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The jury is still out on whether men should sport beards or not, but if you ask us, a beard can look heavenly on some men. If that is the case, you must be wondering which type of men we are talking about and if you come under the category or not. Well, if you ask our opinion, then we would tell you that there are two main factors that decide whether facial hair will suit a man or not depends on his facial structure and how well he grooms it. There are many perfect beard and hairstyle looks for men that will have you looking smart and women drooling over you. But we have to start with the caveat that if you want a beard, then you will have to work on groom it. Even men with grey hair can have beards that are grey and still look hot. Great beard styles.

If you do not believe us, then we only have two words to tell you – George Clooney. We are sure that the impact of these two words would mean you will rushing out to get the right grooming equipment so that you can get going. And if you are wondering how to style your beard (grey or any other color), then you are in luck. Today we see a lot of new beard styles for men to try in order to look smart. You should know that looking dashing while sporting a grey beard is not just about knowing the latest beard styles for men to try in 2016, it is about knowing what works on you and working on it.

Here Are Some Tips On Styling Grey Beards That Will Have The Women Sighing When They Look At You:

Best beard styles for shaved heads

Clean and trim: We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of grooming and trimming your facial hair. There is nothing worse than looking at a man who has long facial hair that is unkempt or worse still full of crumbs. Taking care of your beard and keeping it clean can be a bit tedious and would require regular care and if you are committing to a beard, you have to commit to the time to keep it clean and trim.

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