch as previous yet the past months of ageing seem to have mellowed out the baccy. Mouthfeel seems a bit more mellow or creamier if you will, while I find less of a spicy tongue bight. Of coarse still a Latakia powerhouse yet smoother on the palate as it gains age. I have smoked through 6oz and have 4 left so we shal see how PK fairs in the next 6 months. All in all what a great smoke...

Pipe Used: Brigham voyageur

Age When Smoked: Fresh to 6 months depending on updates considered

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Compared to other Latakia-rich mixtures, I found Pirate Kake to be a flavorful yet rather monochromatic smoke. This blend is a perfect example of how tobacco mixtures can be full flavored but still fall flat due to lack of nuance &, slight to moderate shifts in complexity.

I enjoy latakia immensely. So much so, that I feel it’s only fair to profess that Pirate Kake has a number of admirable attributes that fellow latakiaphiles will most certainly applaud. For instance, there’s plenty, and I mean “plenty” of dark luscious latakia leaf here. And as expected it is the driving force behind this blend’s sooty flavor profile. It burns fairly well for a big latakia mixture and it smokes so cool you’ll wonder if your pipe is even lit. Pirate Kake is smooth as silk and it produces copious amounts of fragrant smoke with a solid and consistent flavor. These traits usually go a long way towards making for an excellent tobacco mixture, but Pirate Kake just doesn’t quite do it for me.

Truthfully I think it’s missing the necessary character that',s needed to differentiate it from other blends in its class. Pirate Kake might have a rich smoky flavor, but it lacks the creamy &, pungent Oriental counter balance of Odyssey, Penzance and Lagonda. It does have a spiciness to it, but it can’t touch the powerful fiery pepper punch of Ten Russians, the broad flavor depth of Bill Bailey’s Balkan, or the sweet spicy subtleties of Plum Pudding. When put up against any of these blends, even C&,D',s own wonderful Star of the East or even their Super Balkan, Pirate Kake just doesn',t rate.

This C&,D offering does at the very least beg one question. How much latakia is too much? Frankly, I am not sure, but I do know that somewhere this one crosses the line.

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If there is such a thing as heaven, for latakia lovers the streets of heaven must be paved with pirate kake. Wow, this sure is a sucker punch in a baggie. This stuff is ridiculously good.

To start let me say that pirate kake is the first tobacco that has ever made my hands look like that of a mechanic. After rubbing a chunk of this smoky ambrosia out it looks like I repair diesel trucks for a living. All that oily goodness ends up on your hands.

For all that oily leaf this blend smokes remarkably well. Very few relights, and is just heavenly. It is incredibly complex considering the fact that this stuff is the equivalent of putting a freight train in your pipe. The flavor is strong, and I mean get tennis elbow brushing your teeth but your still going to taste it two days after strong. It also is not much of a crowd- pleaser in terms of room note. My usually very lenient significant other told me not only to kindly leave the house, but leave the county before I smoke this blend again. That being said, this stuff is good enough to drive to the next state to enjoy.

Coming in bulk as it does it is a good value, and based on the oil content I bet this blend would be perfect for coloring up a nice shiny new meer. Its just good, kick your taste buds in the butt good, but its good. I highly recommend it.

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A friend sent me a large sample of Pirate Kake a few months ago. It looked so strong and foreboding in the pouch that I refrained from whittlin', a chunk for quite some time. My Boy Scout knife was recently located but I really didn',t need it. This powerful, Latakia laden stuff breaks up easily.

Pirate Kake is distantly similar in taste to CAO',s Old Ironsides, but the Latakia content here is much more overwhelming. I really tried to like the taste, but not being a regular consumer of Latakia, I found that exotic leaf to be simply "over the top" in this instance.

The best way to describe the taste is by saying that if someone stuffed a salty piece of old leather in a pipe and set fire to it, you',d be smoking something akin to Pirate Kake. This blend burns slowly and is exceptionally cool. Remember to use a pipe reserved for Latakia blends, too.

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I ordered a one pound pressed block of this based on two things,

2. The rave reviews by you my brethren afficianados

I knew I would like this blend based on your reviews. The block came from smoking pipes vacuum packed and looking more illicit than anything I',ve ever gotten in the mail. The smokiness was evident through the unopened box.

I took a long filet knife and cut it into 1/4 pound bars. Then immediately into a large mason jar. One block of about an 1/8th of a pound was immediately rubbed out and jarred.

I initially wondered if I bit off more than I could chew because i did find this very smokey and spicy. However after I killed a 1/4 pound I realized that I was spot on.

I love the smokiness and find it wonderful from top to bowl bottom. It is now my go to and hav at least one bowl per day. Usually right after work.

I recommend this strongly if you are a Latakia lover.

Pipe Used: Several Petes, Cobs... Et al

Purchased From: Smoking pipes

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I',ll be honest. When I first tried this, I thought it was disgusting. I was sent a sampler packet tucked into a shipment of tobacco I had ordered online from Apparently it was just too soon into my foray into pipe smoking, but when I tried it I was astounded at how dirty it tasted. But I didn',t throw it out and instead kept the small plastic bag in a drawer. Some time later I thought to break it up and mix some in with some other tobacco as I packed my pipe. Don',t know what made me think to do this... but I loved it, there, in the background. Next time I mixed in a little more and then a little more and a little more... and then I ran out. I',ve just ordered a bunch online and my point is, that like peaty scotch, this is an acquired taste. If you',re a rum and coke drinker, this probably ain',t for you. But if you like the dirty, earthy, smokey taste of Lagavulin or Laphroig, then this might be just the ticket. I think I',m ready to have a bowl of it on it',s own.

Pipe Used: a variety of briars

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Beautiful Latikia Kake. The strong Latakia flavor basically wipes out any hint of the other tobaccos. I suppose the nicotine kick comes from the burley. While perhaps one dimensional I love this rich Lat bomb in one of my English billiards. A favorite for special occasions, definitely not an all day smoke for me.

Pipe Used: Dunhill Billiard

Purchased From: BNB Tobacco

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I order this in bulk, not my usual choice.

The cons: It comes in a little brick - it look very suspicious. Also, or you use your bare hands to crumble it or a knife. This, of course, changes the flavour and smoking experience.

Now the pros: all of them. It´,s a straight, delicious, full tobacco. Some say it´,s unidimensional. Yes, it is. It´,s a big black latakia-screaming block. I love it. Also very mild nicotine, so you can smoke all day - and believe me, I wish I could smoke it all day.

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My water smoker smells like this if I do too many pork shoulders in it without scrubbing the poor thing down once or twice.

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I got a free sample of this from smoking pipes with a recent order. I',m NOT a latakia smoker. I smoke only virginias and perique blends. I',ve had english blends once or twice for fun but don',t really like them. This blend seems to be great quality and the latakia seems to be better and smoother than i',ve had in the past. If you really like latakia and turkish go for it. If you want a more balanced english this one will be too strong on the condiment for you.

Age When Smoked: new, less than a year old tin

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LATAKIA! LATAKIA! LATAKIA! Is what this blend is all about. If you are a latakia freak, as I am, then I will venture to say you are going to like this blend a lot. It is a bomb in my assessment.

Some would say the latakia is over dominant so much that you can not taste the other tobaccos in this blend. And I would have to agree. It',s only from smoking PK many times that I can barely, barely detect other tobaccos here. I actually had to read up on this blend to find out its contents. And even then it took me a while to admit there were other tobaccos present. The only one I am confident in saying I can taste is the burley. And that was only through the nose. The latakia here overwhelms this blend. That',s not a negative statement, just an observation. Nevertheless it is a smooth blend. So smooth I would describe it as creamy. The room note to me is exquisite! Smoking a latakia blend we all know has that cherished, non mistakable fragrace in the air. No different here except the smoke is much more rich. Intensified if you will. I recon it is due to the amount of latakia.

All in all I would rate this a 3.75. Still very high. And I would recommend it smoked with a dark beer. Something consistant with New Castle or darker. But nothing less. So, if you',re a latakia lover give this blend a shot.

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Let me say, up front, I',m a Latakia fan. Or, at least I thought so. I purchased this because I wanted to experience what a Latakia "bomb" is. Now I know, and don',t like it. I',ll stick with more basic English/Balkan blends that use Latakia as a secondary player, not the only player. This stuff is, well, out of line. Mind you, I don',t regret trying it—the tobacco',s were good quality, it',s just that this blend is not for me.

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This stuff, (yes stuff is the right word) is just plain brutal. One must either have a fried tongue or be a masochist to enjoy Pirate Kake. The Latakia is of inferior quality and the blend opposes itself to the point of the abusing the poor sucker who smokes it. I like Latakia, but this blend gives Latakia a bad name. I smoked about ten pipe fulls and was ready to sue by the last bowl. Only Blackbeard on the gallows could possibly find solace in this blend. I think it should be renamed Pirate',s Death Wish. Of course I recognize that there are some people whose tongues are so scorched and their palettes so brutalized by lat bombs, that they will gladly go down with this ship. Have a great trip to Davy Jones locker!

Similar Blends: Creosote soaked camel',s dung..

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Shiver me timbers brethern of the coast this here be one tobacco that land lubers and weak of knees should leave be. This is a hefty stout LATAKIA, probally Syrian the way it is good and SMOKEY. Mix in a little cavendish burley, add a touch of the Turk,and press this in a 70,000 ton vise and you have PIRATE KAKE! WOW, this is hearty. At first light the Latakia wafts by the nose and oh boy,try this if you need a Latakia drip tube. Spicey,hints of good!!!

I have to agree with the wxguy, it does look like a block of Hashish.

I revisited me old block of Pirate Kake about a week ago, and found it had dried quite a bit more than I wanted it to. So I figured I',d go down to the liquor locker and pull out the Cruzan dark Rum. I poured about a tablespoonful of the rum into the bag and sealed it back up. The tobacco was allowed to stand for two whole days. I opened the backy and let it dry a tad bit,and then loaded a bowl.


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If you don',t like Latakia, why are you reviewing a blend that',s 70% Latakia then bashing it because it',s one dimensional or monochromatic? You must have missed the point.

Pirate Kake is Latakia. The burley component smooths it out a bit, but doesn',t add much to the taste that I can tell, but there is a definite spice component from the Orientals. I really enjoy PK. It',s a great cool weather smoke and one of my favorites for outdoor puffing (which is where my wife prefers I take it) which is good because the room note isn',t going to make you any friends among non-smokers.

This is a lat lover',s dream. 4 stars if you like lots of manly Latakia, 1 star if not. Just do us all a favor and don',t smoke PK, then bang on it in a review for having too much Latakia, that',s the whole point of it.

Pipe Used: Latakia dedicated briars mostly

Age When Smoked: tin fresh

Purchased From:

Similar Blends: Straight Latakia.

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Ok here it is pirate kake by cornell and Diehl. This blend is a very heavy latakia blend and is a real treat for latakia lovers. The oriental is noted early on until about mid bowl and then its pretty much the lat that steals the show in pirate kake a very smoky campfire blend. Now this blend is a real treat though because the burley in it. The burley is noticeable not so much for the taste but more so the nicotine hit that it helps provide. This was a blend I have been searching for because I love latakia but it is such a mild to medium and just tends to be low on the nicotine level sadly. Hey its not your fault latakia, burley will help you in this kake. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good English blend this stuff is top notch and is cheap and available. I would truly smoke this over a lot of other sought after blends.

Pipe Used: Billiard, rusticated tomato

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars

Similar Blends: Boswell Northwoods, Dunhill Nightcap.

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First of all, if you are even on the fence about liking Latakia, you need to hit the "back" button on your browser now and move along. This blend is LOADED with it for sure, and there just isn',t any other way to put it. It is far from being monochromatic though, which I will get to in a second.

Upon opening the tin, the smokiness is apparent right off of the bat. There are background notes of dried fruits present, however, if you let your nose acclimate. The tobacco is presented as a tight crumble cake. Upon first inspection I was sure that I would need to slice this, but it falls apart rather easily. It packed well for me in a small LHS Purex. I would personally recommend a little drying time for this, as it is a little too moist for my personal tastes.

It took a little work to get it going, but once lit, it stayed that way. Upon the initial false light, I noticed an interesting flavor: a slightly sweet, dry, yet herbaceous taste. I immediately thought of a bouquet of dried herbs. It wasn',t quite floral. I got hints of this flavor throughout the bowl and I must say, I like it! There are flavors of wood smoke, spices, herbs, and a slightly nutty sweetness. It was very nice from start to finish.

I recommend this to any Latakia fan, and for anyone looking for a warm blend to smoke on a cold winter day. I',m not a Latakia fiend, but I wanted to keep something like this on hand for cold, snowy days. I was expecting a one-dimensional experience, but I assure you there is more to this tobacco than many give it credit for. I',ll keep some on hand from now on.

Purchased From: JR Cigars, Statesville, NC

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The closest an honest gentleman can get to smoking straight Latakia.

I received a free sample of this with an online order, and it quickly became my favorite. Very reasonably priced in bulk form, I',m slowly chipping away at a pound of it. And when that',s depleted, I',m getting another one.

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I love this blend. I got a tin dated July 1, 2008 on eBay for $16, and I am more than happy in spending that money.

Upon opening the tin I immediately got the strong smell of Latakia, but there was a little more that just that. There',s also a sweet smell to it that mixes with the smokiness very well. The smoke leans a little further to the sweet than the smokiness, and I can definitely pick up on the Perique and Orientals more than I had anticipated. The overall effect is very good, similar to and in my opinion better than Mississippi River. I know, "BLASPHEME!" you declare. But I stand by that assessment.

I',m not sure what the fresh stuff is like, but I can totally recommend that you try some of the aged version if you can.

Pipe Used: Missouri Meerschaum Legend

Similar Blends: Mississippi River, Hearth &, Home - Ambassador',s Blend (Signature Series).

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I like it. Only had about eight bowls so far but i',ll buy more. It does better with a little drying time than fresh out the can. Burns all the way down and leaves the pipe dry and clean. A very cool and pleasent smoke. As far as the room note goes im not sure just yet. I snuck in a couple bowls n the house and my wife didn',t say a word. I dont think she even noticed and believe me she will let me know when she notices.

Pipe Used: cob, peterson xl15, dr g.

Age When Smoked: not sure. new from tin at b&,m

Similar Blends: Hard to say.

Different facial beard styles

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I smoked a 1oz sample of this in my nicest pipe, a Jirsa bulldog. A couple weeks later when I could imagine wanting Latakia again, I put some nice Squadron Leader in the pipe and smoked it down 1/4 way, until the shank cracked 1/2” down from the bowl. The pipe gods had spoken.

Pirate Kake is really three-dimensional. The actual cube of Latakia, I mean. Really three-dimensional. The smoke itself is flatter than Kansas. It’s a circus sideshow blend, taking its place on stage next to the Bearded Lady and Mr. Lifto (google him, kids.) It’s like a quadruple IPA, and probably should be served with one - the combination of nasty wet brush fire and Lemon Pledge could strip the tastebuds down to oblivion, at which point Pirate Kake would taste good.

This blend is the same thing as sticking a bottle of Ghost Pepper hot sauce on a table full of men who have something to prove to each other. Everyone wants to try, everyone wants to brag about how much they love it, everyone is crying inside.

Pirate Kake is also the most antisocial tobacco blend I’ve ever smelled. I can imagine the dedicated Pirate Kake lover sitting alone at home, after all his friends have fled the toxic smell, grumbling to himself about how he never liked having friends anyway.

Cornell and Diehl should be forced to perform some kind of community service to repent for making this.

Pipe Used: only dead pipes:(

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A Latakia lovers stand by for me. I always have a couple brownies of this laying around. The lat is very forward and pronounced in this. It smokes well. Very pleasing billows a white smoke.

Pipe Used: A bunch because it',s a go to blend for me.

Age When Smoked: Less than a week

Purchased From: El Fumador in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

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Firstly, this tobacco is a Lat Bomb and definitely only for latakia afficionados.

Lovely tobacco to smoke but stinks like hell to all around you.

My only disappointment with this was that I expected it to be a bit stronger and higher in Vit N than it was.

Otherwise a lovely tobacco and well worth a try for anyone who likes Latakia and definitely a tobacco you can use to put a bit of latakia in another DiY home blend or similar.

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Wow, this stuff is a Latakia monster. It actually made my neighbor come out and ask if I was burning tires. It',s strong in taste and smell. The dominant feature is the smoky Latakia. It rubs out easy but it is messy. If you like a whole lotta Latakia, go for it. It is a pretty cool baccy.

I took the advice from one of the other commenters on this page and decided to spruce it up with some rum. I will comment further when I smoke it again.

Pipe Used: MM legend, Meerschaum

Purchased From: Smoking

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This is a rare case of too much of a good thing. I love latakia. Latakia blends are my favorites. I don',t know if it',s too much latakia at 70 percent, or if there',s another something in there (burley?) that just makes this blend too much for me. I really want to like it, but it',s too strong. To each their own, but Ten Russians is my lat bomb. Pirate Kake is nuclear.

Age When Smoked: 6 months to a year

Purchased From:

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Originally Reviewed on 5/29 Tin/Pouch Note: Sour apple, plum, campfires and leather. Strong pungency/vinegar(?) when the tin was opened but that subsided to the sour apple and plum notes being stronger, especially after transferring to a jar.

For starters, this is very concentrated latakia - almost meaty, creamy, rich. I also pickup some oriental mustiness but unlike most English blends, this has zero balance... the oriental is an afterthought that you pickup on the exhale but not when the smoke is in your piehole. What I',m getting? Islay malt scotch and rose water, as in a smokey, brine, iodine, perfume, incense sort of way. I pick up a lot more sweetness, with a pungent sourness, like cherries that aren',t quite ripe yet. And the smoke has a creamy quality that coats your mouth and nose and everything in a 3 yard radius.

Room note? My wife thought I was burning tires.

I also found this blend seemed to pack a bit of nicotine when smoked in an MM General. However, I didn',t find the same results in smaller pipes or even my briars so I might have just had an off day.

This is a good blend if you really want to know what "Latakia Forward" means. The best way I can put this blend, is that if it were a movie, it would be about latakia, there would be a preview before the movie starring oriental, and the burley and virginias would be listed in the credits as gaffers or extras.

Pipe Used: MM general, royal meer, savinelli 616

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I guess I must be a real Lat fiend too. This is my favorite Lat-bomb of all time, having tried many that get harsh or bitter. This one stays creamy mild all the way, an occasional sourness &, then sweetness, both pleasant, don',t really shake up the Latakia',s prominence. Seventeen stars

Pipe Used: Old meer, briars

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This is a very hard tobacco to review, so I',ll just note my first impressions. I ordered 4 oz. bulk of this blend, along with 4 oz. C&,D',s #099, Engine 99. The 099 bag was packed totally full of tobacco, whereas the Pirate Kake was only half full! I took this to mean that the Pirate Kake was very moist - and that is the case. Being the impatient person that I am, I wanted to sample this blend immediately. Yeah, I know that I am supposed to set out a bowl and let it dry overnight, "compromise" was to only pack the loose crumbles that were in the bag. I packed the bottom half of the bowl very loosely, as usual. I fear that I packed the top third too tightly. This was confirmed by the frequent relights during the first half of the bowl - mea culpa. The bottom half of the bowl, not surprising, is much more productive.

I am a Latakia, English blend, and Virginia blend lover. I am currently puffing on this blend, in my Ser Jacopo Delecta, and I find this blend to be very mild for the most part. I am getting the slightly salty, minerally taste, that other reviewers mentioned. The flavor is fairly monotone, and limited to the Latakia. It is not biting my tongue at all, and I am puffing the Dickens out of the bacci. Relights are much less frequently on the bottom half of the bowl, in fact, it is burning quite well.

In summary, this seems to be a Penzance lite. I am not tasting the complimenting Oriental flavors, as I do in Penzance. Pirate Kake is much less powerful than I thought that it would be. There is zero burn on nose exhale, and no tongue bite. The Latakia is always front and center, and to me, that is not a bad thing. The aroma seems to be fairly stong. I am sensing no vitamin N, and I am smoking this bowl very aggressively. The bowl of my pipe is staying absolute cool to the touch.

As others have mentioned, Pirate Kake would probably blend very well with FVF, or other sweet, full bodied, predominately English or Virginia blends.

I think that I am going to like this tobacco, therefore three stars for now. I will probably update my impressions in the future. Later on puffing.

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Very latakia... The kake is very crumbly, easy to break into chunks or rub out. Smells pretty full on on the tin and while smoking. Taste is very smooth, strong and stinky. The burley is noticeable and really brings it all together. Enough nicotine to keep me happy, enough stink to annoy the wife.

I like it, but not sure if I',ll buy more. This stuff is fantastic if you want to piss off non smokers. I now know why pirates don',t have wives.

If you like latakia then consider this recommended, at least to try, it',s an experience.

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I really like this tobacco once in a while, not an everyday smoke. Latakia is out front with maybe a hint of vanilla hidden way, way, way in the background. I don',t like the cut of this tobacco ( Krumble kake, broken rubbed out flake). It doesn',t stay lit, requires constant tamping and seems to fall out with hot embers.

A word about the aroma, I always thought this would send people running, but the other day I was with three other guys smoking cigars when I lit some PK, they all said how great it smelled. I guess aroma is all relative to your surroundings. I really don',t think I will buy again as this is very one dimensional.

Updated 11/2/11- Well after a few months to breath and a different pipe ( if that is what one calls an Ozark Cherry Wood, original review was with a cob ), this blend is complex, without heat, creamy, cheezy and a keeper. It must be sipped, that way you bring in the Turkish as a minor player next to the Latakia. I don',t notice the Burley at a sip, which is fine, since I',m not a Burley fan. I',m still not a fan of the Krumble Kake as stated above, but it does burn at a sip.

I had just finished some Orient Express and I noticed in the description that it was 50% Pirate Kake and 50% Odessa. OE was suppose to cut the heavy Latakia of PK, but one thing it does is bring the Burley slightly into play, that I don',t like.

I still don',t see this as an all day smoke, but I will buy again. I will now compare this to Engine 99, Odyssey &, Ten Russians blends for my Lat bomb fix. Stay tuned for the results

Updated 8/10/12 I',ve just tried, Engine 99, back to back with, Pirate Kake, both bulks, and I find PK better. You had better have a liking for Latakia with both of these blends, more so with PK that gives an almost oily taste. E99 is not as sweet and doesn',t bring much Oriental and is very one dimensional. I',ve decided I would rather put my money towards PK.

Updated 10/13/12- I ordered another Bulk batch of this blend, rubbed it all out, let it rest for about a month and I have to say, "this is outstanding". Everytime I try this tobacco, it',s a new experience. It has a lot of similarities to Penzance (including the iodine note identified by reviewer," GSTQ 12/27/2011" ). It has a smoked bacon with sharp provolone flavor!!! I also detected an unusual Oriental scent when snorked, hold on....., it',s a freshly split oak log with shellac coating scent ( Turkish?, Burley?),. I wouldn',t even argue with reviewer,"Ecdycis 07/29/2012" on his "Menthol sensation", I know, it doesn',t sound good but it',s different and wonderful. I believe I detected the same oak scent in a tin of Dunhill London Mixture. I want to give this 4 stars but I will hold off as everytime I try this, I detect something diffrent?

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I bought in a half pound of PK and Star of the East a month or so ago and am very happy that I decided to try this beautiful cake. My preference has always been for latakia forward blends but admit to having reservations to smoking anything that had a 70% latakia content. My fears were for the overall balance of the blend, with 70% I expected the smoke to be one dimensional, not so. Although PK is very obviously a strong lat bomb, I found it to be remarkably smooth, much more so than Star of the East and that PK is actually one of the finest smokes I have had the pleasure of smoking.

A beautiful cake, so easy to handle and pack, the room note for me was acceptable, I quite like the smell of latakia and can never understand when there is so much comotion about it. What I do like also is that with the cake form, there is far more tobacco there in that cake than you',d think, once prepared you need much less than you originally thought.

I',m taking to C&,D',s blends really fast and have yet to sample anything I have not enjoyed to the fullest. Remarkable. But whether or not I continue to explore their blends, ofcourse i will, I will also make certain that I have a good supply of PK on order and in my cupboard before the rest of the smoking world wakes up to this blend, if they havent already. Easily four stars with pleasure.

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The quality is there, no questions asked.

However, 70% + of Latakia makes this blend unidimensional.

I would not recommend it on its own, but mixed with some VAs or more Burleys to get the best out of it.

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The good: This is fun stuff with its astonishing black brick of tobacco, and the initial taste upon light up is a wonderful, rich &, intense, smokiness.

But it goes south after that, being too one-dimensional. After the first 1/3 it actually becomes boring. Pirate?s Kake is a tease that ultimately leaves one unsatisfied. Might be a great smoke after a meal when you are rushed for time and have a small bowl pipe handy. But even then?

I disagree strongly with those who say Latakia is strong, and there in lies the trouble here. The Latakia is rich &, smooth, lacking the strength, intensity, and complexity to keep it interesting. Nicotine content is low.

Moisture level is perfect right out of the brick, rub-out is easy, and it burns properly. Any drying, IMHO, would lessen the wonderful smokiness, which is the star attribute here.

I have been smoking Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium for near-on 30 years, believing that it has no equal anywhere on earth. But it is gone now, and so I begin a quest for my Holy Grail: A substitute to replace the standard on which all English tobaccos are based. Pirate?s Kake does not measure up. But I give it credit for it?s unique presentation and the courage to produce it at all. For it IS a fun and unique tobacco.

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I just wanted to add my four stars to this terrific blend.

The flavor is smooth and fulfilling. Great for an everyday smoke if you like latakia.

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I bought a 1/2 lb of this product mail-order w/o first tasting it, based on its description and its reputation in latakia-addict circles. I was not disappointed.

This bulk tobacco came as one large slab, with sharp-cut edges, like it had been hewn from a monster brick. Its superficial appearance and exotic middle-east aroma had an uncanny resemblance to a block of black Lebanese hashish, at least if my fading memory serves me correctly.

This stuff lives up to its reputation as Latakia Central. The latakia overwhelms the other "trace" ingredients. The turkish hides sheepishly in the shadows and the burley taste (if burley really has a taste) is MIA.

The lack of a virginia component is, IMHO, what sets this blend apart from my other latakia-laden favorites: Old Ironsides and Commonwealth Mixture. The result is a kind of monochromatic, but what a great color! Not much subtlety here folks, so do not come expecting a complex blend. Just beaucoup latakia from beginning to end.

One of my favorite after-dinner, sitting on the porch, watching-the-glaciers-move pipes is a "latakia parfait", constructed thusly:

In a tallish bowl combine first Old Ironsides as broken flakes (bottom third), next crumbled Pirate Kake (middle third), and finally Commonwealth Mixture (top third of bowl). To many, this would be a heresy on the order of combining several single-malt scotches (perish the thought) or good wines. Actually though, the experience is more like eating a parfait rather than a torte- one layer at a time. The taste slowly melds from one blend to the next. Sounds weird maybe, but it is a sublime experience for the latakia lover.

How ever you choose to consume it, PK is a GREAT blend. The fact that you can purchase large quantities at bargain prices is also a plus and encourages big purchases for cellaring purposes. I can hardly wait to see how this tastes a couple of years down the road. I',ll have to get more soon, or my aging remnants will not last that long!

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Understatement of the year---"This is a blend for the Latakia lover" WOW. I bought a hunk of this looking for a purer form of latakia to decide whether I really was a latakia guy or not. Turns out I am.

PK arrived as a brick or block. Kake is misleading as the pressed tobacco has many of the characteristics of a small piece of 5/4 inch pine decking. Same thickness, same density, and some of the same smell. I could not cut this with my fairly substantial pocketknife, only whittle on it, just like a hunk of decking.

Tin note is great with lots of wood smoke, some pine, oriental tobacco, and slight creosote. Right up my alley as I burn wood to heat the house. Nose is definitely noticeable but not overpowering as some here suggest or like some aromatics. Preparing this one for smoking is a chore. The cake breaks up easiest by hand, first breaking off large chunks of the whole then smaller chunks then rubbing those out into smokable bits. Even the smaller pieces have a remarkable cohesive quality and are really unnecessarily difficult to get prepped. Don',t even bother attempting to cut this kake, you',ll have to hammer the knife through. Once the kake is rubbed out sufficiently it does need a little drying time maybe only 30 minutes or so. The tobacco seems dry enough when being rubbed out but is hard to keep lit without drying. There are a quite a few stems in my batch, I might go as far as to call it stemmy.

Now for the pipe. This is where the hassle becomes worthwhile. This stuff is the bomb. Lat bomb that is. From char to dregs lots of nice smooth, smoky latakia flavor with hints of minor components at times. This is a cool drawing blend that I cannot get to bite. A drawback for me is the frequent relights, even with a dried tobacco. I might relight this as many as 5 times in the course of a medium sized bowl. This stuff produces huge, thick clouds of smoke which never dissipate. While you are sitting there enjoying the bowl you can watch the smoke accumulate in the room and settle to the floor. It',s almost as if the smoke is too heavy to be moved by the imperceptible drafts in a house that will carry most smoke away. Nic dose is fairly low on this one, which surprised the heck out of me because the flavor is so over the top. I',ll also add that this tobacco stays with you for a long, long time. Smoke a bowl in the morning and you will taste it all day. You',ll have to brush the taste out of your mouth. Smell also stays on your hands for quite some time after rubbing this out.

Although an excellent smoke on it',s own this also makes a great blender. Right now I have it blended 50/50 with Prince Albert which mellows the smokiness a little. I also have it blended 50/50 with My Mixture 965. PK dominates the weak tasting 965 but 965 does add quite a bit of oriental and nicotine which makes the combination more interesting than the components. I think you could improve any blend with the addition of PK, most aromatics excepted.

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When I first got back into smoking pipes, a local cigar shop was getting rid of the pipe products he had - apparently not enough pipes smokers in the area. He gave me the remaining tobaccos he had. C&,D Pirate Kake was among them. Lucky me!

For as heavy and robust a smoke it is regarding flavor, it is also an incredibly mild smoke. There is no bite to this blend no matter if you are puffing lightly or chugging like a freight train.

I also like the fact that it is easy to load, no knife needed to cut as it crumbles in your hand. I just pull it apart, load and light.

Age When Smoked: Fresh off the Pirate Ship

Purchased From: Pipe and Cigar

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I received an neat little 1/2 ounce cube of this as a gift from in an order that I had placed. I was impressed with their giving it to me, it was a very attractive perfect little brick that I kept on my desk for a many months, just admiring its geometry and composition. Here 10 months later I am finally smoking it. Have had only two bowls of it so far but it is enough to know that this stuff grows on you if you give it a chance. I enjoy English blends regularly but not exclusively. Pirate Kake is more than just an English blend, it seems to be predominantly Latakia. I',ve never smoked a blend with this much Latakia and would not have, had it not been given to me.

The quality of the leaf is good, as are all C&,D blends that I have had. The power/intensity of the smoke is impressive as one might expect from such a Latakia-forward blend. Even so, I don',t find the nicotine strength to be particularly remarkable. The flavor is not very complex, it is quality Latakia center stage, with just enough Burley and Turkish to round out the edges. There is little balance of flavors in that this blend is a showcase of Latakia with the other components only serving to keep it from being too monochromatic. Smoothness and richness of the smoke is here in good measure. It burns dry and relatively cool. I smoked it in two different briar pipes: a medium-sized Orlik Captain Black billiard and a small Orlik pot.

Overall, it',s good quality tobacco but my preference is a blend with less Latakia and more of a balance with other components.

Pipe Used: Orlik billiard, Orlik pot

Purchased From: a gift from

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Pirate Kake is a study in excess, and that is not a bad thing. With a remarkable production of creamy smoke, an scandalous room prescence, and an ever-present, in-your-face overdose of Latakia, this blend is too much good stuff. So much good stuff, you',ll want to exercise restraint and reserve its enjoyment for once-on-a-blue-moon situations.

Caution: it is such an unforgettable smoke, your pipe will keep reminding you of it no matter what else you smoke in it.

Recommended for English and Oriental fans only.

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Disclosure: I was given a free sample of this from and I prefer aromatics.

As stated above, I',m an aromatic guy, I',m not a big fan of anything else. I was pleasantly surprised by C&,D',s Pirate Kake though. It was my first experience with tobacco in this form as well.

Opening the packet, it smells like a BBQ smokehouse. It brings to mind Texas BBQ, charred wood, and outdoor cookouts.

Whenever I',ve had non-aromatics, I',ve felt like they',ve tasted like a combination of BBQ sauce and soap, and this wasn',t much different. It sounds awful, but it wasn',t. It was more pleasant than I expected.

Different short beard styles

I don',t have any problem smoking this. It wouldn',t be the first tobacco I reached for, and I have doubts if I',d ever buy it, but I wouldn',t refuse another sample.

Pipe Used: Stanwell Bjarne Nielsen, Peterson, Corncob

Age When Smoked: Fresh, as far as I can tell.

Purchased From:

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There',s not much to say about this one, except Latakia. I know it says there is some orientals in there, but I don',t know. I got this as a sample from, and wanted to try a crumble cake. I smoke this one outdoors only as it is most offensive to pretty much everyone. I heard burning leaves and campfire from most everyone there. I have come to enjoy Latakia mixtures for the most part. While I did enjoy this with a good jolt of black rum on the side at a party, I',m not sure it',s a daily kind of smoke.

The presentation was a cube in the sample I got. It was a half ounce. It smells very strongly of Latakia in the pouch. Heck, outside the pouch as well. You can almost hear your girl complaining about this one already. It crumbled up pretty easy and packed up well. Left a little oily residue on my fingers. It lit ok and burned fairly well. This would probably be great for coloring a new meerschaum. It tastes like it smells pretty much. Smokey, like woodsmoke. Peaty sort of flavor to it. It is pretty strong, both in nicotine and aroma. Sipping at this one, it didn',t get too overbearing in its intensity of flavor. Goes well with the black rum, or maybe a stronger stout or IPA. Definitely a strong peaty highland single malt like Laphroaig or peat monster.

I only gave it a slightly lower rating bc I',m not sure a lot of people would like this. This one is good for what it is, which is a lat bomb. It is a pretty intense smoke in my opinion. You',re going to want to take it slow at first with this blend. Most likely she won',t let you smoke this one inside unless she',s smoking it too lol. You may want to get a small amount to try it before you go bulk.

Pipe Used: Peterson lovat

Purchased From: Sample from smokingpipes

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This was the perfect after-dinner smoke tonight. I spent hours getting my smoked salmon perfect. After all that time in a cloud of hickory smoke I wanted something that I could actually taste.

A pinch off the kake was easily crumbled in my palm, and one match got it going.

In my ridiculously long churchwarden the smoke was actually pretty mellow for a latakia blend. It didn',t give me a headache or make my stomach hurt, so I will keep some Pirate Kake around for when the right occasion presents itself.

Maybe it isn',t well balanced, but for an after-dinner smoke, when you have feasted on smoked meats, it is delightful.

Pipe Used: Churchwarden briar

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This is, indeed, good tobacco. If you',re looking for a better Latikia Bomb, check out Captain Earl',s Stimulus Package or his Ten Russians. I find the Ten Russians to be a slightly better balance than Stimulus Package. I',m stocking these deep.

Age When Smoked: Fresh &, 4 months

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I don',t know it sort of reminds me of Bengal Slices (sort of). Tastes like Karo Syrup and Latikia. Way way too sweet for my taste buds. It is very monotone and I don',t notice the "other" oriental varieties at all. I don',t think I will be buying it again. It does smoke cool with no bite. Preparation isn',t to difficult although it is kind of tough to rub out for a "krumble kake". If you like sweet stuff with your latakia this just might fit the bill. The kick from Lady N is not that strong. It is quality stuff for sure, just not to my liking. Don',t let this review throw you off of the stuff... you may like it.

Purchased From: Smoking Pipes

Similar Blends: Bengal Slices (sort of ).

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Slightly spicy, woodsy, heavier on the Latakia, rich, pungent tobacco. Very consistent smoke and taste throughout the smoke. I enjoyed it because of that. Easy going. Comes in a crumble cake form, like a dried out brownie. Easy to break off and prepare in your pipe. Really good if you',re hungry too. Apparently, it',s recommended to try mixing this with some Haunted Bookshop, however I have not tried that yet.:)

-- UPDATE -- awesome blended with some Lane 1Q... 1/3 Pirate Kake, and 2/3 1Q - marinate for a week in a baggie. Sweet latakia smoke. SO GOOD! Take away some of that slightly salty or charcoal Pirate Kake taste!

Pipe Used: Dr. Grabow Grand Duke

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars online

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My Favorite Latakia forward blend, not for the smoker who only likes a touch of latakia, it has enough Burley and Virginias to keep it interesting, but the Latakia will take over

Pipe Used: La Rocca, Fantasia

Purchased From: Alegheny Smoke Works

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Well I was hoping to find something very strong as it',s a Latakia Bomb but NO! It',s very mild and I wasn',t pleased with it after my first try but I have to say: you must take it slowly because it',s really something!

Anyway, you can use it also for blending il you need a richer smoke.

I like it and I will love it, I',m sure.

Pipe Used: Charatan, Peterson,...

Purchased From: Smoking Pipes

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A surprisingly delicate and spicy tobacco, which plays in the upper league of Latakia blends, together with Ten Russians and Da Vinci (all manufactured by Cornell &, Diehl). Probably it is the little Burley content in Pirate Kake which makes it my personal favourite among these Latakia-thunderbolts. The room note, of course…ahem… “not spouse-friendly”…

If purchased as 16oz. block, PK is a true bargain.

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LATAKIA!!! I',ve been a hound for it, ever since my first tin of Penzance. This thing here -this Pirate Kake- has indeed hit the spot.

Now, I had some trouble with it early on. I smoked it moist, and it got very very hot. I smoked it fast, and it got very very hot.

This is a tobacco that requires you to take the time for it. Smoke it after it has dried, pack it loosely, prepare for many gentle (and I do mean gentle) re-lights. Above all, smoke it slow. Your preparation and patience will pay off, by God.

The most intriguing thing about this tobacco, I think, is its name. I can',t help but wonder if it was named as an ode to seafaring rapscallions, or as a metaphor to the fact that you will find yourself digging for flavor treasures while enjoying a bowlful. The latakia is there, right up front, and bold indeed! Slow and careful smoking, as noted, will reveal a more complex flavor character than is on the surface. The burley appears for a moment after lighting, then steps back to make way for full- force latakia with bits of tasty turkish aroma punctuating.

I highly recommend this blend to the inner-pirate in everyone! A wonderful tobacco.

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Appearance is a pressed briquette ("krumble kake"), rubs out to a coarse mixture of pieces and ribbon. Smells of smoke and creosote. Tastes smoky with mineral overtones.

Pirate Kake is an interesting smoke, providing a full serving of Latakia. I do not find it as strong as many other reviewers. The smoky flavour is nice and develops a slightly salty, mineral taste. A tongue numbing iodine note remains after smoking. There',s no finesse nor subtlety here. Recommended for Latakiaphiles.

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A mighty cake burley, for the lover of Latakia. Keeps away loiterers and unwanted company.

Not for everyone, and cake tobaccos require some rubbing out, but all in all a good tobacco. Makes you earn it',s respect. I enjoy it with a strong black coffee.

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Not all that much one can say about a 70% Latakia blend, but the real coolness of this is in the presentation. I',m really starting to like C&,D crumble cakes. Before this, I',ve had Black Frigate and Bow-Legged Bear, which were both really old (from those crappy metal tins C&,D used to use that didn',t seal), and were falling apart, and Briar Fox, which I liked, but this one is really dense and really fun to play with/chop up. Good smoke, if you like Latakia...

I got a one ounce sample, and loved the look of it: brownie-like cake (ok, a brownie left out in the sun!) that is dense and Latakia. Not much to say beyond that. Of course, I smoked some before ordering a half-pound, but this is just a straight out Lat bomb. Sometimes, I like that, though I smoke Virginias most often. I',m an experimenter, though, so I try all styles. I could give four stars for the presentation, it',s about the coolest cake I',ve ever seen, but since it is almost straight Latakia, detract a star. I don',t know how long it will take me to smoke all this, but since I like to do a Latakia mainline once in a while just for a change, I will not mind having this in my cellar. Very pretty to look at, and I enjoyed carving the "big brownie" into "little brownies" with an Alaskan chopping bowl blade. It was almost worth the price just for that. This cake should hold together nicely as it ages in the Ball jar.

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Less sweet, more nutty, camp fire smokiness. Yep this and star of the east are extremely delicious tobaccos.

Let tobacco dry out some and keep your pipe cool.

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This is top of the notch latakia. Much better than Star of the East as an overall impression.

But I wouldn',t smoke this on a regular basis. Such a concentration of LAtakia becomes unidimensional after a while, so it would gain to be mixed with something else to bring variety to it.

Of course it is hard to keep lit and everything, there',s over 70% of Latakia in there!

And the bricks were pretty cool, I must say.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

I have carefully read the reviews to get an idea, and I thank everyone for the excellent guidance and advice.

It has not been a nasty surprise this buy, otherwise. I agree with many of the previous reviews that have described sensations, taste and flavor to the extent that I myself find.

Say no more, but something that seems really important, this mixture has smoke very slowly, leaving cool as possible, but it is not difficult to smoke.

Who would you recommend it? Surely only a real lover of Latakia!

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This was my staple tobacco for a number of years. I took it up after having given up the pipe for a decade or so, took it up again, and wanted to recapture the intensity of the Balkan blend I used to smoke in my university days. Somehow, none of the blends I tried hit the spot, offering only a mere tantalizing hint of the Latakia pungency that I was after. With the benefit of hindsight, I suspect that memory had concentrated what had probably been the modest Latakia content of the Balkan I was trying to rediscover simply because it was the most sharply distinguishable component of the mixture and such a novelty when I first started smoking Balkans.

Be that as it may, I was fixated on finding the ultimate Latakia fix and when I started ordering from C&,D, I worked my way through several less Latakia-heavy blends until I reached Pirate Kake. At which point, even I had to admit that this was as intense flavor-wise as anything I had ever smoked.

Needless to say, the Latakia dominates from beginning to end, but it is not entirely one-dimensional. I think I smoked PK as regularly and for as long as I did because it does reveal subtle flavor-facets over the course of both a single smoke and repeated smokes. Once you are habituated to it, you are pleasantly surprised from time to time by the sweetness that comes through, possibly as an artifact of your palate adjusting to the overwhelming flavor of the Latakia. At other times, you may also detect an almost perfumy fragrance, possibly a synaesthetic hallucination. There',s something about the experience that',s like drinking neat tea.

This is a blend I',ve since left behind but of which I have fond memories.

PS: I',ve rated it mild because nicotine-wise it has no perceptible kick.

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Good stuff. At one point in my life I would have run from a blend as robust as this. A gentleman was smoking this at the tobacco shop I frequent and I was shocked at how strong the smell was. It stank. But it is strange how the strong aroma of Latakia will start to grow on you.

After trying a few Latakia blends I thought I might be up to the task of trying this tobacco. I should never have waited so long to try it! Its a great product. It burns cool, rich tasting smooth flavor and a delightful smokey aroma. C&,D got it right with this one.

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Arr... Pirate Kake is a kickass Latakia blend. The presentation is great (two small bricks per 2 ounces), and the aroma in the tin permeates the room before the pipe is even loaded, leaving no surprises about what',s in store. This one will leave some charcoal-like residue on your fingers after handling.

I love this stuff: It',s rich and stout with a dash of sweetness -- and of course, it delivers a cannonade of smoky Latakia goodness. After reading some of the reviews, I was expecting a monodimensional Lat Bomb, but I was pleasantly surprised at its relative complexity, the burley and Turkish helps it maintain my interest and I actually enjoy this rustic style more than many other full English blends. It',s really an American English on steroids -- a juiced-up Engine 99.

PK pairs exceptionally well with Cognac or other amber spirits. (After several subsequent pairings, you',ll also feel pickled and smoked yourself.) PK also delivers a pleasant dose of nicotine, and can be a bit mouth-numbing, as reported.

This one',s an outdoor smoke, as you',ve probably surmised. It was winter in the MidAtlantic when I wrote this, so I can',t vouch for its capabilities as a mosquito repellent. However, I can assert confidently that it is a wife (and daughter) repellent, so proceed cautiously (or strategically).

Recommended for all me hardy mates.

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Having wanted to go for a really heavy blend I decided I',d give it a try. Being mostly interested in English blends this really satisfied my love of latakia. I would recommend letting it dry for perhaps twenty minutes after breaking it up as the bars can be very moist.

Once I got it going I found it to be packed with flavor right from the get go. Powerful, smooth and very rich. Sweet taste and slight reminiscence of coconut. It can be a bit tough to get lit though. This is a real acquired taste.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

This review will be simple. If you don',t really like Latakia this will not change your mind. Please don',t buy it and then tell everyone it',s crap.

On the other hand if you like heavy Latakia blends then this may be for you. It is not the smoothest and certainly not the roughest but it is full of flavor and delicious in my opinion. The flavor remains constant with little or no nuances about to happen during the smoke. My wife likes the smell of this tobacco the best of all the tobacco I have, your wife probably won',t. This not Old Ironsides of any version it may be better to some and not quite as good to others but if you like OI I can',t imagine you not liking this stuff. It is what it is and I enjoy it every time I choose it. I give this 4Stars because it does not pretend to be anything but what it is. Penzance is good but it has no taste next to this. You have been warned.

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Tried this for the first time today. It is absolutely exquisite. Smooth, super tasty. I only wish this was available in flake form as opposed to the two plugs I received as part of my sampler pack. This is my first C&,D blend to try. I',ll have to smoke more, but I',ve found my new favorite at the moment. Superb!

Update 06/29/10: Been smoking this on and off for the last six plus months. It gets better with a little age. I can',t get over how smooth it is. Smokes cool, lights easy, the latakia/cavendish/turkish blend is astonishing, I taste every component, but since it was pressed they are in such a harmonious balance. I can particularly taste the cavendish cut burley when I exhale through the nose.

The great thing about smoking a bowl of this is that it',s the same through- out. Very consistent smoke. As other reviews state, it is not for the light Latakia smoker, I believe this in on par with many other Latakia heavy blends, if not heavier. I',ve smoked this and C&,D',s DaVinci, another Latakia heavy offering (not pressed, however). And, I almost prefer this one, DaVinci',s flavor profile is more complex compared to Pirate Kake. I suppose it depends on your mood when smoking it.

The only downside I',ve found to this blend is the mouth-drying effect it has. I have to have a cup or two or three of coffee (or something stronger) with a bowl of this stuff. Other than that, I believe this to be the perfect blend for true lover',s of Latakia, it showcases the rich, velvety, smokey, slightly sweet, delectability of Latakia, while offering a robust, yet silky smooth, full smoking experience. I take back ever wanting it as a broken flake, I love the ritual of breaking chunks off the black bricks and rubbing them out individually.

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UPDATE 11-18-2009: I',m afraid I must contradict my own recent review of Pirate Kake. Perhaps in future I',ll give a blend a bit more time for me to discover all it offers. Pirate Kake is definitely a blend which begs to be smoked out-of-doors. After initially trying this in a narrow billiard for the first two-three bowls smoked in an enclosed area, I tried it in a couple wider gauge pipes, a Custombilt with a more conical burn chamber and a BBB Two Thousand with a similar, though smaller bowl, out on my rear deck. There, in the breeze, this tobacco really displayed probably what it was meant to be - a wonderfully tasty Latakia based press. The "Ham Bone" aspect disappeared. My wife, 60 feet away doing some gardening remarked how nice this smelled. Go figure. I even caught some orange notes amid the smoky coolness. We all know that to us Cyprus is famous for its Latakia, but I must wonder if this one is not prepared over orange wood fires (orange orchards being another forte of Cyprus). It still made my tongue slightly numb, but then so does a shot of Mezcal, and I don',t avoid that spirit. My dwindling two ounce sample will be replaced shortly with a larger purchase. 3 Stars, at the least.

Original post: I bought two ounces of this "because it was there", on the shelf at El Fumador and I had not tried it. I had thought to contrast it with McClelland',s Syrian Full Balkan (acknowledging differences between a ribbon vs. a pressed product). It was a little difficult to rub out and properly pack and a good light took some effort. In pipelore, this IS an "L-bomb" to be sure. After a couple of minutes of gentle drawing my mouth became very dry and so I put the pipe down and went back into my house to get a glass of home vinted pear wine -slightly sweet - to quench the fire. Upon returning to my sun porch I was struck with the room note: as smoky as if one had spent all night tending a charcoal fire preparing a Carolina Pig Pickin',. Heavy smoke. The wine helped me get through the bowl. In the pipe it was hard to discern the accompanying tobaccos from the Latakia. McClelland',s Syrian Full Balkan with it',s Syrian Latakia presents a different experience with it',s heavy Latakia yielding a very cool smoke - so cool one could think the blend is topped with menthol. Pirate Kake, on the other hand, it pure Cyprian smokiness without the coolness. If any ever wondered what Dunhill',s My Mixture #10 was like, this is it sans cavendished Virginias. To the Latakia lover this should be a delight. I enjoy English blends in general but this is a bit over the top for me. On my rating scale 3 stars denotes recommendation with my intention to repurchase sometime in future. 4 stars denotes actual repurchase or intent to do so as soon as possible. 2 Stars is tepid recommendation denoting some value but not likely to buy again. Pirate Kake rates 2 stars.

Update 6/14: I had upped the rating on this to 3 stars a while ago as I began to appreciate it more when I smoked in as a leisurely, late night smoke, and not as a daylong choice. Today I must up the ante yet again as I have reloaded my supply and am adding it to long term inventory plans.

Purchased From: El Fumador - Sewickley, PA.

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Two words describe this offering from C&,D, Latakia Bomb! As I worked my way through a two ounce tin I could not help but wonder if this was created on a dare.

I love the presentation, two little coal black bricks of latakia doom. Patiently waiting to wreak your wife',s opinion of pipe smoking in the house.

Pirate Kake is a good smoke IF you love latakia. If not I will be happy to take it off your hands. Its not an everyday smoke but is a great go to when in need of a latakia fix.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

This is by far the most ham-handed blend I',ve ever tried. In fact, it isn',t fit to be called a blend at all since it is the same as smoking straight latakia, not a blend of different tobaccos. The turkish and burley add nothing. It is impossible to keep lit. After a few minutes, my taste buds become overwhelmed and I can',t taste anything.

Different types beard cuts

I suppose there are those who just can',t get enough latakia who will like it, just as there are those who put an entire bottle of ketchup on their food.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

A Latakia blast similar to the ones which built the Hoover dam. Actually Latakia on its own is quite cool and smooth, however, monochromatic.

This is a cousin to the now defunct Old Ironsides... sigh. With Ironsides being lighter, far more creamier and nuttier, yet just a cool and long lasting. Pirate kake is quite a bit sharper and overwhelming if you smoke it too fast. I would leave it for an end of the evening smoke. Midday and your palate could be shot for quite awhile, perhaps until tomorrow or the day after.

It takes a bit of patience to light, but once it gets going it lasts for a very long time. Surprisingly the nicotine content is not that high, mind you Latakia on its own is no Howitzer either.

All in all, a different and unique pipe smoking experience, it will not be in the regular rotation, and I would not seek out again. There are too many others which I enjoy more.

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This is the latakia bomb of all time here. I mean that in the best possible sense.

I had smoked samples from friends and a small tin of this in the past but waited to review until I could get a pound to start on just to see consistency from tin to bulk.

I picked up the last vacuum sealed 1 lb brick C&,D had today at the local show here in va. It looked like a huge beef jerky or something in the vacuum bag. This is a true crumble cake. Looks like a piece of asphalt or something. One inch thick and 5 X 10 inches wide and long. I know that makes some of you drool to think of a piece that big.

Since in bulk I broke it into three big pieces and put it in a mason jar. Upon cutting the bag the latakia aroma permeated the room and my nose. This is serious stuff for serious smokers. There is a dash of cavendish in there but just to smooth it a little. So full flavored but with no hint of bite. This is probablly one of the smoothest blends despite it',s overall strength there is.

This is ready to go right off the brick. Crumbles up real nice. Packs like a dream. A little air time helps but on a good dry day you can get by without it. A little drying helps the taste a little and keeps your pipe dry.

I will be calling the Tarler',s and ordering more sometime soon whatever the cost. They are nice folks from NC I feel good about buying from.

I reccomend this to someone looking for the strongest possible dose of latakia. If you are new to the pipe this would be a good way to sample where strong english begins. I would not reccomend it as a first smoke but after a month or so give it a shot. I don',t think you could find a fuller tasting blend that is this smooth and soft on the tongue.

This offers a nice contrast to the G.L. Pease balkans I smoke like abingdon, kensington, caravan, and so on. While keeping the flavor and satisfaction in my smokes.

The nicotine will not knock you out but it is there and persistent. Not a rush but a steady buzz- nice in this dept.

This is a sit down and do nothing else but smoke tobacco. Great for late night or cool/cold weather smoking. Highly reccomended.

Update: Still a great blend but I decided it was not quite up to the 4 star level- perhaps I was feeling too generous when I reviewed initially. A very solid 3 though.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

I have just finished my first tin of Pirate Kake, and feel like I',m in love! This stuff is fantastic with a very rich latakia taste and a elegant plume of white fragrant smoke. It is very similar to Old Ironsides but just a bit lighter in body.

I tried this blend which came recommended by my tobacconist, knowing that Old Ironsides is discontinued, and soon will be impossible to aquire. No need to worry because we have a winner for Latakia lovers.

The pressed cakes are good looking, somewhat moist and tightly pressed. The tin aroma is that of hay in a barn. Not bad, just different. The cakes are easy to break apart and rub out nicely. Lighting is relatively easy with maybe two to three additional lights after the charring light.

Pirate Kake will fool you with its robust and hearty taste. There is a relatively low nicotine content in this blend. I cant seem to tolerate the nicotine rush associated with the more fuller bodied tobaccos.

The taste is a rich, creamy, smooth almost minty flavor with latakia dominating the senses. The orientals make a nice showing with a nice spicy finnish. I think what balances out this blend is the use of burleys. The smoke is abundant with each puff, and I guess some would probably find offensive. It reminds me of a fireplace burning in the wintertime, and brings back fond memories. This is an ideal evening, or after dinner smoke.

I would HIGHLY recommend this blend to anyone who wants a latakia fix in a smooth, light english presentation. I plan to keep several tins on hand. Another winner from C&,D. Four of four stars.

I will gladly "walk the plank" with this pirate anytime!

Nobody has rated this review yet.

If you like latakia, this is the one for you. Almost nothing but latakia but nicely laced with cavendish and some Turkish. Love the pressed bricks that lie waiting in the can when it is opened. Rubs out well and makes a very smooth smoke. Usually I do not think I would like such a heavy latakia blend but this is good. Couldn',t smoke it all day or even on a dialy basis but certainly go for the occasional or more than ocassional latakia blast that one is looking for. I like heavy for those in the same room if they don',t like latakia but nice when one is alone.

Revised: This is especially good when one has spent a week away from home and latakia blends. Very full and satisfying. Again, not an everyday smoke but fantatic when one is latakia deprived.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

This one didn',t work for me. While a love the flavor of Latakia, and have been seeking a good, rich near-pure Latakia flavor, I found this to be bitey and unpleasant, and it tasted like it had some overly moist Virginia in it, even though it apparently doesn',t have any. This leaves my mouth feeling bitten for a day or two afterwards.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

As a person who likes just about all styles and blends, I purchased a ',brick', of this stuff simply to see what the extreme end of the Latakia spectrum was like. As a previous reviewer',s a drinkin', Jack Daniels feelin', dangerous type of tobacco. Not for the faint of heart, and definitely one to smoke when no one else is around. It gets one dimensional thru the bowl, in that Latakia dominates the experience and ultimately numbs the senses too much.

I currently add 25% Pirate Kake to Lane',s Rum and Maple. It',s become my absolute favorite smoke.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

As the description above notes,??.LOTS of exceptional Latakia? and?This is the blend for the Latakia lover.? Truer words have never been written. It is also an understatement. I like latakia but this blend goes above and beyond. My smokes started off pleasant enough, especially after a full meal, but the large amount of latakia slowly pummeled me. By mid bowl I thought I was smoking granulated road tar? not good. It was overwhelming! In my opinion, this is a?small bowl? blend and an occasional one, at that. Pirate Kake may best be utilized as a blending tobacco. If the ratings here at tobaccoreviews were based on letters of the alphabet instead of stars, I would give this?Pirate? an?Arrrrrggggh!?

A cigarette is to be smoked. A cigar is to be enjoyed. A pipe is to be savored.

I rate this blend 7.2 out of 10.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

salted leather...faint musk of slaves, hmmm appetizing, I',d like to smoke me some o that. Well, I have to admit, Latakia and Turkish tobaccos smell, well, yeah maybe like the musky lather of a salted slave. I',m paraphrasing here, but I don',t have a better description of this aroma. ok, campfire and dead trees works for me, too.

This cake is Very smooth. And at $25 a pound this is a marvel of modern, um... musk. seriously, if you even think you like Latakia, try this.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

For the Latkia fan, its a must. I found that rubbing it out gave me the smoke I wanted and took away some of the haggardness of the rum smell. Once I broke off a chunk, rubbed it out and let it sit a day or two, boy does it have a great spicey hearth fire scent!

It takes a few lights to get going (possibly my own fault) but, once its underway, it goes fine all on its own with minimal fuss and the flavor is latkia spicy creaminess that is very strong. I',d recommend packing half a bowl as even after you are done latkia will saturate your very being with creamy smoke scent. This is cologne in a pipe (in a good way).

I smoke this after lunch in the office when I want to recharge the brain without too much of a nicotine fry ( nicotine strength is medium). As everyone here says, its definitely a whim smoke (not your regular) and for the latkia fans. I tried to smoke this once while sitting at the bar.........needless to say I had to switch, no one likes its room scent except other latkia fans.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

I was able to sample this wonderful latakia nougat bar at the recent Chicago Pipe Show. The nice people (esp. Pam) at Cornell &, Diehl gave me several free samples of this luscious pressed latakia blend. It',s tones are not as deep as Old Ironsides or as complex and earthy as Penzance, but it',s definitely a rich treat for the latakia lover. It',s almost what I had hoped Nightcap would',ve been. I love how C &, D presses the mixture into bite-sized chunks almost good enough to eat. They',re almost like little bars of hashish, which of course, I never inhaled. Having not tried many C &, D products, after meeting them and sampling PK and a few others, I',m now a fan. Arghhhh, me likes dar Pirate Kake me duz!

Three and a half of five stars ----------------- Xmas 05 update

Found another chewy block of this magnificent cake at the great Jack',s Tobacco Shop in Milwaukee. This is definitely one of my desert island choices. It puts other heavy latakia mixtures, even Penzance and Old Ironsides to shame. The block has been sitting for awhile again, as the plastic appears to have yellowed. Breaking off pieces of this luscious, indulgent cake, rubbing it out and preparing it in the pipe is half the fun. The aroma is immense, the taste surreal. Pirate Kake is one incredible tobacco, unique in all the world. Yes, this is Black Frigate without the rum, sans the liquor the flavor is more resonant &, articulated. All the devotion to Nightcap ought to be transferred to PK, because this is what a deep,rich English ought to taste like. Let them try Kake and they',ll abandon blends they thought were pinnacle. This is not a tobacco for the neophyte but for the latakia fiend who wants full-bodied spice, depth and complexity in their smoke. Rich, ever-changing as it burns, long-lasting and cool, PK is one of Craig Tarler',s grandest accomplishments, the stuff of tobacco dreams!

Five of five stars ------------ march 06 update

Still great within its genre.......however, and a big however it is, it tends to get overwhelming and is almost too much of a great thing. Pack it in a small bowl, because if you smoke too much of it, it will overwhelm your taste buds and you will be racing to the finish line. Also, clean the pipe after each use, as this stuff will lead a silty residue. Still great stuff, but only for once in awhile, like after a charred steak dinner, or for when the urge for something immense and overpowering is desired.

Three and a half of five stars

Nobody has rated this review yet.

There are latakia blends, there are heavy latakia blends and then........there',s Pirate Kake. No less than 70% of the dark smokey leaf goes into this blend, an amazing amount. Many tobaccos with half as much bill themselves as "heavy" blends. Pirate Kake comes pressed, probably to get the Turkish and burley to combine with the Latakia',s smokey flavor. It',s not entirely a successful marriage, as the Latakia completely dominates its', partners. I like to smoke PK in a large bowled pipe, usually my big Striker billiard. It',s not unusual to get a two hour smoke out of this combination. PK is also a late night tobacco for me, my last smoke of the day. For a while I drifted away from the Smokey One, as my taste buds craved more complex blends. These days, however, I find a little solo note in a tobacco to be OK at times. Three stars for PK.

Update 01/19/06- One thing that wasn',t put in my original review is that Pirate Kake is a wonderful DGT tobacco, in fact sometimes I think I prefer to smoke it after a few hours left in the pipe. It seems to mellow the Latakia a bit, taking the edge off slightly and making it a little creamier. I still rate it at three stars, and worth your consideration if you',re into heavy English blends.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

The taste of salted leather. The faint musk of slaves rowing in the galley below deck. Burning pyres to the ancient Sumerian gods in Babylon.

All these come to mind when smoking the kake. An enjoyable time except for the musk of the galley!

Nobody has rated this review yet.

This is latakia³,. There',s nothing wrong with this tobacco except for the overwhelming amount of latakia.

The latakia that Craig uses does have it',s own unique taste and room note for whatever reason.

I just don',t like this much latakia in my pipe at one time. PK smokes smooth and has no bad qualities if you',re a latakia junkie. There',s not much subtle about this blend and it starts like it finishes.

Latakia itself doesn',t carry much strength so if you',re looking for a nicotine wallop then you won',t find it here. The overwhelming sensory overload of so much latakia might make some believe that there is "strength" in this mixture. Thus the medium rating.

If you want to try something interesting (and I',m sure that you do) then mix this about half and half with Captain Black White.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

Pressed tobacco blends are among my favorites for taste and this blend is no exception. Yes, it is for the latakia affectionato but there is so much else going on in this one. The note is brighter and more lively than others,which serves to create it',s own bold, lusty personality. I smoke this whenever I desire to be entertained within a fast moving panorama of almost familiar sensations that build not to a climax and quiet farewell, but just keep rolling on as a caravan that one has disembarked. Comparisons are almost always inadequate and mistakenly imply some presumtion of superiority. This burns well and maintains my attention from beginning to end. No pretense is made about subtle reflections but instead, a robust presentation of flavors that complement one another well. There is no delicate inference of pleasures to be detected but instead, a well balanced presentation of players that compliment each other on a stage of pleasure. Yes, there are others - not better, simply different. I recommend this blend without any reservation. The scent from the open bag makes promises that are kept. Four stars and full sail ye swabs.

Meerschaum Man,smoking a 20 yr old CAO Bacchus

Nobody has rated this review yet.

Latakia, Latakia, Latakia let me go.

Fantastic stuff for the latakia fan. It',s got full-on flavor and is comprised of quality leaf. While it lacks the subtle complexity of Esoterica',s "Penzance," PK delivers a lovely, creamy, cool smoke that leaves amazing flavors on the palate.

An 8 oz. tin provides four bricks of crumbly, rich black tobacco with a few random flakes of lighter orientals here and there. The bars rub out easily enough, and the moisture content is almost right for smoking straight out of the tin, though 20 minutes of drying time doesn',t hurt.

This is as close, however, to cigar smoke as the wife will tolerate, as the room note can be cutting and a little acrid.

PK is an everyday affair for me, and it could be an all-day affair for many. I usually enjoy it earlier in the day and save the Penzance for later in the day after tea or dinner.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

Pirate Cake is simply an infusion of Latakia. But not just any Latakia. This is primo condemental that is extremely smooth and creamy with smoke so thick you can eat it. Even Penzance is not as creamy as the Latakia used in PC.

The included Turkish is also very high quality and the perfect compliment. While the cavendish cut burley does not contribute to the taste in any way, it gives this blend a smooth, cool and even burn. The sheer quality of the condementals and the lack of virginia is what sets this blend very far apart from many of the other popular latakia heavy favorites in the Brotherhood of Latakia Junkies.

4 out of 4 rock solid stars!

Nobody has rated this review yet.

12-03-2004 Put away your cutlass', maties!

Appearance and Tin aroma: Nice pressed bricks, a little more moist than I',m used to from C&,D. Smells like fine, sweet Latakia

Packing and Lighting: It can be time consuming to crumble, but you must, or this will not light well. 3-4 lights to get going.

Initial Flavor: Latakia! It is smooth, no harshness at all.

Mid-Bowl: The other leaves add their support and give this blend nice body. My latakia fix is getting quite satiated.

Bottom of Bowl: A nice build up of strength, still smooth, not quite as complex as Pease',s Abingdon, but nevertheless still delicious.

Overall: This is for those who love Latakia, but want something that brings the best out of that fine leaf. This blend does it excellently! Also, this is a big pipe blend, we',re talking Group 6 and beyond. Small pipes just do not do this blend justice. The room note is very cigar like, so be careful or get banished to walk the plank! I much prefer this blend over "Old Ironsides" or "Black Frigate" even though those are also worthy of sea rats and scalowags. Where',s my jug o',grog? argh!

Rating: 5 out of 5 big hoop earings and cutlass',, Enjoy.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

For the Latakia lover who doesn?t care about anything else in the blend, this is probably the blend to get. I use the term?blend? because it isn?t straight Latakia, but it?s pretty darned close.

A very cool, smooth, and pleasant smoke if you love Latakia. I never really caught the Burley, but that is no big surprise, considering the general nature of Burley. The Cavendish tries now and again, but about all it can seem to muster is to have a slight sweetening effect on the Latakia. It?s one-dimensional, but you don?t smoke Pirate Kake for complexity, you smoke it for a major infusion of Latakia. The Pirates won?t let you down.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones, I can smoke Latakia in the house. But the room note on this one actually drew comment from my wife. All she said was?that smells kinda strong.? And this from a lady who smokes Balkan and English blends herself.

I enjoyed Pirate Kake, and when this is gone, I plan on getting more. It will last a long time though, this is more of an occasional smoke. Definitely not an all-day thing, as it would become boring.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

A few weeks ago I rediscovered several ounces of this stuff that I had put away for aging and forgotten about. It has been sitting in my closet for almost exactly 6 years. I had it in a plastic bag that was inside a bail jar. It seemed to have dried out some, so I have tried rehydrating it. Firstly, it has smoothed out quite a lot from the way I remember it. I had forgotten how nice that first blast of latakia is when it',s lit. Smoking PK is to the latakia lover something like what I would suspect eating a very dark unsweetened chocolate would be to a lover of that confection. The smoke ripples out of the bowl upon that first light, thick and velvety, so gray that it',s almost blue, and the palate is hit with a blast of latakia that some may find overwhelming, but others such as myself simply surrender to. At first puff, you may think this will be a one-dimensional smoke, but soon the latakia smooths off to a very rich, heady, slightly sweet smoke. If you don',t like latakia, stay away from it. If latakia is your thing, you absolutely must try this tobacco. It is almost certain to flunk the wife test, and it',s very strong room note is possibly best taken outside.

I had forgotten how much I like this stuff, but I still don',t consider it one of my regular smokes. I usually prefer my latakia in more moderated dosages, but when I',m in the mood for a good strong latakia, this is the one I fire up. If you want to try this stuff, you should probably put some away for a few years so you can compare the aged stuff to the fresh. I seem to remember the fresher stuff to have a bite to it that is now gone, or maybe my technique has just changed in the last 6 years.

I also use Pirate Kake to soup up other tobaccos that I think would benefit from a little more latakia. And like other heavy latakia blends, this one tends to make me thirsty.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

I really wanted to like this tobacco, but I find the heavy latakia blend to be too parching to enjoy regularly. My sample is from 1995 or 1996 and was stored until 2001 without adequate moisture control. The flavor is largely latakia, but not one dimensional, as Old Ironsides is, for me. I have not gone back to it for several months, but it is certainly a must try for the latakia lover.

Too big of a latakia punch for me.

Nobody has rated this review yet.

Well, the description states it has LOTS (emphasis theirs) of Latakia, and it does. This is a dark black brick which crumbles into wonderful flakes very easily and is able to be sprinked and packed nicely - a few lighter colored flakes are evident in the crumbling. The nose of the bag is prodigiously Latakia. After the initial char, it takes to a match easily and produces good volumes of velvety textured smoke. As it says, Latakia predominates, but there are some sweet spicy notes making their presence known as well. A few puffs into the bowl, the Latakia smooths out a bit and it is just a great smoke. A few firemen at the fire meeting asked me what died in my pipe - but, for a Latakia lover, this was an incredible blend. It remained smooth and cool throughout while the spiciness of the Turkish and the sweet underpinings of the Cavendish also made their presence known.

If you love Latakia, this is a must try. If you like Latakia, try this anyway as it is exceptionally wondeful example of the fact that a predominantly Latakia blend can be heavenly.

This one has definitely crept aboard ship and stolen my tastebuds! I was always a little leary of the thought of pirates boarding my ship and plundering it - however, if they bring a Kake of this along, I will welcome them aboard!

Nobody has rated this review yet.

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