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DISCOVERING that some beards contain more poo than your toilet doesn't seem to be slowing the beard revolution any. Popular beard styles.

The rugged renaissance continues to see men joining up to let it grow wild and free.

Bearded men across the country can be categorised into different types, a new study has found.

You may never have heard of the “Balbo”, the “Soul Patch” or the “Chin Strip” - but according to research, you're probably in the minority.

A Europe wide survey has revealed those with facial hair now outnumber their clean-shaven counterparts, with 52 per cent of British men now boasting some sort of hair on their face.

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover Part III

And the “Full-Beard”, as made popular by Hollywood actors Zach Galifianakis and Ryan Gosling, is by far and away the style of the moment, with almost one in three bearded Brits favouring the “fuller” style.

Top 10 facial hair styles

The “Balbo”, made famous by Robert Downey Junior’s character Tony Stark in Iron Man is the second most common style in the UK, says The Mirror.

The European study of 6,500 men, commissioned by grooming brand Braun, also revealed that Cardiff and Birmingham are the joint UK Beard Capitals - with 62 per cent of men from the Welsh and Midland cities currently wearing facial hair.

London came in close second with of 57 per cent of Londoners now sporting some sort of facial hair and more than one in three boasting a full-beard.

Walter White in the series Breaking Bad

But according to the data, while London is the home of “The Full-Beard”, Newcastle is where you are most likely to find the traditional “Goatee.”

Men in Sheffield prefer the “Extended Goatee”, which is broader than the traditional version and features an attached moustache.

New beard styles pictures

Sheffield also emerged as the City where the most “Mutton chops”, are displayed, as worn by Hugh Jackman ’s famous character, Wolverine.

And Glasgow emerged as Britain’s Clean-Shaven Capital, where just 35 per cent of men have facial hair.

“The Soul Patch” - a thin strip from the bottom lip to the middle of the chin, as worn by Bruce Springsteen, is the beard of choice in Brighton, while “The Chin Curtain” - a u-shaped loop from ear to ear as sported by F1 ace Lewis Hamilton - is most popular in Leeds.

It also emerged that it takes British men, on average 67 days to grow what they consider to be “the perfect beard”.

But around four out of ten (41 per cent) have been asked by their partner to shave their facial hair off.

And 18 per cent of bearded men said their partner ‘hated’ the stubble rash from their beards.

Popular beard styles 2015

Seventeen per cent have even had a “The beard goes, or I go” style ultimatum from their partner.

UK's ten most popular beard types

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