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Fall And Winter Men’,s Grooming Guide

By the time No Shave November rolls around, the lumbersexual movement will have passed from our cultural psyche. The girl-next-door is obsessed with beards on social media from the close-cropped military style to the hippie-dippy floral. Men’s Traits presents your fall 2015 guide to the best in men’s grooming guide. Beard trimming styles gq.

The textured beard

Talk always turns to the tightly textured scruff. Musician Calvin Harris keeps the hair trimmed closely to his face with a top fader for a more polished look.

The Mad Max coif

We’re sitting still for another Caesar-style, George Clooney cut makeover. This dystopian desert duster provides a smidge overgrowth on top and around the face.

Gray Blending

It’s very Kate Middleton-esque, but Ben Affleck has decided on the trademark look as well. “I recommend styling your hair with a lot of volume,” stylist Nelson Chan said to Fox News. “It will hide the gray hair better.”

Beard trimming styles gq

Gone platinum

Jared Leto rocks this beautiful platinum mane pieced together from subtle, jagged patchwork.

Wet bowl

The runway models of 2015 boast an alabaster complexion and damp strands hanging around their head in a wet bowl cut. “To create this style, you want to start with wet hair. You’re going to be blow drying on a high heat from the top of the hair down,” stylist John Vial said in an interview with GQ. “Use either a brush or fingertips to encourage the hair to dry almost flat against the head,” Vial added.

Side part pompadour

Image: InnervisionArt/Shutterstock

Beard trimming styles gq

Musician Janelle Monae set tongues wagging with the pompadour hairdo from her futurist opus Cindi Mayweather series. But one needn’t peer to far into the future for the pompadour coming back into fashion. Pomade works well with keeping the part in place.

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