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It’s widely known that a blue suit is most versatile and you should match your belt and shoes. But for the modern man who wants to look a bit more rugged, a new style truth has emerged: beards look better with tattoos. Masculine, personal and precise, grooming and tattooing are the ultimate touches for today’s refined bad boy. Thinking about honing your look, but don’t know where to start? We caught up with several Berliners whose natural styles personify the look. Different beard styles names.

Proffesion: store manager for an American brand

On beards: there’s a story behind my beard. It started in the summer of 2014. I was on holiday and thought maybe I’d look good if I had a longer beard while I was nice and tanned. Since then, I’ve shaved off my beard just twice – which was a mistake both times. My face looks completely different without a beard and I don’t feel comfortable, so my beard is not a fashion statement or something to make me hip. I simply do it for myself.

On tattoos: some of my tattoos are inspired by songs, some of them were spontaneous ideas, and some are inspired by tattoos I saw on Instagram, on the street or at the gym. The left arm is my harmony arm, just positive things with good meanings. “,H.E.S.”, and “Be A Boy”, are both songs from Robbie Williams. And there is a Capri-Sun on my right arm because it was my favourite drink when I was young!

Different beard styles with names

Profession: brand consultant and fashion buyer

On beards: I feel naked without my beard, so I never shave it off! Some would say that this is not really a beard but it’s about as good as it gets for an Asian!

On tattoos: all of my ink tells a story. My body is kind of my diary. Like a real diary, these are stories you don’t really share in public, sorry!

Different beard styles names

Profession: editor-in-chief for Equal Magazine, fashion photographer and new-style dance teacher

On beards: I love my beard and can’t remember the last time I shaved my face. It means a lot to me! It underlines my competency, strength, maturity and dependency. To keep it maintained, I use different beard oils and trim it once a week. And I even try to change the style of my beard every few weeks or months. Next, I think I might colour it white-blond.

On tattoos: I have two tattoo stories for you. On my legs, you can see the birth year of my mum and dad. They’re the reason that I’m here on this planet and have the chance to live and explore this wonderful world, even in critical times like these. Tattoo number two: Alison. The name of my sister who is seven years younger than me …, I had this done for her after I left my home city to move to Berlin. She was so sad that I left her but this tattoo shows her that she is still by my side and that I have immense love for her. She is my world.

Different beard styles and their names

Tattoos and beards put your personality out there. As our style inspirations said, ink can vary from super personal to light–hearted and funny. No matter what, it expresses who you are. The same goes for beards but these allow you to change it up. Panasonic’s high-quality grooming tools make it easy to create the best facial look for the perfect city style.

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