Indian celebrity beard styles. Top 5 bearded footballers to blend style with substance

Footballers with beards, good beards are a special breed. The ones with tremendous footballing ability to go with it are even more special and prone to being idolized. This is a celebration of the best footballers who sported a beard and long-term association with the facial feature was a necessity for these guys to feature on this list. So, the ones who just sported it briefly and then did away with them do not count. Here’,s the top 5: Indian celebrity beard styles.

Olof Mellberg during his career came to be known as one of the most rock-steady footballers around and one of the most professional too. In an era of petulant footballers spoilt by money and fame and with inflated egos, Mellberg displayed all the qualities that most modern day footballers lack – loyalty, humility and with an excellent behavioural record – and still remaining popular.

A rugged defender never afraid to put in a tackle, Mellberg became a legend at Aston Villa where he played for over 9 seasons before joining Juventus.

Indian celebrity beard styles

Mellberg’s beard was equally famous in the footballing world. Known for his gruff look, one magazine remarked on his birthday last month, that though Mellberg was turning 36, his beard was perhaps, only 30.

Fans even reckoned that Mellberg played better with a full-grown beard rather than clean-shaven with a stubble.

Indian celebrity beard styles

For his farewell game for Villa, fans came adorning both fake and real beards as a tribute to the ‘Bearded Legend’.

He was also included in numerous compilations of ‘hottest footballers’ around and one can assume that the beard had a starring role to play in it.

Indian celebrity beard styles

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