Top 5 beard styles. 5 Most Stylish Beard and Hairstyle, Style My Body

A man’s beard and hairstyle are one of the first things girls notice. But most of the men keep the same hairstyle all their life. And sometimes it changes only when they go bald! Come out of the box and groom your hair and beard and try new styles. They can give you a variety of looks ranging from the most gentle to the robust rough and tough. You can go for a number of different combinations as almost every combination is very much in fashion now. Here I bring to you a few looks that are trending now. Top 5 beard styles.

Bouncy curls with well groomed beard

If you have got natural curls you got to try this one. Curly hair looks bouncy and voluminous on its own. You only need to grow your hair and beard well. Give a slight side parting in the front and then comb sideways. The moustache can be combed into the beard. Grow your beard long, round it over the chin and trim on the face.

Top locks with even Beard

A high hard parting separates the top hair from the side and nape hair which is trimmed skin fade. The upper locks have all the volume, lifted up and then finger combed slightly to the left. The beard has been trimmed smoothly at the sideburns. The length of the beard has been kept uniform. You may give it a rough look by letting the beard grow more. This eard and hairstyle duo is very much liked by youngsters.

Top 5 beard styles 2015

Folded Top Knot

You only need to grow your crown hair long to get this hot look. Tie the hair into a small pony tail and fold it with ends protruding out. There is a high hard side part. The side hair tapers down to merge with the sideburns. The well trimmed moustache and a stubble length beard perfectly complement the hairstyle.

Messy hair with fully grown beard

The messy side parting doesn’t separate the top hair from the side sharply to give a rugged look. Curl the cliff to give volume and height at the front. Finger comb the hair to the sides and towards the back along the side part. The moustache is long enough to stand bold on the beard. The beard is fully grown but trimmed off at the bottom.

Top 5 facial hair styles

High Bun with rounded beard

You can easily try this beard and hairstyle duo if you have grown them well. Tie your hair and make it into a high bun. The most noteworthy point which enhances the look is to detail your long moustache and wear it above the lips. Also the beard is quite long so, trim it slightly to give a neat appearance. Achieve a V-shaped bottom which should be dense and covers the chin and lower jaw.

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