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The long beard is a trend that comes and goes, as it takes a real sense of style to pull off a long beard without looking messy. While long beards have made their way back into the hearts of many, a lot of men still don’t know how to style them so that the look suits their face. On the other hand, so many hipsters have adapted the style into a type of “classic woodsman” look which gives the beard a bit more of a polished edge. So whether you’re looking for some new styles to incorporate into your beard, or you’re thinking of giving the long beard a try, here are 20 long beard styles to choose from. Long beard styles.

Short-Long Beard Styles

These beards are for men who don’t wish to sport an obnoxiously long beard. While these are considered “short” to some, a lot of men who aren’t used to wearing their beards anywhere past their chins would find these styles to be “long.” Here are a few short long beards to try out if you’re interested in letting your facial hair grow out.

1. Polished but Gruff

This full beard is a shorter variation of the long beard, reaching right above the chest. Allow the beard to grow out fully, and trim the hairs down with a pair of scissors in order to give the hair a more uniform shape.

2. Boss Man

This long beard is another moderate length and features faded sideburns and a trim outline. Coupled with a prominent side part, this beard adds a sense of simplicity and effortlessness.

3. Picture Perfect

This beard reaches the chest and offers an hombre appearance as the roots fade from dark gray to white. Featuring full sideburns that extend up into a short cut on the side of the head, this style is best suited with a perfectly combed over coif.

4. Razor Sharp

This beard has been outlined and styled to perfection, featuring clean lines and a beard that has been trimmed down to a uniform length. The key to this style is leaving the mustache lengthy and slightly curled at the ends to give the beard more texture and style. Coupled with a very prominent side part and side comb, this is definitely one of the sharpest versions of the long beard.

5. Uniform

Here’s a chin length beard that has been trimmed down so that both the beard and mustache are the same length. This gives the beard a slight sense of uniformity and polish that wouldn’t be present if the hair was left scraggly.

6. Woodsman

This beard has been grown out fully and trimmed down to a more uniform length. The sideburns have been thinned out and faded up into the sides. The key to this look is the overall identical coloring job, giving the beard and the hair a very seamless and polished appearance.

Beard styles long nose

7. Outline is Everything

The key to this great beard is the clean outline that was achieved. While the hair has basically been left to grow as it normally would, the beard has been outlined to give the look a little bit more polish.

8. Bush and Coif

Featuring a stylishly trimmed coif, this unruly beard sets a balance between order and dysfunction. While the beard is left disheveled in appearance, the fade on the sides and neatly combed hair makes it apparent that it has been left this way on purpose.

9. Carefree

This look requires little to no effort in terms of styling. Just let the beard grow as it naturally does and allow the hair to do the same. You can add a side part to the hair and comb it down in an effort to clean the look up, but since this is a more effortless style, the less you do, the better.

10. The Burly Gentleman

This combo features a very disheveled beard coupled with a perfectly outlined and styled coif. If you’re looking for a natural beard style to sport with your sleek hairstyle, this could be one way to incorporate it. Just let the beard and mustache grow out to the same length, reaching the chest, and comb it out to discourage tangling.

11. Large and in Charge

This is a longer variation of the short-long beard. To achieve this look, grow out the beard and mustache fully while maintaining a trim outline. Be sure to trim the mustache so that it’s a bit shorter than the beard, and curl it up with some beard wax.

12. Dare to be Bold

This beard is styled in a very edgy way, featuring a long goatee and trim chin strap. To achieve this look, shave the cheeks clean, leaving a very thick chin strap along the jaw line. Let the goatee and mustache grow out in order to give the beard a good amount of variation in lengths and texture.

Longer Beards

These beards would be what most would consider to be “long” beards, since they are grown far beyond moderate length. While these styles are only for those who are able to achieve impressive lengths when growing out their beards, there are some beards featured at moderately long lengths.

Big beard styles 2013

13. Two-tone

This lengthy beard features an ombre-type coloring that may or may not be natural. The beard and mustache area is colored at the roots and gray toward the middle and ends. To achieve this look, either allow the gray in the beard to grow out and just color the roots, or bleach the middle and ends of the beard in order to color it gray.

14. Faded

Here’s a medium length full beard which features faded sideburns and a curled mustache. In order to achieve this look, allow the beard to grow out and fade the sideburns. Trim the beard so that it’s relatively the same length, but trim the mustache shorter in order to achieve a more modest curl. Finally, using curling wax, curl up the ends of the mustache.

15. Straight to the Point

This is a long beard which features a straighter look. In order to achieve this look, comb through the beard thoroughly in order to remove all tangles. Then, using a flat iron, straighten the hair on a low-heat setting (200° F) in order to straighten the beard without fully removing the texture of it.


Here’s a full beard which thins out fades as it extends into the hairline. In order to achieve this look, grow the beard out fully and trim the hair so it’s shaped and relatively the same length. The key to this style is the cleanly trimmed outline, so be sure to keep the lines neat.

17. Larger than Life

This beard is a full look which includes tapered sideburns and a natural outline. In order to achieve this beard, grow your facial hair out fully and comb out. Then, trim the sideburns in order to give the beard a tapered effect.

18. Wave Effect

This beard features a goatee with a wave pattern to it, which is easily achieved by either braiding or twisting the beard and letting it set overnight. Then, unbraid the beard and fluff out to remove any gaps to give you that wavy effect.

19. All In

Here’s an impressively full beard which features a very natural outline. In order to achieve this look, let the beard grow out as it naturally does and comb it out in order create fuller look.

Long beard styles pictures

20. The Hipster

This last long hipster beard style is a more polished version of the long beard, featuring neatly combed coif. While this look still offers a bit of a carefree feel, it still manages a perfect balance between polished and effortless.

Long beards are attractive if the facial hair is healthy and well trimmed. If you decide to grow a full beard do remember that you’,ll need to take care of your beard regularly. Don’,t just grow it randomly, choose a long beard style then grow your facial hair to achieve that style. Let us know which long beard style you like the most. Is it short or long? Do you find it difficult to take care a long beard? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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