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What Kind Of Beard Would Suit Me?

For centuries, men wear beards and moustaches. Through the ages, the styles have changed based on fashion and culture. However, a beard will always mean much more than the hairs that grow on your face. Moustache and beard styles.

There are so many movie characters that come to mind. Sean Connery (as Indiana Jones Sr.), Russell Crowe (Maximus the Gladiator) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) to name a few. Many of them are now known thanks to their beard as much as their legacy. Any man who has passed the age of puberty wants a beard to look more manly and attractive. But there are so many types of beards out there. Which one complements best your natural facial features? This article will help you find the beard style that can fit most harmoniously with your look.

Before pulling out your razor, take the time to identify the beard style that you want and that fits best with your clothing style, your personality and the shape of your face. There are as many beard styles as facial shapes. First, let’,s figure out the shape of the face you see every day in the mirror.

Square face

If your face is shaped like a square, the goal should be to visually enlarge the lower part of your face and smooth out the sharp edges. A possible solution is to sport a goatee with or without a moustache, or the Van Dyke.

Different mustache and beard styles

To avoid the hairy look, you can keep trimming your beard and keeping the hairs short. The difference between the goatee and the Van Dyke: the goatee is just on the chin and the Van Dyke looks like a lock around your mouth. The goatee advantage is that it undermines the sharp edges on your face. For example, Ryan Gosling has a square shaped face.

Round face

For round faces, the goal would be to make it look longer. Try a short boxed beard, a Verdi or any other full on beard with a medium sized moustache. This will minimize your face’,s round features. You can aslo have a regular or longer goatee.

Jack Black has a short boxed beard in the image below:

Black mustache and beard styles

Long face

In case you have a long face, it is recommended to use sideburns or mutton chops. Since the objective is to widen the general shape of your face, this will help give you a more balanced look. A moustache could also be quite fitting for this kind of look. What is strictly forbidden is the goatee and hair on your chin that could accentuate the fact that your face is longer than average.

Oval face

Those who have oval faces are the luckiest in terms of beard grooming. There are simply no limits! You may try every beard style out there and follow (or oppose) trends as you please. In most cases, the best thing you can do is expermient. You still need to be careful, for example if you have a large forehead, keep your beard trimmed rather shortly and make sure your haircut is not making your head look bigger. If you can, avoid your beard getting long near the chin area. If you want to add life to a clean shaved look, grow a small piece of beard under your lip, just around the middle, which is popularly referred to as the soul patch.

It’,s also important to choose your beard based on your hair colour and haircut. Tall men can keep their beards fuzzy and try complex patterns, while shorter men usually look better when they keep it simple. If you have lighter skin and darker hair, you should keep your beard compact and shave the hair growing on your upper cheeks.

Indian mustache and beard styles

Beards have always been, and they remain a fashion accessory. They are part of your general appearance and are an extension of your personality. No matter what this column says about which styles you should or should not wear, the choice is totally up to you. Don’,t let norms and trends limit your imagination and don’,t be afraid to explore unchartered territories. It’,s not like it won’,t grow back!

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