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Trimmers, Clippers & Body Groomers

Are you looking to style your facial hair or grow a healthy and groomed beard? Whether you want to rock permanent stubble, trim your ‘stache or sculpt a mighty mane, a good trimmer will serve your facial hair needs whenever you need to look your best. Best beard and hair styles.

Clippers are ideal for those looking to manage a head of hair—either at home or a professional salon. They’re usually available to purchase as a full kit, with a variety of attachments and extensions suitable for both head and facial hair.

Body groomers are designed with sensitive combs for trimming delicate parts of the body, such as armpit, leg, chest and back hair.

An electric beard trimmer is a straightforward and fast way to accomplish a variety of facial hair styles. Whether you’re growing a thick, lustrous beard or are tired of shaving with a razor and want a quick clean-shaven look every morning, an electric trimmer is a great tool for any man with hair to trim. Beard trimmers are also beneficial for:

• Taming flaky skin conditions that some people experience as a result of growing longer beards.

Best hairstyles with beards

• Combating bacteria that would otherwise build up in an unkempt beard, leading to increased acne and irritable skin conditions.

The quality and model of a trimmer determine how much life you’ll get out of it. For daily use, consider a stainless steel design that’s easy to clean and can withstand more pressure. Depending on your preference and morning routine, you can choose between waterproof wet trimmers or dry trimmers.

Many models now come with a variety of beard and hair extensions for maintaining the right hair length every day. Consider whether you’re going for permanent stubble or trying to grow a long and well-groomed beard.

Electric trimmers often come with additional features. If versatility is appealing to you, select a model that also contains attachments for nose and ear hair, as well as turbo-trimming modes and self-cleaning systems.

Best beard and hairstyles

Professional barbers and stylists need a reliable tool that won’t break or malfunction in the middle of a cut. Many clippers are now available in cordless designs with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. In general, cheap hair clippers still have the cord attached and are useful for barbers concerned about running out of battery life.

For the home stylist, an electric hair clipper can deliver professional grade results. Consider a lightweight trimmer that is easy to manoeuvre and hold for extended periods of time. Look for clippers with powerful motors that can cut any hair thickness. Complete kits can offer a variety of guide combs that allow you to experiment until you find the perfect length and setting.

Last but not least: the price of your new clipper. While certain models carry a high price tag, consider how much money you’ll be saving by cutting your hair and grooming your beard at home, rather than at a salon.

A useful body groomer will have plenty of attachments, with controls that are easy to use and handle. The blades should be easy to maintain, and sharp so as not to snag or pull hair. When it comes to body trimmers, cordless designs tend to be more useful. After all, you’ll want to reach a variety of spots on your body without getting tangled up in a cord.

Beard and hair styles

Most body groomers now come in 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 models. Rather than buying a trimmer solely intended for body hair, consider purchasing a model that can easily adapt to head and facial hair.

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