Black celebrity beard styles. Take Inspiration for Beard Styling from Indian Celebrities

Beards are a tool to looking good which is present in almost every man’s arsenal, and these Bollywood celebrities don’t shy away from sporting different styles of beards now and then. Some experiment with their facial hair, while some stick to what they know looks best. Here are some Bollywood men that women love with the scruff: Celebrity beard styles.

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1. Arjun Kapoor:

This Kapoor boy already wowed the film industry when he shed all those kilos and emerged as the handsome man that he is today. Pair that with his stylish beard and we have a winner. This full facial hair look, with a heavier beard at the chin really suits him. He is definitely someone you can take style and fashion tips from.

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Best celebrity beard styles

2. Saif Ali Khan:

Our Nawab is always the epitome of style and when it comes to facial hair, he is no less. Saif sports neatly trimmed stubble and it definitely adds to his good looks and charm. Whether it’s about menswear or facial hair, Saif is the one to follow.

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3. Ranveer Singh:

This amount of perfection when it comes to his hair and beard surely requires quite a few grooming products, but the outcome is worth it. Ranveer Singh probably has the most well-defined, swirly moustache in all of Bollywood, and he sure looks like a dapper gentleman while sporting it.

Male celebrity beard styles

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4. Shahid Kapoor:

Somewhere along his career, this chocolate boy gave up that look and grew some scruff. He’s been experimenting with his facial hair but women love this look he sported in Haider. With close trimmed hair and a full beard, he looks more handsome than ever!

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Hollywood beard styles

Everyone follows Bollywood stars whether it’s formen’s fashion or hair styles, so facial hair shouldn’t be any different. Try out some of these beard styles and you never know you too might become someone’s beard styling guru! You too can have your individual style, and carry it off with élan!

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