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Why do men grow beards and Why a beard butter to groom it with? Top beard looks.

Is it of great significance to grow a beard or remain clean-shaven? It is relevant, maybe not to the world, but to the man who has decided to make a statement with his facial hair aka the beard. There are a lot of interpretations on the choice that men make in this regard. How true or how deep or how shallow are these interpretations is a discussion we can leave for another day. If you already sport a beard or are in the process of growing one, you need to take good care of it. Your beard is an important facial asset and needs care and grooming too.

A well-maintained healthy looking beard can improve your looks and general style as well. This is where beard care and grooming products step in to give that health, shine and style to your facial hair. And an important part of the beard grooming range is the beard butter.

What is a beard butter and what are its benefits?

This is a product that intends to make your beard healthy, nourished, and stylish. The texture of a good beard butter is smooth, balm-like or creamy, and to some extent non-sticky too. Thus, it is very different from sticky itchy beard oils. The beard butter is intended to give a nice hold and style to your beard which no liquid oil can achieve.

A good product of beard butter does more than styling and grooming your beard hairs. The ingredients chosen do away with itchiness and give a nourished and hydrated look to any dry rough and scruffy beard.

As any other beard oil, a good quality beard butter will also nourish and condition your beard keeping it healthy soft, smooth, and shiny. It does away with the greasiness inherent to any liquid oil and gives a different, firm finish to your beard.

What does a beard butter contain?

Beard butter is thick and smooth in texture. It comes with an array of ingredients like beeswax and one or more combinations of butters that nourish and give an easy spreadable texture to the beard butter. There are essential oils and carrier oils that are blended into a composition to give your beard good health, looks and nourishment. Beard butters come in different fragrances, leaving the user with a fresh scented feel and appeal.

The most common butters used in the making of a beard balm are Shea butter and cocoa butter.

The carrier oils have nourishing properties in them and, as the name indicates, they carry the healing properties of the essential oils to the skin. Some of the popular choices for carrier oils used in beard butter products are avocado oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, black seed oil, castor oil, grape seeds oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, papaya, and watermelon seed oils.

The essential oils have healing properties to them and some popular choices for essential oils in beard butters are Allspice, eucalyptus, basil, anise, chamomile, cardamom, cedarwood, cinnamon, citronella, lavender, lemon and lemongrass, orange, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, tea tree, spear mint and vanilla oils.

The thick wax like texture is because of beeswax and the smooth rich feel is because of the butters. Beard butters and beard balm have a slight difference. Beard butter is heavier in texture because of a high percentage of butters like Shea and cocoa butter, whereas a balm typically contains a higher quantity of beeswax. The composition and ingredients vary from one brand to another. And if you intend to make your own beard butter you can prepare it your own specific requirements.

How to use a beard butter effectively?

Contrary to popular myth that beard grooming is an arduous chore, the invention of the beard butter has really simplified the procedure. Most beard butters in the market today are smooth and easy to apply.

Just rub a finger or two on the beard butter, allowing the heat of the fingers to loosen it a bit. Work the butter into the palm of your hands, maybe and apply it on the beard from the roots to the ends. Brush your beard well to distribute the butter evenly on your beard and then style it as per your choice.

Beard butter is the all-new rage in men’s grooming range and can be used by any man with long / short beard to give his important facial asset a healthy, groomed and stylish look.

The Most Popular Beard Butter Choices:

Every bearded man needs a product that meets his beard care and grooming requirements. A good-looking beard can define the man’s looks and increase his appeal. There are several options for beard grooming products in the market today.

Beard butters, seem to be the popular choice for their smooth non-sticky properties and hassle-free usage and maintenance. There are a lot of popular brands of beard butter in the market today and the review here, with both the benefits and drawbacks stated, intend to help you make a suitable choice.

Top 10 beard looks

The Manskape Co. Beard Balm Conditioner for Men – Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

Beard maintenance never got easier and better with the use of Wild Willie’s Beard Butter. This is an exclusive made-from-scratch handmade product. It has thirteen most natural and organic ingredients that are entirely chemicals and preservative- free.

If you want to maintain a healthy beard, long or short, that is smooth and stylish with a steady hold, then Wild Willies beard butter seems a worthy choice.

With Wild Willies, you can say a firm ‘goodbye’ to rough untamed beard hairs. It’s time to give your beard some care and nourishment.

Beard butters need to give double benefits of care and style, health, and shape. Keeping this in mind, the review on one of the most popular choices of beard butter highlights the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

This product comes highly recommended for the cool bearded look.

The main highlights of this product are:

It is organic and hand-crafted.

The natural ingredients nourish and smoothen any dry, coarse beard.

The product is very easy and simple to use.

This beard butter eases out and removes itchiness and protects the skin.

The positive effects can be seen from the first use.

It gives a clean well-groomed look to your beard.

The Wild Willies beard butter has many positives and a few drawbacks of which the price factor is the most significant. There is a detailed review available, if you wish to know the product better.

Detroit Grooming Co. – 4oz Beard Butter Double the Size – Beard Balm – Beard Conditioner

Top ten beard styles 2013

With the advent of beard butters, people have long since moved from sticky liquid beard oils to creamy smooth beard butter. The ease of maintenance and beard care improves infinitely with a good quality beard butter.

Detroit Grooming Co., is a popular and reliable name in men’s grooming products and their beard butter shows promise and potential.

The DGC beard butter with its blend of coconut oil and Shea butter makes your beard look great and has a feel-good factor to it.

The main highlights of this product are:

The product has many good ingredients which promote hair growth and good health.

It has a unique pipe tobacco fragrance.

The DGC beard butter lives up to the promise it makes of keeping beard care and grooming easy and hassle-free.

This product is suitable for most skin types including sensitive ones.

The positive effects can be seen after 1-2 initial applications and gives your beard a healthy smooth shine.

There are a few drawbacks and as with any grooming product, the quantity is less compared to the high pricing. Refer to the detailed review and make an informed decision.

Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter, 3 Ounce

This beard butter is indeed classic! This product is a very popular choice among beard care products. Designed to cater to the care of any beard and skin that needs conditioning and hydration, this is a good product worthy of your choice. With a tag line of being ‘undeniably good’ it lives up to the expectations.

The main highlights of this product are:

It’s a part of a mini grooming package comprising of beard wash, butter, and a wooden comb.

This product has moderate and a pleasing fragrance to it.

Top beard styles 2011

It hydrates any dry and coarse beard giving a stylised, groomed finish to it.

Though the ‘hold’ it gives may not be super satisfactory, if you are looking for a product that grooms your beard well, then this may be the choice for you. You could always read up a detailed review on the ingredients, positive and negative points before you make your choice of a beard butter.

Fresh Beards “Voodoo” Premium Beard Butter -4oz

This is a premium beard butter from Fresh Beards LLC comprising of many ingredients which naturally improve your beard’s good health and good looks. It gives your beard a smooth shine that is acclaimed to be nothing short of magic.

The main highlights of this product are:

This beard butter product prevents and eliminates itchiness in the beard.

It is a conditioner that moisturises, softens and nourishes your facial hair and skin.

The Fresh Beards is a reputed name in men’s grooming and care products.

Made with natural ingredients and a tempting fragrance, this is a product suitable for any beard of any length.

A detailed review of the benefits and drawbacks can help you understand this product better.

If you find beard care high maintenance, then there are several DIY options which you can try and the ingredients can be easily sourced and the method is also easy and simple to follow.


If you have decided to sport a beard or already have one, ensure that you take good care of it. A good beard can enhance your looks and style quotient. Make sure you choose the right products and follow a regular care and maintenance regime to take care of this important facial asset. Go ahead and choose a product that is suitable for you.

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