Hair and beard styles 2014. Latest 50 Hot Black Men Beard Styles to try this year

Hair is an essential thing for a good personality, the right amount of hair at the proper places would make sure you look attractive whereas lack of hairs would also embarrass you at many places. Nobody likes to lose their head hair, a bald head is a thing of depression for most of the people. On the contrary, good locks on your head mean you can flaunt them and impress the beautiful ladies easily. Head hairs although so peculiarly beneficial in impressing someone lose their charm if the beard is not maintained properly. The beard of every man has to be properly maintained and he should groom it in order to look presentable. So, we shall discuss hot black men beard styles which one can keep and flaunt in the society. Beard and hair styles.

Beard is a problem that every teenage guy faces. What sets the men apart from boys is how they are able to use their beard to their advantage and groom their personality to adjust with their beard growth. There can be different styles of facial hair for black men that can be followed in order to match the body type and face structure. If you are black in color and have chosen the beard style correctly, then there can be no denying that you look pretty awesome in your style statement which is unique in its own essence.

Let’s now take a peek into different beard styles for black men that one may keep to enhance their style statement. They are:

One of the official trademarks of muscularity for black men found all over the globe is the mustache. It is a universal mark of power and machismo of black men. Although it looks quite good on some people but it does not fit into everyone’s bag. So before you go to select it as your personal pet, you must check with others whether it looks good on you or not.

Yes, the goatee is loved by most of the youngsters and especially by black men. It has got its name from the beard that grows on a goat as the name suggests. Also, most of the goats are darker in color and this is why Goatee beard style is preferred by most of the black men.

Men's hair and beard styles 2014

Quite cool style but needs permanent care and attention otherwise loses its charm.

In this style the cheeks are shaved or trimmed with mustache only the hair growth on chin is kept, which can be in different proportions.

It is not much different from the goatee, we can say it is broader form of the goatee, here with the hairs on chin. If black men are going for this style then it is preferred to color the beard hair to red or reddish brown.

The mustache is also kept however just like the goatee the cheeks are shaved.

Hair styles and beard styles

Many film stars have made this style famous all over the globe among their fans, some of them are Johny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.

It cannot really be termed as a beard style but we do not have the authority to strip the subtle strip from its stature. Again, if black men are opting this beard style, they need to color it reddish brown or reddish.

It is growth of hair under below the lower lip apart from it rest is either trimmed to size zero or shaved.

It gives an authentic manly look if you fear that you may look childish if you shave then the subtle beard is what you must go for.

Hairstyles and beard styles

Yes finally the one style that is true to the form in its pure form, the full beard. As the name conveys, full beard means you must sport the full beard as per its growth on your face. This beard style is suited on face of both black men and white men. However, if left unattended it will make black men look pretty bad, so one should trim its unwanted growth and groom it to a proper size.

These were some common beard styles for black men that will make them look smarter and awesome. But, one must choose the beard style carefully.

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