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Top 5 Men’,s Beards For Summer

The beard, truly man’,s oldest fashion accompaniment had long been forgotten, with each passing year it was edging closer to extinction, kept alive by a very sparse amount of the population. Then suddenly, the tide turned and clusters of bearded men were spotted in all sorts of unlikely locations, with the amount increasing year by year, its popularity was spreading like wildfire. Top beard looks.

The conclusion was that beards were attractive, stylish and sexy once again. Successful TV shows such as ‘,Game Of Thrones’, have surely contributed to this new found love of facial hair. With such a weird and wonderful selection of different looks to suit every man, sporting such fantastic facial styles that would impress even the heavily bearded watchers of the wall.

From close cut and well styled varieties all the way down to the more unkempt wild looking beards, along with the classic dapper country gent look and every length in between. Beards are definitely here to stay, with everyone wanting to look like the next Jon Snow or Rick Grimes. In the winter months, it is no surprise we need that extra blanket of warmth to keep the chill at bay, but once the hot weather hits, are the large beards just as practical? Fashion Runway has picked the top 5 current all weather beards to strut your stuff on the beach this 2016.

Imperial Beard

Only the brave and confident men can pull of this particular look, it also takes a lot of patience and time to craft this style. Harking back to days gone by where all walks of life dressed the part in well tailored suits. You will definitely stand out from the crowd as the very fashionable dapper gent. This Imperial style of moustache is best teamed with a very short beard or an otherwise clean shaven look, thus having the focal point those heavily styled and curled whiskers.

Top beard styles 2012


Stubble is for those of us who fancy the idea of a beard, but yet haven’,t taken that leaf of faith into full on facial bush. In its own way though, is one of the more difficult to keep in check, having to be trimmed often to maintain the perfect length, every few days up to a week depending on the length you’,re trying to achieve. This bearded look will give you that added bit of gruff to ensure your manliness shines through.

Full beard

Having earned your stripes with the unshaven stubble look, next level is the full on beard. A firm favourite with beard lovers everywhere, a classic look that will see through all seasons and occasions, this one is certainly timeless. Other benefits are that it isn’,t too difficult to maintain, once you’,ve let it grow for around six weeks, the hard part is over, it’,s now just a case of a minor trim to keep your beard looking fresh.

Bandholz beard

This is one for those without fear and are unstoppable in their desire for ultimate facial hair. This particular beard will take some serious groundwork to achieve the desired final creation. Growing out your facial hair as long as possible, trying to avoid fear of persecution and ridicule along the way, just focus on the end game. Once it reaches the longest length you can imagine, now it’,s time to take back control and cut and style into the most desired of facial growths all other beards aspire to reach.

Top beard styles 2013

Balbo Beard

This beard is a more extravagant goatee cut, trimmed and shaped to perfection.

Once the domain of the brave few who could pull it off triumphantly, but now it is more common, with even a multitude of celebrities donning this particular cut, even Iron Man AKA Robert Downy Jnr has adopted this look for years with great success, giving him that distinct style. Much easier to originally create than a lot of rival beard styles, yet has the large disadvantage of needing expert sculpting day in and day out to ensure it looks how it was intended, requiring constant attention to trim away stray hairs that pop up around your face. If you can cope with the negatives this beard will offer you a very original appearance this season.

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