Beard trimming styles gq. Beard Czar Review, Can They Help You Grow A Better Beard?

Beard Czar, a healthy beard care supplements company, offers a number of masculine beard grooming products that will ‘, solidify your manliness with a full, thick beard ‘,. No matter if you support stubble, side burns, a goatee or all out full grown –, they say throughout history, a beard is the symbol of manliness. Beard trimming styles gq.

The question is do the products actually work and produce noticeable results and advantages? Here’s our Beard Czar review.

What is Beard Czar?

Beard Czar ( official website at ) specializes in selling premium nutritional supplements dedicated to beard care and grooming. For most bearded men, beards are not only about a physical appearance, but rather lifestyle – but can Beard Czar's soon-to-be-clinically-studied healthy hair vitamins and oils actually help you grow, nourish and hydrate towards a better beard?

In a nutshell, Beard Czar's a powerful beard for a powerful man promises to deliver on:

thicker beards (fill in thin spots)

reduced graying (fewer gray hairs)

preventing beard itch (increasing beard shine)

creating stronger facial hair (less dandruff and breakouts)

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Beard Czar has quickly become one of the most sought after beardcraft hair health remedies (no risky surgery, no special shampoos, no painful transplants or implants) that can help you style and tend to your coveted man beard.

Beard Czar promises to “help support and improve the health of your beard, hair &, skin” because each natural ingredient product will symbiotically work together to prevent damage and combat hair loss with their vanguard formulation of (biotin, vitamin A, B and Niacin to name a few). Let’s review Beard Czar's grow and groom beard products and see what makes each so special and why they supposedly work way better together in conjunction if you use the whole kit and package offered.

Beard Czar Products

Currently, Beard Czar has just three different products that all seemingly work better together than on their own but also include an instant downloadable beard care PDF tutorial explaining how the products work and detailed directions on how to grow a fuller, thicker beard. Those products include all of the following:

The Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex ($89.99 for 30 capsules)

This if the flagship product sold through Priced at $90 for 30 capsules, this dietary supplement claims to support natural hair growth and acts as a “highly effective mens formula” [sic].

The Facial Complex uses ingredients like vitamin A, C, E, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Biotin, and Vitamin B5. You get 50% of your daily value of vitamin A and 100% of your daily value of all of the other vitamins.

Beard trimming styles gq

The true power of the Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex, however, comes in the Beard Czar Daily complex proprietary formula, which makes up 300mg of each capsule. That formula contains wheat germ powder, horsetail powder, coleus forskohlii extract, Caralluma powder, garcinia cambogia, and green coffee bean extract.

That’s an odd combination of ingredients: in fact, those ingredients make Beard Czar seem more like a diet pill than any type of hair growth formula. Coleus forskohlii ( forskolin ), for example, is commonly used to add fiber to your diet, as is Caralluma powder.

Meanwhile, ingredients like garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract have demonstrated no evidence they can be used to support healthy hair growth. Instead, they’re typically used to boost your metabolism and kickstart a weight loss routine.

Ultimately, Beard Czar’s Facial Hair Complex seems legit if all the ingredients listed are in fact their at their proper dosages: Despite the fact that there’s not much direct evidence that any of the ingredients can be used to support healthy hair, all of them do have a close history associated with adding benefits to consuming. Some might recognize these ingredients in popular diet pills and rebranded weight loss products, but Biotin and vitamin A/B/E and Niacin usually are not in those.

The Beard Czar Beard Oil

Beard Czar offers limited information about its Beard Oil. All that it has to say about it is:

“Our beard oil may help offer support to hair, nail &, skin health. It may help combat damage caused by external factors and the natural process of aging.”

Which proprietary ingredients are included in the formula? How does it work? Why does it support healthy nail and skin health if it’s a beard formula? The manufacturer never really answers these questions.

Beard Czar Phytoceramides

PhyotShine isn’t really a beard supplement, but it’s sold through Beard Czar nonetheless. The formula claims to help rebuild tissue in aging skin and “help heal sun damaged skin, minimize dark spots, support the strength of hair, skin, and give you a youthful appearance.”

It achieves these effects using a phytoceramides formula, although it’s not clear what other ingredients are used.

Ultimately, the company’s website is extremely lacking in any relevant information about Beard Czar products or how they work.

Beard Czar Compliments Members Club

Beard Czar also has a “Members Club” where you can learn tips on keeping your beard (and your body) healthy. Here’s how Beard Czar describes its Complyments Members Club:

“Complyments Members Club gives you access to tools and resources that will help improve your health and look using fitness routines, natural diets, foods and supplements.”

Beard trimming styles gq

If you want to change more than just your beard health with Beard Czar, then Beard Czar’s Complyments program wants to help.

How to Buy Beard Czar Products

Beard Czar products are exclusively available to order through However, depending on how you ordered the products, you may find that there’s a big “catch” behind your purchase.

Beard Czar sometimes offers free trials on its products, the ‘,try before you buy' for example. Just be aware some of those free trials are priced at $4.95 for shipping and handling, but actually come with $90 of new reoccurring billing sessions if you agree to them.

The Beard Czar terms and conditions section lists this information clearly, but it’s not clear when you’re ordering the supplement. Here’s how the trial really breaks down:

You receive a full-sized Beard Czar product within 7 days

You have 14 calendar days (from the date you ordered the product) to try and test it

On the 15th day after placing your order, your credit card will automatically be charged $89.99 for the product you received (nothing is free)

Then, you will continue being charged $89.99 every month and will continue receiving shipments of the supplement (but have honorable customer service support and were responsive).

Fortunately, you can cancel your trial within the 14 day period to avoid all charges (you just have to ship the trial bottle back to them).

In any case, some of the negative Beard Czar reviews you see online – discuss how they were surprised by the hidden fees because they just thought they were ordering a free trial. But this should not take away from the fact that the products can give you the desired beard you are searching for. It simply means know what you are getting involved with upfront and all the confusion can clearly be avoided.

That Reddit thread also discusses how many customers have had enormous difficulty getting a refund through Beard Czar. However, customers who are persistent are able to get a 100% refund even after they have opened the Beard Czar product (many of these customers were even allowed to keep the product). Some of the customers threatened legal action against the company, and only then did they receive a 100% refund offer.

This seems like nothing more than lack of communication –, the trial is helpful for those who want to try the product(s) out before buying online –, make a wise decision and know you are simply agreeing to their terms (its only fair should you choose to try right?).

Beard trimming styles gq

About Beard Czar

Beard Czar lists its mailing address as a Post Office box in Phoenix:

You can contact the company by email at [email ,protected] Or, you can call customer support at 888-302-5686 (USA/Canada) or 1-800-121972 (Australia/New Zealand).

The company doesn’t list its ingredient sources, manufacturing facility, or any information about how or where its products are manufactured.

Should You Use Beard Czar Products On Your Beard?

Without a doubt, looking at and surveying all of the prominent beard care supplement companies and manufacturers available online, Beard Czar is right at the top of the list for generated interest and diverse product line. While their products might be a touch on the pricey side compared to generic brands, they do expect to help you grow a healthier, fuller beard (which is in style more now than it has been in quite sometime).

In reality, beard hair health supplements like the Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex contain a research-backed mix of hair growth ingredients (like Biotin, Niacin, Vitamins A/C/E &, B5/B6) that genuinely support healthy hair growth along with silica supplementation.

In reality, there’s good concrete evidence that these ingredients work as advertised to improve your beard. And when working in conjunction with one another, Beard Czar thinks their healthy beard hair care supplement lineup can help you grow a manly beard quicker and thicker than anything else.

Upon final review, we do feel Beard Czar's position and passion as a leader in the industry will stay true for a long time to come and it is refreshing to see a company that particularly specializes in only beard care grooming health products as their main focus.

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