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From The dawn of 2016, there are a lot of beard styles that are trending in India (indian male beard styles). We have included some popular men and newsmakers who were in the limelight between 2017 to this month with their dashing looks and of course, with all style and fashion to be featured in ‘,indian male beard style list 2017’,. See whose and what beard styles are trending in 2017. Top ten beard styles.

Virat Kohli ( No1. on Indian male beard style list)

This gentle man is on top of the indian male beard style list with his extremely positive attitude and a very neat beard that everyone loves. My mom who doesn’,t like a beard on me said to trim down and make it like virat. Now, virat’,s beard style has been improving since 2014, when he had a nearly trimmed down equal at all sides face, he looked like a kid. Hope no one opposes, even he approves that. And now, who would dare say he isn’,t hot?. Here is a little help for you, follow him @ imVkohli.

Ranveer Singh

I’,m sure ranveer singh has been experimenting on his beard since day one. This full time entertainer and deepika’,s current boy friend is versatile in choosing films and setting trends in the industry. His ‘,bajirao mastani’, looks were a trend setter back in 2015, but apparently no one actually tried them except the stars. Ranveer trimmed down all of it by jan-feb months, he is back with the full beard as of march in which he looks great too. So by performance, perfection and the way he treats his beard, this guy is on number two on beard styles India List. GQ India voted this bollywood star as the ‘GQ’s Most Brashly Dressed’ (Read on GQ)

Ayushman Khurrana

Not really sure if ayshman khurrana did a full shave ever. *I’,m joking*. Mr.Khurrana’,s beard style has been popular and a very stable one since 2015. He changed from a full trim face to subtle one by the end of 2014. This singer turned actor now keeps his beard clean and simple just enough with space to reveal his dimples. Ayushman khurrana scores 3rd position on our indian male beard style list with his ‘,cool’, beard style in 2016.

Top ten facial hair styles

Fawad khan

This pakisthani charmer is already winning indian hearts. Fawad khan’,s perfectly trimmed and shaved off from cheek bones beard is super sexy and gives his a macho look. Fawad recently changed this trend setting beard to a more suitable one for his new indian movie, kapoor and sons, starring Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra. He is at 4th position on indian male beard style list.

Randeep hooda

The jism2 and highway star randeep hooda’,s beard style in 2016 is not too off beat from his beard trends since. Randeep shaved off his beard in his upcoming movie laal rang, but the thing he made it to this list is with his uneven beard looks from highway and jism2 back in 2015. Also, point to be note is a comment by Jacquline fernandez. She said randeep is the best dressed male in bollywood right now. Now thats some thing. Amen to Jackie, we have posted him at 5th position on indian male beard style.

Saif ali khan

Bollywood’,s nawab is one among the trend setters. Saif appeared with a goatee and a matching royal ‘,mooch’, that matches his personality and profile. The nawab of pataudi should have revisited the photographs of his ancestors. Saif is known for his full beard looks from race, which was a trend setter back then. His position by Rill rating meter is 6th on indian male beard style.

Top ten beard styles 2015

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan akthar is an actor, writer, lyricist, tv anchor, director, producer, singer and what not. He is also a fashion icon and very good human at heart. Farhan is known for his bollywood hit rockon and zindagi na milegi doobara. His 2016 beard style is a thing to be commented. A grown beard with a hair bun tied above his back is a trend setter for sure. Follow farhat at @Faroutakhtar And on beard styles India, farhan is on 7th position

Irrfan Khan

I’,m sure you have noticed the Indian man who flew the chopper and saved the world. The lunch box star is a man who made his mark at the hollywood and Spielberg running after his dates. Now talking about his beard and style, Irrfan khan shows up mostly with a very short beard and wavy hair. Infact all of his beard styles are short, he usually tries a goatee and french with short beard. And the latest trending news is that he said he cares more for an oscar than an indian award. Thats true from all sides btw. Read that news on HT. Irffan scores 8th position on indian male beard style.

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