Beard styles for an oval face. Grow a Better Beard: The Best Beard Styles for Your Face Shape,

Brad Pitt likes to rock one. Hulk Hogan's is iconic. We're talking, of course, about beards. It's a huge craze that's swept through men's fashion these past few years. We're talking from scraggly hipsters in over-sized flannels to the elite in streetwear style that look dapper as f#*k. But how do they do it? Beard styles for face shape.

It starts with the right style. Here's a quick guide to figuring out which shape would best fit your face:

Round Face: Keep it long at the chin and shorter around the cheeks to elongate the face.

Square Face: Pretty similar to how you would style for a Round Face, but be sure to keep everything proportional. Sometimes a goatee works well to show off that strong jawline.

Beard styles for heart shaped face

Long face: The total opposite as the Round face, making sure to blend in the lengths to not show any lines.

Oval Face: Almost any style works well with this face shape. Just be cognizant of the length.

Now that you know what you're aiming for, how do you take care of it? Most "experts" say you should wait 2&ndash,4 weeks before you pick up a razor. This allows the hair to fill out a bit so you have some definition to work with. It gets tempting to shave it once you hit about two weeks&mdash,when the itching starts. That itching will go away, so be patient! Besides that, it's all about making sure the hair and skin are healthy. Here are a few tips we at faveable have found to work well:

Beard styles for square shaped face

Use a mild, non-alcohol based soap as it starts growing. After about two weeks, start using a beard oil (we have a good recommendation below) to keep the skin moisturized.

Once it gets long enough, you need to brush it. Sounds weird? It's not. And yes, we have a brush suggestion for you (below).

After it gets to be a few inches, when the skin is hardly noticeable, it's time to start using a conditioner.

Beard styles with face shape

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