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It is cold and snowy outside but that doesn’t deter the Cleveland area from being quite busy with indoor and outdoor events. The weather can’t deter Clevelanders from getting out and about and explore what the city has to offer from local restaurants to home improvement shows to sports events. Cleveland has it all during the winter months. Below are just a few of the great events to check out for February and the beginning of March in the Cleveland area. Beard trimming styles gq.

Cleveland Downtown Restaurant Week

The winter is a great time to try new restaurants in your city. Post holidays is a slow time in the restaurant industry, so if you really wanted to try a new restaurant that normally is packed, you might be able to get in during the winter months. One of the best ways to try out new restaurants is during Cleveland’s Downtown Restaurant Week, running February 17

at a variety of downtown Cleveland establishments. Participating restaurants offer a special fixed price menus for dinner and lunches. The menus will feature chef selection and some of the restaurant favorites. The fixed price dinner menus usually have 3 courses from starters through the main dish and then a dessert with prices varying from $15 at lunch to $30 to $40 for dinner. Drinks are not included in the fixed price menu. The restaurant week has become very popular, so it is recommended to make reservations.

Cleveland Auto Show

One of the big events of every winter is the Cleveland Auto Show. The show takes place at the IX Center February 24

. Every auto manufacturer display of their latest models, concept cars and much more. Attendees can check out the car inside and out. Certain dealers are offering indoor and outdoor ride and drive, where attendees can test out a certain make or car model. One of the most popular ride and drives is the Jeep ride and drive through an indoor obstacle course. The Auto Show will also have a classic car competition for local car owners who have pristine cars over 25 years old. There will be special events, such as meet and greets with The Cavs, Kevin Love and Cleveland Indian’s legend, Kenny Lofton. There are also activities for the entire family throughout the show floor.

Cleveland Golf Show

. The show will feature deals on golf clubs, equipment and accessories, interactive activities and attendee competitions. Guests can test the latest clubs before they buy or get some early season practice at the Manufacturer’s Demo Range. The range is stocked with clubs for men, women and juniors. There are a few competitions at the show where participants can earn a variety of prizes including a long drive championship, a hole-in-one championship and long putt challenge.

Monster Jam

The Monster Jam monster truck show transforms the Q Arena to a monster truck extravaganza on February 18

. The Monster Jam tour features the best lineup of truck, speedsters and ATVs and drivers with more action, racing and exciting wheelies, donuts and freestyle competitions. The drivers battle for points for the Monster Jam World Finals later in the year.

Great Big Home and Garden Show

Another annual winter indoor show is the Great Big Home and Garden Show. This year, the show runs from February 3

. The IX Center is transformed into gardens, showcases and more to get ideas for the spring and summer home improvement season. There are more than 600 exhibits with over 1,000 home improvement experts. Explore the 6,200 square-foot ultimate smart home and luxury lakefront living features with a boat and specialized cabins. The show will have 16 Blockbuster Movie themed gardens created by some of Northeast Ohio’s top landscapers. The Main Stage and Cooking Stage will feature home improvement celebrity appearances including Kortney Wilson of HGTV’s Master of Flip, Scott McGillivray of HGTV’s Income Property, Kathy Ireland and local chef, Stephanie Paganini. The Great Big Home and Garden Show gives attendees direct access to home improvement experts for practical advice free of charge for interior design, a remodeling review or a contractor briefs. There are also activities for the entire family including a KidZone and a Home Depot Kid’s Workshop.

Orchid Mania at Cleveland Botanical Gardens

After learning gardening tips at the Great Big Home Show, head to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for Orchid Mania, the annual orchid show. The exhibit, which runs January 28

, celebrates the world’s most exotic and beautiful flowers, the orchid. There are thousands of orchid flowers throughout the Botanical Gardens in every shape, size, scent and color. The Orchid Show is a great way to escape the cold during the winter months.

Winter Outdoor Activities

Clevelanders have been lucky enough to have a relatively mild winter this year (so far). This allows people to get outside and enjoy the many things to do outside in Cleveland. A fun winter event in Cleveland is the toboggan runs at the Strongsville Metropark. The chutes are the tallest and fastest chutes in Ohio with speeds up to 50 miles an hour as you head down 700-foot ice chutes. If you enjoy outside skating, then don’t miss the ice skating rink in Public Square in downtown Cleveland. The rink will be open until February 28

for people of all ages and ice skating skills. There are also many other activities taking place on Public Square with entertainment and family events.

Lakewood Events

There are many things to do in Lakewood during the winter months. Once of the best things is to check out the many restaurants, brew pubs and bars in the city. Winter is also a good time for organization fund raisers. Men’s Cuts is excited to be a sponsor of this year’s Lakewood Alive’s fundraiser, Lumberjack Bash. Men’s Cuts is the main sponsor of the Epic Beard contest. Spend your evening at a fun event helping a great local organization!

Men’s Cuts is very proud a member of the Lakewood business community. Lakewood is a thriving community with many small and large businesses, restaurants, pubs, parks and things to do. Lakewood Alive is a non-profit community and economic development organization that fosters vibrant neighborhoods in Lakewood by hosting large-scale community events, pursing community development initiatives and administering a Housing Outreach Program. Lakewood Alive promotes community in Lakewood by sponsoring such events as Lakewood Wine &, Craft Beer Festival, Lakewood Chocolate Walk, Light Up Lakewood and the summer concert series on the porch of Lakewood Library.

Beard trimming styles gq

Loving Lakewood: Lumberjack Bash

On Saturday, February 25 from 7:30 pm to 11 pm Lakewood Alive is hosting their winter fundraiser, Loving Lakewood: Lumberjack Bash at Bottlehouse Brewery in Lakewood. Guests to the event are invited to wear their best Lumberjack attire and grow their best beard to help support Lakewood Alive’s programming throughout the year. The Lumberjack Bash will have lumberjack-themed drinks, décor and entertainment including music, games and activities fitting a lumberjack. The event is co-sponsored by Geiger’s, Cleveland Property Management Group, MVP Valet Parking and more. Tickets, ranging from $40 to $75 a piece, are available via Lakewood

Lumberjack Bash Epic Beard Contest

Men’s Cuts is excited to sponsor the Epic Beard Contest at the Bash Attendees can compete for the opportunity to win prize packs in four bearded categories:

Any attendee, both men and women, are eligible to participate in the contest. This “Most Unique Beard” category rewards the most creative beard that is not necessarily comprised of hair. Participants can register for the contest during the event with judging taking place at 9:30pm. The winner of each category of the contest will win a prize. There are specific rules for the contest at the Lumberjack Bash.

Beards Are Still Big

Beards continues to be a big trend for men in 2017. Men are continuing to try growing a beard to see if it fits their style. The winter months are especially good months to grow a beard as it helps to keep a man’s face warm, but there are certain tips that men should follow when growing a beard. The important thing to remember is that if you want to grow a beard, you need to commit to doing so. It could take a good 6-8 weeks to fully grow a beard (depending on how fast a man’s facial hair grows). If a man wants a longer beard, it will take a longer time to get to the proper beard length. To keep the beard looking good, it is vital to keep them properly groomed and trimmed.

What about the Moustache?

What is about the moustache that it still continues to be popular as part of a beard or on its own? A proper moustache look needs to be paired with a great haircut to achieve a man’s certain look. Moustaches are very distinct and there are some top styles that continue to be popular for 2017. They require the same grooming as a moustache. A messy overgrown moustache will just not do. Some of the popular moustache looks include the following:

The Horseshoe: This type of moustache stretches across the upper lip and reaches down either side of the mouth to the chin. Its shape is similar to a horseshoe.

Moustache Meets Beard: This style goes along with growing a beard, but the moustache is longer and grows over to the beard. Longer moustaches and beard give the man a more “lumberjack” look.

Full-Length Moustaches: Since facial hair continues to be a popular look, men are growing out their moustaches to run the length of their mouth and longer. These styles still need to be tidy and groomed.

Trimmed Moustaches: Men can grow their moustaches, but keep it thin and trimmed, but not overbearing and full. The edges of the facial hair are kept neat and clean. The style works with a beard or without one.

Keep it Groomed

When growing facial hair, it is very important to keep it properly groomed. Trimming helps to maintain the type of beard you have decided to grown as well as help it grown in the right shape. Have a professional trim and shape the beard the way that you want it with scissors or clippers. Men’s Cuts offers beard and moustache trimming and shaping. Consult with your stylist for the beard and moustache look for you. Men’s Cuts is looking forward to judging the ever-popular beard at Lakewood Alive’s Lumberjack Bash!

We are in the middle of winter with a few more months of cold weather on the way. Now is the best time to find these trends post the holiday shopping season when winter clothes are on sale as the stores. Post holidays is the perfect time to find the best in winter trends, such as a new winter coat and winter accessories.

Since winter in Cleveland last sometimes to May, there are still many more months of wearing winter styles. GQ , The Trendspotter and The Idle Man listed the biggest trends for men’s 2017 winter styles. Below are just a few of the trends that might be seen on the streets of Cleveland:

Winter Colors

A big color for autumn for 2016 was copper. This color adds to the popular winter earth tone colors that are always popular. Copper was added to the traditional autumn colors of blacks, greys and dark greens. Speaking of green, emerald green is another popular color for the winter. Emerald green is a very versatile color and can be paired with many different winter hues including copper, grey and black. The color can be seen in suits, jackets and winter coats. An emerald green scarf can also add a pop to any winter style.

Prints and Patterns

One of the best things with winter style is that it is so varied. Tartan continues to be a popular pattern for men’s clothing. Men on the streets of London or New York are wearing tartan suits in more traditional colors. However, some bolder colors have been added into the tartan mix including reds, mustards and bright greens have been seen being worn to make a more daring fashion statement. Another winter print trend for the more daring men is the floral print. Floral prints can come in a variety of bold colors that can add a bit of brightness to the dullness of winter. These patterns can also be worn in the spring and summer months.

Polo Layers

The winter is also a perfect time to layer up different styles of shirts. A knitted polo shirt is always in style, but in the winter, this shirt is a great layering tool. Wear the polo over a long sleeve button-down shirts or t-shirts. To dress up the look, add a jacket over a polo. Colorful polo shirts also add a splash of color to the darker winter colors.

Beard trimming styles gq

Winter Coats Trends

The few months after the holidays is a great time to buy winter coats. There might be a limited selection, but the jackets are usually highly discounted. Most winter coast style trends do not change, so buying one now is a good investment for the future. There are a few jacket and coat trends that are big for Winter 2017. The duffle coat is very popular for this winter. Duffle coast are made from duffle, a heavy wool, usually are hooded and fastened with toggles. It is a style that has been in and out of style for decades. This winter, earth tones are the popular color for duffle coats. Another trend for winter coats are statement jackets, which are covered with bold graphics and statement slogans with bright colors. These jackets are found on the streets of New York and perfect for people who like making their own statement.

Shawl Neck Cardigan

One of the most popular sweater style this winter is the shawl neck cardigan. This sweater is a staple piece for the winter. The sweater is good for layering and gives the man who wears it a more rugged look. The sweater is very versatile and can be worn with dress pants or jeans. The sweater can come in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Wide Legged Trousers

Wide Legged Trousers have made a comeback. Skinny jeans and trousers are officially out. Trousers can come in all color, cuts and fabrics, but the most popular style is khakis. A popular look for these pants is to roll up the cuffs and wear with sneakers or dress shoes.

Newer Fabrics for Men’s Pants

This year, several stores started introducing wicking fabric and stretch into threads of men's pants. Pants do not require dry cleaning, do not wrinkle and they can be worn for all occasions. This fabric is especially great for guys who need pants that “give a little” in the seat. The pant styles range from five-pocket to flat-front. The fabric wicks so men never sweat. The pants are wash and wear, shrink-resistant feels smooth to the touch and do not pill. Men traditionally are used to wearing nylon and a polyester mix for dress pants. Casual pant fabric for men usually has been stiff and just uncomfortable to the skin. With new technologies, fabric mills are continually looking for ways to improve fabric. Manufacturers and designers also want to offer a better product at a better price. It’s a win-win for consumers.

Men’s Hair Styles for 2017

We recently wrote on the variety of men’s hair styles for 2017. The hair styles are more casual and messier than they have been in the past. Consult with your stylists at Men’s Cuts to discuss a new look for the New Year.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to update your look? An easy way to do that is to get a new hairstyle! Just like with fashion, each season brings new trends in hair styles and looks. Changing a hair style is an easy, cost-effective way to update your look. It is cheaper than investing in an entire new wardrobe and easier than doing every day workouts (even though this is good for you to do for health reasons).

According to Men’s Hair Style Trends, 2016 was a year of creativity and experimentation in men’s haircuts and they predict that 2017 will continue that trend. There was a wide variety in men’s hairstyles and men want more and more to have a look that could make them stand out in the crowd.

Men’s Hair Style Trends for the New Year

Fashion Beans listed some of the big trends for men’s hair in 2017 include longer hair-including all along long hair or just longer hair on top. Faded and undercut haircuts are still popular for straight, thick and curly hair. Below are a few of the trends that started off on the fashion walkways and are now appearing on the streets in cities around the world:


The slick, neat and tidy look has been on the outs for the past few years. For 2017, the messy look is becoming much more popular. The look includes keeping the sides and back of the hair short with longer length on top as the main focus point. The longer hair is cut with scissors for an uneven, textured look.

Longer Hair

Longer hairstyles for men are popular on the fashion catwalks and streets of London and New York. Longer looks include shaggier hair to hair that reaches the shoulder and beyond. An example of this longer look would be Kit Harrington as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. For the more daring, the “bigger” hair styles of the 80’s and 90’s are making a comeback. No, we don’t mean the mullet, more the grunge look. As men get more adapt using hair styling tools and products there will be more complicated longer styles.

The Undercut

The undercut has been a staple look for men’s hair for a few years. It is popular in fashion magazines, popular with film and television stars and still popular for street style, particularly with younger generations. This style works well for most hair types from straight to wavy to curly and can be adapted into either a classic or more modern look. The Trendspotter lists different undercut styles that still remain popular in 2017. These looks include: the classic, slicked back, side-swept or pulled forward.

Disconnected Undercut

In the past, men who had the disconnected undercut slicked back their hair. Today, this style is cut and styled in a variety of ways with different lengths of hair on top and in the front. The disconnected undercut haircut is defined as having a contrast between very short or shaved sides and longer hair on top. The disconnection of the short sides and more hair on top is exaggerated even more with a hard part or a shaved side part. This style does now have a fade.

Lightweight Products

With men moving away from the slick look and the growth in popularity of the messy look, there will be a need for lightweight products that achieve a more natural finish. If you go with the textured look, you will need a hair product that will enhance that look that won’t weigh down the hair. Men’s Cuts carries a variety of styling products. Ask your stylist which is the best product for your hairstyle.

With so many different hairstyles, 2017 will bring new men’s looks to the streets around the world that could be considered throw-backs to the 50’s, with the undercut, and the 80’s or 90’s with longer, messy hair. The best thing with a change in hair style is that you can always change up the look after a few months of growing the hair. Consult with your stylists at Men’s Cuts for ideas for your new look for the New Year.

Hats have been a part of our wardrobe for centuries. Men and women have worn hats for celebratory, decorative or utilitarian purposes. Today, hats are worn to show support of a favorite sports team or to keep warm during the winter months. Men’s hats are practical, cozy, eternally stylish, functional and a great addition to a men’s wardrobe. It is one type of accessory that most men have in different styles or types to wear in any situation.

Beard trimming styles gq

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Hat

Men wear hats for many reasons from wearing a hat instead of taking the time to work a hair style to showing support for favorite sport, movie or place. Hats are beneficial for protecting the head during both the winter and summer months. In the winter, they protect the head from the cold, keeping body heat “in” instead of letting in cold hair. During the summer and warmer months, hats protect the head and hair from dangerous UV rays. The sun could dry out the hair causing it to fade and could cause sunburn on exposed scalp.

There have been debates for years that wearing a hat will cause baldness. There is a continuing myth that wearing a hat will make you lose hair. Genes have a much bigger role in hair loss than wearing a hat will as it has been found that wearing a hat does not cause major damage to the hair. However, hair can get damaged if you wear a hat so tight that it can cut off circulation for the hair causing it to get greasy at the roots, but dry at the ends and could break If the hair is already in a delicate state due to male pattern baldness. Plus, removing and replacing a hat often could pull or aggravate delicate hair.

Types of Hats

Men’s hats come in all different shapes, sizes and fabrics, but there are a few basic hat styles that have evolved over the decades. Below are a list of just a few of the most popular styles including some of the variations of the traditional styles.


The fedora has been a part of a stylish man’s wardrobe since the beginning of the 1900’s. The hat’s “heyday” was during the 1920’s to early 1950’s. The fedora can be made from many different materials from straw to felt to leather. A fedora is creased lengthwise down the middle of the crown, then pinched near the front on both sides. The fedora has a flexible brim that can be molded to an individual’s style by snapping down the front of the back. A fedora can come in all colors, but the most versatile fedora comes in shades of brown. There are different types of the fedora including the homburg, trilby and the porkpie. Each of these styles have different brim width and length to give each a distinctive look.


The panama is a traditional brimmed straw hat similar in shape to a classic fedora. Panama hats were traditionally made in Ecuador from plaited leave of a palm-like plant. The best panama hats could have between 1600 to 2500 weaves in the hat. This hat is worn mostly in warmer climates or during the summer months.


The newsboy is also called the working man’s cap. This is a flat cap that were extremely popular for men and boys of all classes during the early 1900’s. The hat is still being worn today as an accessory or to “top off” a “look”. The driving cap is a version of the newsboy without the floppy 8 panels and button on top. The driving cap is made of wool, tweed, and cotton. The inside of the driving cap can also be lined for extra comfort or warmth.

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap comes in a variety of styles and material from more formal-looking wool hats to mesh-backed casual looks. Baseball caps are one of the most popular styles of men’s hats, worn by men throughout the year. Baseball caps can be fitted by head size or can have slots in the back to create the “perfect” fit. The brims of baseball caps can be large, small, flat or bended. It all depends on your style. The front of the hat can be blank, representing a favorite team, city, place or even artist.


The beanie has also been around for decades. This style of hat comes in wool, cashmere or cotton. This hat keeps the head and ears warm, but isn’t the best to keep hair in place. The beanie is mostly worn in the cold winter months.

2017 Hat Trends

According to, there are some interesting trends for men’s hats in 2017. For cold weather climates hats are important to keep warm, but men still want to be fashionable. Winter hats trends include cuffed wool beanies with patches, nature images knitted into hats and poms on the top. Another trend is retro branding and classic logos on hats to give them a vintage look with thick textured fabrics. Large and small printed plaids or hats with stripes, geometric patterns and generic camouflage are popular for the winter months. For this winter, hats are being made in a variety of durable fabric including wool, corduroy, denim, suede and leather.

it is important to have the right hair style for your look. Compliment your style by updating your hair style at Men’s Cuts. Men’s Cuts offers a relaxing, friendly low-key alternative to the typical men’s haircut approach. Our stylists consult with our clients to discuss their look and style and give the customers what they want. Find out more about our services by booking an appointment on line or calling us at 440-799-8887 today!

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