Best black beard styles. 4 Easy Styles To Suit Your Beard, The Idle Man

Follow these pointers and you’ll be dressed to the nines with your beard in mind, in no time. Black beard styles.

For those unfortunates unable to grow anything more than bum-fluff, this article is not for you. If you’ve got more rug on your face than your floor, though, then lucky you! You’,ll be into your bear oils and can work your entire outfit to make it look even slicker.

Besides looking a bastion of masculinity, you’ve also stumbled across an article jam-packed with fashion tips and style advice tailored for you and your beard. By the time we’re through, your beard-game will be at a whole new level.

What to Wear With a Brunette Beard

You brunettes (Bro-nettes?) are in luck, a brown or black beard, much like brown or black clothing, can match with virtually anything. There’s very little that’ll clash with your face-fur –, the worst you can expect is that your outfit won’t be quite as kickass as it could be. So how do you avoid sub-optimal kick-assery? Simple –, use the same principle you would when deciding which jacket to wear with what tee: contrast. For you darker dudes, this means light colours are gonna make your beard pop like it’s up on an Imax.

There’s more to looking good than a basic grasp of the colour wheel, though. Your outfit is more than just an ensemble of choice pieces, you want a stylish look that’s more than the sum of its parts, and in this case your outfit also includes your beard.

One way to kick things up a notch, is to work some visual unity into your look. Hold up though, because that doesn’t mean a shell suit –, work a little cohesion into your style by rocking some texture. Try mixing the rough-and-tumble denim number with dark trousers and shoes for a high-contrast look that’ll work with your beard, instead of lurking in the background –, bringing out the best of both.

Black beard styles pictures

How to Style a Blonde Beard

Ok, so the darker dudes are looking dapper in whites and lighter colours –, so it follows that the paler fellas will want darker colours, right? Right! Good reasoning Holmes, we’re on to a winner. Personally, I can’t think of too many colours that wouldn’t work with a blonde beard, provided we’re keeping to the deeper, darker end of the style swimming-pool.

Be careful of yellower colours, though –, even the darker shades, like mustard, may be too similar to give you the follicular pop we’re going for here. That said, there’s an exception to every rule, and something like a sweet yellow pocket-square could work in some of that visual unity we were talking about earlier.

Something you have to remember, though –, regardless of your haircolour –, is that a beard will alter the balance of your face. Bigger the beard, the more pronounced the effect will be. Now, we’,ve got plenty of advice on maintaining a consistent beard, but it doesn’,t end there –, we’re all about helping you make the most of what you’ve got.

Wider lapels, chunky ties, and thicker-framed glasses will all capitalise on this –, more options in the morning and will avoid that undesirable bobble-head look. Alternatively, dress a meaty parka up with a shirt or down with jeans and sneakers, and both you and your beard are going to look hella classy.

How to Style a Lighter Coloured Beard

So far, it seems like blondes and brunettes are having plenty of fun. Some of us aren’t blessed with face-decoration that’ll work with pretty much whatever we throw at it, though. Some of us are ginger, and that can be a tricky proposition. Now, we’re running the tone gamut here, depending on whether you’re an honest-to-god redhead or you insist on being called auburn, darker and lighter colours respectively are going to grab a lot of attention.

Beard styles for black guys

Green can work great with a red beard –, green can also make you look like a reject from Santa’s Workshop –, but choice numero uno has got to be blue every time. Blondes and brunettes might have more versatility, but blue can do things to a ginger beard that’ll have every follicle in the vicinity shrivelled in envy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum –, literally –, you will pretty much always want to avoid red. This isn’t only a question of how well your clothing suits your beard, there’s a second factor at play here. See, quite often the colour of your beard is going to be a pretty good indicator of the colour of your complexion: darker beards tend to suggest a darker skin tone, blonde beards paler.

Ginger beards and rosey cheeks, for better or worse, tend to go hand in hand, and this means that wearing too much red means you run the risk of looking a little too tomato-ey to be stylish. This is actually why the contrast of blue clothing works so well, but never fear, you aren’t relegated to the cool tones alone. Browns, mustard, and maroon are all warmer options that’ll look great on the ginger gent –, try this bright yellow number with lots of darker, cooler tones to really emphasise your beard.

All The Silver Foxes, All The Silver Foxes

Now put your hands up. Ahem. Admittedly, this last one doesn’t seem likely to apply to most of you, dear readers, but Zayn Malik is looking more and more like that one guy from Catfish, so what do I know?

Grey is in, and if you’ve got grey on your face, dye-job or otherwise, you’ve lucked out. Like clothing, a grey beard is pretty neutral, and you can throw damn near anything at it and be confident it’ll stick. It’s worth remembering that a grey beard (provided it doesn’t drag on the ground) has an air of dignity and class to it, so a sharp suit and a neat trim will blow ‘trendy’ out of the water, sail straight by ‘stylish’, and carry right on past the fashion horizon.

Black american beard styles

And On That Note

Pretty straightforward, yeah? No matter who you are or what colour ‘tache you’re sporting, if you can choose the right colours, work some texture into your wardrobe, and remember to balance a bushy beard, then no one is going to think you’ve forgotten to shave after last Movember.

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