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Men will always be keen to read about how to trim a beard? And why not, it is a precious possession for men. Trim beard styles.

Some will allow others to trim their facial hair and go to a barber shop. But most of the men love to do it themselves. Beard trimming may require a bit of homework before you start doing it. First off, you need the right tools for this and then you need o know how to trim you facial hair.

For trimming a beard, you obviously need any good trimmer for men. Following that you need good scissors specially designed for facial hair and last but not the least you need to train your hands and fingers for trimming.

Trimming with Electric Clippers

Trimming using a clipper involves two things:

Gentle and Even Trimming

While using a trimmer you need to make sure that you have selected the proper length which you want. Then keep the same length setting throughout. The guards of trimmers act as a guide to ensure the exact trim that you desire.

Use the trimmer always with a gentle firm, maintain the balance on both sides of the face and always start with the ears and then go down gently. This gives you an even trim of beard.

Best beard trim styles

Trim your mustache, you can simply do that just by starting under the nose and slowly move towards the corners of the mouth and furthermore go down towards the chin. Keep in mind those areas which are difficult to reach.

Now comes the tricky part, the beard lines. Beard lines are very important, they actually give the shape and style to your beard. Both neckline and cheek line needs to be trimmed precisely. You need to follow some methods for both.

Trimming with Scissors

In case of scissors you need to have a best scissors with you. It should be sharp and clean. Using scissors is a very good method for shortening your beard but this requires you to have a precise and a skilled hand in order to acquire that fine detail.Scissors are the best option if your are planning for a slightly long facial hair or maybe medium stubble.

Make sure you are using the right scissor for the trimming, do not use the kitchen scissors or the gardening scissors. These could be long and can be hard to handle. Try using a scissor, which is rust free, and which should be without imperfections, you do not want to cut yourself.

Here is a best scissors of beard for you.

As you will not be having guard as in the trimmer so use a comb as a guide, this shall will help you monitor the length of the hair.

Beard styles and how to trim

If you are not an expert, so just try to gather the hair at one place and then clip them off slowly. The comb will help you to gather every bit of hair, start from the ear and come down towards the jaw.

Use the teeth of the comb as an indicator and the hair that is exposed outside the teeth, trim them off. Make sure you are doing everything cautiously as you do not want to trim the hair too short.

Trimming the mustache is easier via scissors as compared to trimming it with a trimmer, you just have to focus on the long hair that just fall under the line of the lip.

Be super extra careful while trimming your neck because of the sharp scissors. We would recommend to use a trimmer for this step as it would be safe. After removing the unwanted hair, you can make the final touches with the scissors.

Trimming beard properly is a bit hard of a task but it is fun. Because a good and nice trim is going to totally change your look, make you look smart and handsome.

So dear men, do it carefully and rock it on.

Beard trim looks

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