Best beard haircuts. Best Beard Trimmers For Men To Buy Online in 2017 - Detailed Reviews!!

Facial hair, or more specifically, beards and moustaches have been a mark of maturity and manliness for ages. The neo-modern man, however, has become simplistic in nature, and there is now a fine line between wilderness and sophistication of beards. Then, again, you can’t shave it all off either, because you don’t want to look like an Egyptian cat or a hairless chimp. So, what do you do? You take the high road and find solace in the soft hum of the trimmer. We bring to you the 5 best beard trimmers of 2017 that you can use to maintain an impeccably trimmed beard that just might make your neighbor jealous. Best beard and hair styles.

Best Beard Trimmers for Men in 2017:

This trimmer is possibly the best beard trimmer for men in 2017, and the most high-tech in terms of ease of use and handling. It literally lets you aim and trim so that you do not have a single hair out of place, poking like a mole. You can grab this device for $70.59.

It uses a class-I laser guide to mark the exact line that you are about to trim at, letting you have a perfectly groomed beard.

Not only does this men’s beard and moustache trimmer let you aim, but the 17 different length settings ranging from 1/64th of an inch to 9/32nd of an inch make sure that your trimmed beard is of your exact, desired length.

With two sides, narrow for around your mouth and nose, and the broad side of your sideburns and the neck, the chromium steel blades are self-sharpening, allowing you to have a large variety of beard styles.

This trimmer can comfortably run cordless for an hour on the full charge of its lithium-ion battery.

The trimmer is accompanied by two combs for ease of use on different lengths and densities of hair.

It is really hard to find a bad side to this trimmer, except for its high price.

The second in our list of best beard trimmers is another beast from the stable of Philips. The NORELCO QT4070 comes with a number of amazing features, the best of which is the built-in vacuum system. So, say no to trimmed hair lying around the basin, and also to the nagging of your better half because of that, by buying this product at $84.59.

It does a pretty good job of vacuuming in almost 90 percent of all the cut hair.

Apart from the vacuum feature, it has a 75-minute battery life and 60-minute charging time, making it pretty power-packed and efficient.

Best hair styles with beard

It has length settings ranging from as low as 1mm to as long as 18mm, along with a travel lock eliminating the possibility of accidental activation.

The flexible guide comb is also an exceptionally handy feature, without any loss in terms of precision.

The flexible head of the trimmer is sometimes found hard to control by users and may lead to errors in the case of novices.

For those requiring power that lasts long for their “overnight” growing hair, fret not, for this one is for you. The WAHL all-in-one is the most powerful beard trimmer in this list with the longest battery life. You can obtain this trimmer at just $28.99.

The most amazing feature is the long-lasting battery that gives you ample time to deal with as many details on your face as you like. The trimmer provides an entire two hours of immense power on a 60-minute charge.

Its battery life is seconded by a powerful motor that torques at double the capacity of any average trimmer. In a nutshell, you will be breezing through your facial bush like Indiana Jones with a katana.

All in all, Wahl All-in-one is a sturdy and well-built trimmer which comes at half the price of the above two so it is a good package deal!

The only reason that this trimmer is not at the top of this list is because it is not as convenient to use as the above two.

Also, it comes with only six-length settings and quite a number of chords and blades to play with. With this trimmer, you get three combs, a trimmer blade, a detail blade, a precision blade, T-blade and a dual shaver blade. So if you are a professional or expert, you will have a good time grooming but on being novice you just might have a hard time.

ER-GB40, priced at $34.99, is the one for meticulous perfectionists having a fair amount of time for grooming as well as charging. It comes with the greatest number of length settings as compared to any trimmer in this list.

Beard and hair style combination

The most important advantage here is the variety of lengths that you can decide from.

This is done without a multitude of attachments and cables so it is pretty much hassle-free.

The blades are also packed close together so that the trim quality is high and sharp.

The blades are stainless steel hypo-allergic, tilted at 45 degrees which (as claimed by Panasonic) is the most effective angle for cutting obstinate stubbles. It is highly effective in cutting down your hair to thin stubble to give the clean cut manly look.

It has an amazing drainage system allowing it to be washed under the tap or be used with shaving foam in the shower.

One of the major drawbacks of the trimmer is its age-old metal hydride battery which takes an entire half day to charge and gets discharged after 50 minutes of rigorous trimming.

Also, you might have to keep the trimmer blades frequently oiled for better performance.

If the four choices illustrated above are too costly for your wallet, here is a great option at just $29.74. This trimmer by Remington loosens on the price tag by cutting down on the variety of hair lengths.

It’,s looks and overall style over-shine many of its little flaws.

Its shape is specially designed to fit perfectly into your hand for comfortable trimming, and hence, greater accuracy and simplicity in dealing with a diversity of beards.

Best hairstyles with beards

It’,s appealing, sleek design makes it an ideal gift item, too. Any guy would love to own this device with the ease that it provides in attaining the perfect look. From the structure to its working, you will fail to find setbacks in this product.

The battery, too, lasts pretty long. So, you can spend a good time to obtain the perfect edges.

The rotary dial for cutting length provided in the front is a cherry on top of its simplistic build, for better control on precisely how long you want your mustache or beard.

Not only this, Remington MB4040 delivers laudable durability, attributing to the cutting attachment that comes inbuilt in the body.

It does not offer as great a variety of length settings as its costlier alternatives.

Moreover, it demands you to change the blades.

I hope that you have now chosen the trimmer that best suits you and your stubble, with reference to our best beard trimmers reviews. To sum it up, in your men’s trimmer online shopping spree, the above trimmers will all be amazing choices, but they are still all distinct in their special features. So, pick what goes perfectly with your individual requirements. Tell us how you found the reviews, and if they were helpful, remember to spread the word on social media.

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