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Do you have a beard? Probably most of the guys do. Growing beards and giving them distinctive style is a trending fashion today. Guys, who want to look cool, canshape and resizes their beards. In fact, a distinctive shape of your beard can make you look attractive and sexy. However, to give a stylish shape and size, you must have a properly groomed and well-kept beard. Then you can try different styles for your beard. Let’s discuss few of the trending board shapes and sizes in this article. Top ten beard styles.

This is one of the popular styles for beards. To implement this, you need to grow your beard for six months. Do not use any of the grooming tools to trim the beard. Only after a period of six months, you should start maintaining the beard.

It is one of the most used beard styles in today’s age. As the name implies, the shape and size of the beard must be uniform throughout. However, along with the beards, the mustache needs to be blended into the beard to maintain uniform length throughout.

Top 10 best beard styles

This kind of beard is grown by fading it in the sideburns. The beard must be grown into full form, but the sides must be kept nice and clean. The mustache must curl upwards at the tip, while the beards below chin must be allowed to slope towards an end point where it would be cut off.

To keep a Dutch beard, you must get rid of your mustache completely. Then you can grow beard outwards and allow it to flare.

Top ten beard styles 2013

In this form of beard style, the beard must be cut short and into defined lines at the edges. The beard must be faded till it becomes invisible at mid-cheek. You can keep a thin/thick mustache which must blend into the beard.

The above-discussed beard forms are the widely used styles among the current generation. However, there are few other beard styles like thepolished beard, the boss, etc. which are worth mentioning. If you want to give your beard one of the mentioned styles, you must do it correctly. You can use beard oils and other products to beautify your beard style. Click hereto know more details about different beard styles.

Top 10 beard styles

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