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When the trend of men sporting full facial hair rose to prominence in the last few years, nobody could have predicted its staying power. For years before, beards had been something of a niche fashion statement. In spite of a few passing trends - who could forget the iconic handlebar mustache? - it remained largely underground. Take a look around now, though, and you'll see near everyone sporting designer facial hair. From celebrities to manual labourers. They've all been brought together by the beard. Latest beard styles.

Not only does the beard seem here to stay, but it seems to be in a constant cycle of evolving and improving. More men than ever are taking great pride in their grooming habits. And there are a wide range of products available to them. From beard oils to grooming kits, stocking up on products has never been more accessible. Nor affordable. Perhaps it could be attributed to the ingenuity of marketing, but men are ready, willing, and able to craft beard styles of any variety.

Given that it has become something of a high point for fashion, you can expect that just as many men are eager to learn about the latest trends. Just like you'd find customers flocking to buy the season's latest clothing, men are seeking to find what's en vogue when it comes to facial hair. Well, wonder no more, as we reveal the hottest beard styles of 2016.

There used to be a time when the only chance a businessman had of letting his beard grow out was during a lazy weekend. Other than that, neat presentation was of utmost priority. Well, not anymore. Even the most professional of men are sporting perfectly trimmed beards. And it matches their equally sophisticated haircuts and business attire perfectly.

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Yes, we know. It's a little bit of a dirty word around these parts, but please bear with us. The 'hipster' phenomenon might be one that provokes public outrage, but their style points are something we could all learn from. The long beard combined with the twirled mustache is an easy technique to master. All it takes is a little bit of mustache wax and you're in business.

The unkempt look might have been reserved for the social outcasts once upon a time, but now, it's veritably delectable. You may or may not be surprised to learn that an awful lot of effort goes into looking like you've made no effort at all. Funny, isn't it? But a long, scraggly beard combined with equally long, straggly hair is a match made in heaven.

Women once craved the clean cut, but those days are long behind us. Indeed, many women are now actively searching for a man who possesses all those rugged qualities. The thicker the beard, the better. But, when combined with medium, flowing locks, the look is irresistible.

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For those of you that don't want to or are unable to grow a full beard, don't worry about it. Designer stubble is a runners up prize. But, if you are capable of growing a delightfully full beard, just why wouldn't you want to?

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