Van dyke beard styles. Top 12 Best Beard Styles In 2017

Its seems the beard styles are still trending in men’,s fashion in 2017. It is proven that women attracts more towards men with facial hair styles. As they find them s3xy. Van dyke beard styles.

There are different types of best beard styles for different face shapes, personalities, etc. It is required to choose suitable facial hair style that suits your personality perfectly. Because if any beard looks good on someone, it is not necessary that also look good on you.

Read this guide to know coolest trending beard styles of 2017.

Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard styles is a variation of the goatee styles and mustache. In this style, the goatee and mustache are not connected to each other and chin bears a soul patch under the lower lip. The goatee is sculpted in such a way that its shape looks similar to an inverted letter “T”. The main advantage of Balbo beard is that you look not only bold, stylish and confident but it is easy to maintain as well as clean.

When growing a balbo beards for the first time you’ll need to grow a full beard for a minimum of four weeks, or you have at least of half-inch lenghth grown out. This beard lenghth will give you enough hair for shaping the Balbo beard style perfectly. Once you achieve this then you can shape and trim it to the desired shape and size.

Italian airman and fascist leader Italo Balbo, who played a decisive role in developing Benito Mussolini’s air force during World War II is known for bringing this beard stylling to the attention of the free world. Italo Balbo was the primary inventor of Balbo beard styles.

This type facial hair style best suits individual with round face and narrow chins.

Circle Beard Styles

Circle beard styles is one of the very popular facial hair style in beardsmen among age of 25 to 50. As it Considered a neat, clean beard style that gives little flamboyance look. The name derived from this beards shape, i.e. circular so its name is Circular Beard style.

In circular beard styles, beard is in circular shape at goatee that attaches mustachein round shape. Main reason of popularity of circle beard is, it is easy to maintain.

Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt, Kanye West and in Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan have Circle Beard styles. Best for professional beard look

It is considered that Circle Beard designs started in ancient Greece and And ancient Rome. It was very popular in the Australia in 18th century and in 19th century during Bohemian cultural revolution.

Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the USA also had Circle Beard styles.

Those who have round face should avoid this facial hair style. This is not suitable for them or it will look like ball on the chin.

Extended Goatee

Extended goatee beard styles

Extended goatee beard styles combines goatee to mustache and sideburns removed. This is one of very popular goatee style and also called as Hollywoodian or the tailback. Hollywoodian because most of Hollywood actors prefer extended goatee for dashing look.

Beard styles goatee van dyke

Extended Goate styles have different variations in shape and extensions of beard according to face shape. To grow an perfect extended goatee beard style make sure that the larger area of hair to grow than the preferred size. So that it will be easy to trim the extended goatee into the desired shape and size. Take off the hair on the sideburns and adjust the width anf angle according to your face shape that suits you preferably.

Extended goatee styles are suitables to them who have a strong growth around the chin. Perfectly suits on Square and oval face shape.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops beard styles is slightly different than regular mutton chops. In Friendly mutton chops sideburns are extend to the edge of the mouth and are connected to a moustache. Between friendly mutton chops and regular mutton chops main difference is moustache types.

In Friendly mutton chops facial hair styles sideburns are long and connects with the mustache whlie in regular mutton chops, the bottom line of the sideburns should be along the jaw line.

Friendly mutton chops looks better on lot of facial shapes, but if you have a pointed chin it looks great on you. Friendly mutton chops gets lime light after famous movie series X-men’,s fictional character wolverine wore it. Therefore it is also called as wolverine beard styles.

Garibaldi Beard Styles

Garibaldi is long beard style. moustache and beard should be kept neat in long beard styles. Otherwise it looks scruffy beard. Allow beard to grow naturally. Naturally grown Garibaldi give

The Garibaldi combines a unkempt full beard with a neat moustache. Garibaldi Beard design has a wide and round base at its tapering bottom. This mens facial hair styles looks great on strong and macho men who have chiseled body in gym.

Irish Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Conor Anthony McGregor have Garibaldi beard.

The Garibaldi beard styles named after Italian General Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was considered to be Hero of Two Worlds”, because of his military skills in Brazil, Uruguay and Europe.

The Garibaldi is the type of man beard that will suit a man who have oval or rectangular face with curly facial hairs and who is looking for a slightly unkempt style.

Imperial Beard

Imperial beard styles is not actually a beard style but rather a mustache style. Imperial beard is for them who wants to make an impression with his beard.

The Imperial Beard style connects moustache to the hairs that grows on the cheeks and the fact that the tips slightly coiled to the point back at the face.

Imperial beard style of men named after France Emperor Napoleon III, as he had worn it. This beard design very popular in France during Second Empire

It looks better on Rectangular or Oblong Face.

Beard styles goatee van dyke

Stubble Beard Styles

stubble is a one of the best short beard style. In stubble hairs are of lesser length means that the hairs don’t come away from the skin as much. Stubble is like beard that have been shaved but has grown back a little bit after 2-3 days. Now a days stubble is widely popular beard style in celebrities, athelets as well as youngsters.

The stubble facial hair style is considered to be a casual look for men who prefer to not shave every day. However, nowadays stubble has become more than just that. It is considered to be as stylish look. The length of facial hair should be less than 0.5cms for stubble.

Stubble have different types according to size of facial hair, sharpness and beard trimming styles like short stubble, medium stubble, large stubble, etc. It suits on all type of shape of face.

Van Dyke beard

Van Dyke beard styles is a goatee with mustache. Although goatee is not connected to mustache. Van Dyke better suits on men with longer face.

Popular celebrities like Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp, etc as well as P.Diddy, Viggo Mortenson and King Charles I of England have also sported the Van Dyke style.

The Van Dyke beard styles named after a 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, who was famous for religious and regal themed paintings. He was used to paint men with a particular style of beard with pointy mustache and a short pointy chin beard. He himself wore this beard. Van Dyke beard style was very popular in the 18th century in Europe. Now again it is slowly coming back but with latest variations to make it look classy and stylish.

The Van Dyke is for men with longer face.

Goatee Beard

These days Goatee facial hair styles are become a popular beard trend. Having a cool beards styles has become a passion and fashion. Goatee beard is the perfect combination between a full beard and mustache.

Goatee style is perfect for men who wants a break from the clean shaved look and do not like the unkempt bearded look. Goatee connects chin beard and mustache similar to that of a chin of a goat and hence this beard styles referred to as “goatee”. In this beard types the width of the goatee beard is the same as the width of our mouth.

According to face shape, size, goatee have different beard types. If you copy the same style of someone, then it looks odd on you. Always wear goatee style that suits on your face.

French Fork Beard Styles

The French fork beard styles is not named after its country of origin, but after the eating utensil fork which consisted only of two prongs. which it is said to resemble with this beard. So this long beard style named as French Fork beard.

The French fork beard was waning in popularity for many years. But it has regained its importance in the recent years due to the popularity of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series. In which fictional character Jack Sparrow has sported French Fork beard.

There are many images which shows french beard design was very common in ancient India and Arabia.

The French Fork beard type is best beard for longer face with medium or strong beard growth. Because of moustache it gives mature and masculine look.

Beard styles goatee van dyke

Ducktail Beard

The Ducktail beard styles got its name because of its similarities with shape of duck tail. It is also known as the stiletto beard. It is said that Ducktail beard had its origins in fifteenth or sixteenth century.

Grow a full beard to get perfect Ducktail. In this style from upper part of cheeks to down the jow beard is trimmed shorter while higher cheek area kept clean shaved in a symmetrical manner.

Many popular celebrities shown the love for Ducktail by wearing it, like Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, and Mel Gibson.

The Ducktail beard styles perfectly suits on diamond, rectangular, inverted triangle as well as round faces.

Anchor Beard Styles

Anchor beard was first appeared in Iron Man movie. After that it became favourite of many youngsters. Now a days Anchor beard style is latest trending fashion.

This beard designs got its name from nautical anchor which holds ship stable st the sea. As compared to other beard styles, Anchor is difficult style. Because it is combination of some styles like Goatee, Chinstrap and Handlebar beard styles.

Beard from chinstrap should be connected with pencil mustache and a soul patch till chin is the identity of Anchor beard.

The Anchor beard is best suits on square, rounded and oblong shaped faces. Its not a beard shape that suits on every face shape. There are other beard styles for round faces

These are the types of cool beard styles, trending in 2017. If you are going to wear a beard, always choose best beard type which suits on your personality.

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