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The year 2015 has come and gone, and we can definitely conclude retrospectively that it was a year for beards. We spent the year preferring our men hairy and stylish, and as always this has lead to an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of beard fashion trends. Light beard styles.

It's been a beautiful time to be alive.

Among the pouffed, waxed, and perfectly manicured mustaches and beards out there, here are what we considered to be the top four facial hair stylings of 2015.

Light beard styles

1. Full Hipster Beard

Some may consider this style to be a harkening back to the days when mountain men roamed the Earth. Others may feel it’s more in line with the counter-culture “stick it to the man” attitude of the hippies. Most will argue that it’s just another way for those with naturally curly locks to brag, but we can't really fault them on it because we’d do the same thing. There’s something about a full beard with natural volume that just screams “I am beautiful,” and there's just no denying that kind of power.

2. Designer Stubble

This understated style became more popular this year and struck a much-needed healthy balance between the full-on manly beard and the sparse “Mexi stash” largely sported by teenagers. It's more of a light, subtle approach to manliness, and is a perfect style for those who may not necessarily grow hair at the speed of light. Plus, it's perfect for those switching between business professional and trendy urbanite fashion choices-- it just works so well for both.

Light beard styles

3. Natural White Beard

Those who are going gray should be pleased to hear that naturally faded beards are so, so in right now. Women find it to be very distinguishing, sexy, and (for some) reminds us all a little bit of Santa (which should never be confused as being a bad thing). If you’ve got the natural lack of pigment to sport the look, then seize the opportunity and let it all grow in gray. If it's not natural and you have to bleach it… well, you don't have to tell anyone.

4. Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard is slightly difficult to pull off, and should not be worn by every man. It only works on the right face shape, with the right fashion sense backing it up, and it certainly only works with a lot of patience. The beard wearer must upkeep the style consistently, and wax the mustache to get the right shape. But, rest assured, you will straight up be making a powerfully fashionable statement if you can pull it off-- it's worth a try.

Beard styles light hair

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