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Short beards are elegant and smart if you know how to grow and style with it. A common trend among men who are sporting the “classic” look is maintaining a full beard that has been trimmed relatively shorter length. While this look cannot be achieved by some, for men who are able to fully grow their beards in the styles featured in this list will give them a variety of looks to choose from. Short beard styles.

Short beard styles are best for the men who don’t wish to sport a thick amount of hair on the face. From simple goatees to full beards, here are few amazing short facial hairstyles to look from sources like Beard Style Infographic For Men and 30 Trendy Short Beard Styles to Get the Macho Look. Without spending too much time trying to grow and maintain it.

This short beard style is very elegant and simple, as it features a close shaved goatee and beard which fades into the sideburns. Coupled with a very prominent side part and faded cut, this style is perfect for men who are looking for a classy look.

Here’s a beard that has been outlined to perfection. The goatee is partially shaved, leaving a small soul patch and hair underneath the chin which emphasizes the masculinity of the chin and jaw line.

This look features a short beard that is left relatively carefree, giving the look a little less effort.

Short hair short beard styles

Here’s a beard that is coupled with thick sideburns, as opposed to tapering or fading. While this look will not suit some face shapes, it would look great on those who are looking to make the face appear shorter.

If you’re a fan of the 5 o’clock shadow look, then you’ll want to give this style a try. This look features a closely shaved full beard that has been outlined on the face, but left to grow naturally on the neck.

There is always a trends for beard and will continue to exist.

From tribes to a high class man all wear a beard look, difference is just the style they carry.

Short beard styles 2014

The beard style have many forms, and can be classified as -

1. Formal style - This style is always liked by professional peoples who are mostly in formal manner, it shows professionalism, leadership and responsibility.

2. Casual style - This style is less formal and highly in trend, its a casual look non groomed or well groomed both lies in this beard style form, casual style itself have very much styles like

Stubble Beard(Short, Medium, Long)

Short beard styles tumblr

3. Funky style - This style is far away from formal look, this style reflects a carefree, amateur way of man.

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