Long beard styles 2014. BEARD STYLES AND TRENDS FOR 2016

Beards are still a huge trend amongst guys and they’re only getting better as time goes on. With 2016 here many dudes are wondering what the latest beard styles are and how they can grow similar beards. We’ve gathered some amazing facial hair styles for you to get inspired. Here you can find all the beard styles and trends for 2016! Long beard styles.

Nothing looks better with a nice medium flow than a nice thick beard!

Long hair and beards go together like peanut butter and jelly. Be careful to maintain that mane though!

Can you even rock the top knot without a beard? If a guy puts his hair in a top knot and no one else is around to see it, does he have a beard? Who knows.

Full beard styling tips

Man bun’s are the more mature brother of the top knot. They have more experience and are better acquainted with their friends from the south. (The Beard).

If you have those thick beard genetics and are not utilizing them, shame on you! (Just kidding, but no really grow a beard).

Legend says every time you shave your beard you can hear a hipster scream. Save the hipster, stop shaving your beard!

Long beard styles 2012

Nothing says bad ass like some tats and a beard. Are you missing out on potentially raising your bad ass level?

We get it, not every dude can or wants to rock a beard, but at least go with a stubble man! You will still look manly! Kinda sorta.

This style is a tough one to grow, it requires that you have extensive facial hair growth and a lot of patience, but trust us, the payoff is quite big. “The shape [of this shorter take on the long beard] follows the face’s shape,” says Adam Brady, Ruffians Barbers’ trend expert, to FashionBeans. “Also, the lines on the cheek are sharp in order to contrast with the full, natural and unpredictable growth below. Finally, the bottom of the beard lies up to two inches below the chin,” he adds. Start by growing out your beard (which could take up to a month) and then shape it to suit your face. As it grows, be sure to only trim the lines of the cheeks if they’re growing up too high. And remember, take care of your beard.

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