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Before you give up on learning how to grow a beard faster, you need to keep in mind that a beard can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years to grow in completely and reach its full length. Beyond that, the general hygiene and genetics play a large part in the growth of facial hair. When you first begin to grow a beard, professionals recommend you just let it grow. Avoid trimming it and wait until it grows in completely to decide the beard style you plan on keeping. You can’,t make a decision on the length or style of your beard until you let it grow in a bit and see what styles work with your genetics and facial structure. Man beard styles.

General Hygiene

Learning how to grow a beard faster requires good hygiene. It might not seem like the most manly thing you can do, but using a face wash or scrub can help keep your pores clean and clear. Healthy pores make it possible for hair to grow faster. By keeping your face clean and taking care of your skin, you can increase the speed at which your facial hair grows. You don’,t need to do much, just use a facial cleanser when you take a shower in the morning to remove dirt and debris that collects throughout the day and helps you learn how to make facial hair grow faster.

Drop the Blade

The biggest mistake men make when learning how to grow a beard faster is that they pick up the blade and shave their hair off because it isn’,t growing fast enough. Pick a time when you don’,t have to be very sociable to start growing in your beard. Then, when you start to grow that beard in, don’,t touch it. You can trim it (but even trimming is not really recommended at this point), but don’,t attempt to shape the beard until it has grown in to a uniform thickness across your face. There is always a period where your beard will look weird or patchy but you have to fight through it! When the beard begins to grow in completely. you can go in to a professional to get your beard trimmed for the first time. Once a professional shapes your beard, you can keep it up with a razor and beard trimmers or scissors. When learning how to make facial hair grow faster, it can help to give yourself plenty of time off to experiment and grow.

Massage Those Follicles

When learning how to grow a beard faster, stimulating the hair follicles can help increase your beard growth. A few times a day, rub your face in circular motions to promote and stimulate the follicles in your face. Use a gentle and even pressure and move in a circular motion. You can even combine this with your daily hygiene regimen. Rub a cleanser into your skin using a gentle, circular motion and let the cleanser sit for a few minutes to penetrate the skin thoroughly. Then, rinse thoroughly to ensure that no cleanser is left behind.

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Physical Health

If you’,re not exercising, you need to start. Exercise increases your overall health and can help you grow facial hair more quickly for several reasons. By exercising, you reduce stress, increase your overall health and remove toxins more quickly from your body. Toxins and an unhealthy lifestyle can drastically reduce your health and ability to grow facial hair. Exercise can also improve blood circulation to your face, which can greatly enhance the degree at which your facial hair grows. Additionally, any beard is going to look better and more professional if you lose a few extra pounds.

Manage Nutrition

Manage your diet and make sure you are getting the right nutrition. Protein, biotin, B-vitamins, along with fruits and vegetables can help you improve your facial hair growth. Avoid eating fried and fatty foods as they slow you and your metabolism down and can cause oily skin that prevents the proper growth of facial hair. Additionally, make sure you are eating a balanced diet and eliminating foods that work against you.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

If you smoke and drink, you need to stop if you want to improve your circulation and grow your facial hair. Smoking and drinking can both reduce the body’,s ability to absorb nutrients. Nicotine can especially reduce your body’,s ability to absorb nutrients and grow a health beard. Additionally, nicotine from tobacco products can constrict your blood vessels and reduce the ability for your body to work as effectively as it should.

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Maintaining Your Beard

Once you grow your beard, you need to maintain it. Don’,t worry if you have patches where the beard doesn’,t grow initially. Consider purchasing a horse hair brush to brush the areas where hair doesn’,t grow. Horse hair can work to massage the follicles and keep your skin in great condition. Additionally, consider apply castor oil at night and then removing it each morning. The castor oil will help keep your beard moisturized and prevent dryness from setting in. Also look into the various beard conditioners out there to keep your beard in shape.

Growing a beard is something that can immediately give you social status and shows people that you are diligent and dedicated. A beard is a commitment, so once you get that beard going, make sure to keep it trimmed and in good condition.

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