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After debut as a cute actor on Degrease and officially debut as a musician, recently Drake once again debut with his new look. Not only come up with his well-built in body, but Drake beard styleis also making internet and women going nuts. Most of the comments praised on how his beard style is a new luxurious facial hair which a best sample to follow. Short beard styles.

This Canadian rapper has showed how he doesn’t only improve his body’s health but also his looks. He was always known for his clean beard cut with his short curly hair, but now he grew out to be more luxuriant. In the couple of his instagram pictures, he showed that he looks more mature and manly with the combination of his abs and beard.

Initially, Drake never let his beard grow too long. He only let his facial hair to cover from side burns to the whole area of his chin. Instead of keeping his previous five o’clock shadow beard style, he decided to grow out longer become fuller. He also hides his curly hair with very short cut hairstyle completed with a small curved shave on the tip of his front hair part. He lets his beard become the main attraction. This combination which makes his look is hotter, a new luxurious beard style of Drake in 2015.

What you have to do if you want to imitate the Drake beard style? The concept is tight and full beard. It’s a luxuriant, neat, and the most important is how to keep the clean lines of your facial hair. The beard style isn’t very short but also isn’t too long. You only need to grow your beard in certain thickness for about 4 weeks. After your beard has been grow long enough to shape, you are ready to shape it like Drake. If you don’t want even bother to go to a barber, you can set your own trimmer on 2-3 mm settings and just let it loose on your face.

Short beard trimming styles

Not only hairstyle, but beard style is also one of the key factors to show the manliness of a man. Who can deny that most of women love men with beard? And also who can deny that Drake beard style is the new inspiration of men? From suit to tracksuit, this beard style never out of date.

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