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Celebrity beard styles can be great inspiration for many men who want to grow their beard in correct way. Clean shaven face maybe will be able to attract some women but many men are able to make women attracted to them much more with their beard. Of course it is not just any type of beard because the beard should be styled properly. The beard styles from celebrities will make many women get the wow moment. Although many men want to look great just like the celebrities who can look great with beard, they have to realize that not every beard style will work well on every face. Nevertheless, the beard style from celebrities at least can be used as inspiration. Celebrity beard styles.

Ryan Gosling Inspired Celebrity Beard Styles

Many sexy men in Hollywood look great with their beard style including Ryan Gosling and there is no question that people will be able to get the great look if they grow the beard which is inspired by him. The celebrity beard styles will include the heavy mustache as well as wispy chin whiskers. People will get the modern twist on the mustache only style from the 70’s. For getting this style, people just need to let their beard grow. They need to shape the upper lip hair using the mustache scissors. They should also trim their beard but they must not comb it. By keeping it natural, people will get the wispiness from this beard style. This beard style will be great for them with straight and fine hair. People who have rectangular face with rounded chin of oblong shaped face will look great with this beard style.

Jake Gyllenhaal Inspired Celebrity Beard Styles

The inspiration of beard style from Mountain Man will be representation of masculine look for men. This style combines the full mustache and the thick beard. This kind of beard style will make women think that the guy can grow much facial hair in another place of their body. Jake Gyllenhall can be great inspiration and if people want to get his look with the beard style, they can let the beard grow for a while. The mustache should be kept neat of course using the mustache scissors. After the beard grows to the desired length, they can trim their beard. The trimming should be done every one or three weeks after this. Lime oil can be used for shampooing the beard every two or three times a week. Men with round jawline and also hairline with coarse and straight hair will look great with this option of celebrity beard styles.

Celebrity beard styles 2013


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