Braided beard styles. 20 Trendy Slicked Back Hair Styles

Slicked back hair has been a staple for “bad boys” like Marlon Brando, David Beckham and countless other celebrities. While it can work for any age group or occasion, this style is best suited for medium length straight hair types. Jazz the classic style up with shaved sides and color to make it your own or go for a more conservative look within the trend. Braided beard styles.

Slicked Back Hair Styles For Men

You can make your classy slicked back style on the base of a long top short sides haircut, long top fade or taper. In each case you need longer hair up top and a quality styling product that works for your hair type. Let’s see some of the best examples.

#1: Salt and Pepper Slick Back

A disconnected haircut incorporates shaved sides with a longer top. Slicking it back you show off the cropped portions and the contrast of textures the best. This is especially ideal for men with beards to keep the focus on the face.

#2: Dark and Dangerous

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that tattoos are eye-catching works of art. Not to mention an investment financially. A dark slick back hair style will allow you to showcase face and neck tattoos. Just make sure you keep the back cropped so that it doesn’t cover anything.

#3: Seasoned and Sophisticated

This sleek style is perfect for men of a certain age who believe in looking dapper and refined at all times. It looks great with a linen outfit in the summer or a wool overcoat and a suit in the colder months, truly a universal style.

#4: Bold and Bearded

If you have thick black hair, a slick back can still be yours. Just ask your stylist to blow dry your hair while wet to achieve a smooth and straight look that has both volume and shape.

#5: Classic and Clean

If you are struggling to learn how to slick back hair, you can relax because it is actually quite simple. Just start with wet hair and use some hair product to create hold. Comb back to your desired flatness and head on your way. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Braided beard styles

#6: Curved the Usual

Slick styles are nothing new, as an iteration of the look that has been popular for decades. Because of this, a fashion-forward male may want a more modern take on the classic cut. Instead of sharp lines, try incorporating sculptural curved edges.

#7: Smoldering and Striking

This disconnected cut with a beard is one of the most popular men’s styles of the moment because it is all about contrasts and balance. The scruffy beard and bald fade is edgy, but the combed back crown is chic and dapper.

#8: Printed Mohawk

There is nothing low-key about this cut—which is great for those who like to think outside of the box. From the etched designs and long rat tail to the Mohawk with hair slicked back, it truly is a crazy creative look for a man with a wild side.

#9: Vintage Taper

A soft brushed back haircut is chic, but can also seem a little safe for some men. If you want to add a bit of toughness while still being office appropriate, a short scruffy beard is perfect for those who work in a business casual or creative environment.

#10: Waves of Wonder

Curly hair actually works with slicked back styles. The key is to use a strong hold gel and a small brush to put your strands in place. The result is soft, shiny waves.

#11: Hot Hipster

What’s the one thing that can distract from a trendy lumberjack beard? An equally trendy slicked back hair style should do the trick. In a steely silver hue, this look commands immediate attention.

Braided beard styles

#12: Spiked Front Bangs

Even men could use a little volume every now and then, but that can be difficult to achieve in a slick cropped cut. A well-balanced look will keep fullness above the forehead and in the crown, while remaining flat in the back so that it’s not too round.

#13: Rockin Retro Fade

Have a blast from the past with a retro inspired cut that stars of the fifties and sixties – the one James Dean and Ricky Ricardo made popular. The vintage element makes it seem suave, but the high shine pompadour is undoubtedly cool. It’s a perfect combo for a ladies man.

#14: Mini Man Bun

This is proof that slick back hair does not always need to be shiny and flat—it’s not one size fits all. Incorporate another major trend into the look by styling a mini man bun. It honestly doesn’t get much cooler or on trend than that.

#15: Wet and Wild

Wet-looking hair is all the rage because it requires minimal effort that yields maximum impact. Coat your strands with high-shine pomade like Oribe Rock Hard Gel and sculpt them into a desired style. Because it’s so wavy on top, tame your grizzly beard with a few sharp curved lines to blend the two together.

#16: Perfect Pretty Boy

If you need a look conservative enough for offices that require a suit every day, while still being stylish for post-work engagements, this is the hairdo for you. Between the sculpted waves and trimmed beard, the cut will appeal to everyone.

#17: Clean-Cut and Cool

Mustaches don’t get enough shine and credit within men’s hairstyles nowadays. Beards are incredibly popular, but sometimes they don’t always blend well with slicked back hair. A trimmed mustache is great when you want a facial hair that still looks clean cut.

Braided beard styles

#18: Dark and Handsome

A shaved part is an edgy way to highlight a slick sculpted pompadour. Blending a few trends into one hairstyle often leads to surprisingly cool results. The main thing is to avoid styles overloaded with details if you are not doing that on purpose, of course.

#19: Double Braid Mohawk

Braids aren’t just for ladies, many men incorporate cornrows into hairstyles for a bit of edge. The key is to use smaller braids instead of larger ones which tend to have a more romantic bohemian vibe.

#20: Sonic the Hedgehog

Fulfill your childhood fantasies with a fun Sonic the Hedgehog inspired haircut. You don’t have to dye it blue—unless you want to—but the sculpted slick back hair will be reminiscent of everyone’s favorite video game character. You can also spike it if you want more fullness.

There are many reasons to try a slicked back hair style because it is extremely versatile and suits many different personal fashion tastes. Whether you need a sophisticated sleek men`s pompadour or a punk rock edgy cut, it’s worth adding a little hair gel into your quick styling routine.

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