Beard trimming and styles. 21 Classic (+ Alternative) Beard Grooming Tips, Beardsmen

Now, who doesn’t love a great looking beard? Beard grooming styles.

Well fortunately - right here, right now - we‘re sharing our best bunch of quality tips for personally growing our beards to reach their full potential.

You won’t be finding any of your “run of the mill” beard growing advice here - so nothing about applying that daily beard oil or that you should be combing it out regularly.

That’s right, we’re taking beard growing to the next level.

1. Get Awesome Beard Tools

Ok, I know what you are expecting…

Invest in a quality Beard Trimmer?

A lovely pair of Beard Scissors.

Don’t get me wrong, such tools are all well and good but not quite on the “awesome, next level” we’ve just talked about.

For take a look at ‘these’ beard tools:

If you start struggling with a rough n’ tough 5 day stubble or general beard and the other half is giving you grief or perhaps they have even given you the dreaded ultimatum of “them or the beard”.

Gently massage them all over your stubble and they’ll act to round off the sharp pointed hairs on your beard (that are left as a result of your last shave) and make them all nice and smooth.

Awesome? Well yes actually, when used as a secondary mirror.

Basically just get hold of a handheld mirror (ones that magnifies are great too). You can pick up for like a fiver from most decent drug stores and even supermarkets. This will make the whole beard trimming and grooming experience becomes far easier, especially when detailing your neck and cheek lines - as opposed to pulling your face at awkward angles.

A clarisonic - probably one of the best darn beard inventions out there.

To sum it up, I like to try and think of it as like an electric toothbrush meets the “face washing” world. What’s great about it though, is that it can work through your beard - making skin care with a beard a whole lot easier - definitely worth a look at if you struggle with facial skin complexion.

(You will see more of it in bearded action in tip #13)

Now if you are after the epic goatee style - you will love this little contraption. They call it the Goatee Saver. Offering you the “perfect goatee every time you shave”. Admittedly this has limited use as for most of your goatee trimming, you will be sticking to the line you’ve already established, but for setting them out, it can be a really handy tool and create that perfect goatee.

Right. I get it, I know you’re a grown man now (I mean you can even grow a beard), but here’s the deal:

Beard King offer a neat little bib that prevents - a little trim up here and there (a relative quick job) from turning a into a beard trimmings disaster zone. Well worth the investment, given no likes the look of shaving trimmings in the sink from the night before.

From sorting out your cheek line to your frontal and side neckline, the shaping tool from “ The Beard Bro ” has you completely covered. It even doubles up as a beard comb too.

Oh Yeah! From Viking to Glitter beards. There are a whole assortment of accessories and ornaments (from beard rings to beard baubles) to experiment with - letting other bearded folk know you are bringing the noise.

2. Understand “Your Beard” and “Your Face” To Get the Best Look

Right, so you know how certain glasses and certain haircuts suit certain faces, right?

Well don’t be thinking beards are an exception.

Consult this handy “ best beard for your face ” chart (created by Mashable) that’s featured in the Huffington Post, to get a better idea as to what style you should be using for your face.

The basic idea is to get your face and your beard to compliment one another - to basically get the most out of both from an aesthetic point of view.

So if you’ve got a round face, you want a beard style that will narrow it up a little or if you aren’t sporting much of a chin, grow facial hair round this area to accentuate it.

4. Get The Right Neckline (Don’t Make this Mistake)

Now a lot of things are pretty much fair game in the beard world for when it comes to styling it how you want - pretty much everything that is, apart from ‘this’.

This is unfortunately what happens:

Beard trimming style guide

Many guys make the mistake of trimming what they think is their beard neckline but in actual fact - what they end up trimming round, is their jawline. This gives the pretty distasteful look of a double chin.

Instead you want to shave just above the Adam’s apple ( try the two finger rule ) and contour round to the bottom corners of your jaw.

Don’t forget your cheek lines too (this is where that shaping tool comes in rather handy).

5. An Alternative Way on How to Remedy the “Inevitable” Itchy Beard

Now granted not all guys get an itchy beard per se.

But for the guys that do - it can be the deal that is pretty much “make or break” between growing a beard and not.

Avoid Alcohol based products on your skin

Make sure you regularly clean out your beard

Try out various conditioners and softeners (acting to moisturize it)

Use the soft goat as mentioned in tip #1.

Try out a beard repair (for particularly long beards).

Apply a daily dose of the old beard oil, add a dose of beard balm.

Giving it a decent comb and brush.

However, after your beard has grown out a bit, there are two things you’ll want to look at:

Beard length - the longer it is, generally the more it can curl and flex and thus less likely to be as irritating to your skin.

Your skin - if your beard is really itching (past the two,three, four week stage) it’s probably not be down to your beard at all. It’s likely your skin. For this, try looking into Na-Pca from Twinlab that supplies you with the “natural moisturizing factor [found] in human skin” or T-Gel to help with moisture (of course we recommend for you to do the appropriate research into the product before use).

6. Worried About Growing Out Your Beard? (Start in Mid October)

When growing out a beard - no one really talks about the psychological and social aspect of growing a beard. People will inevitably comment on your beard, because it is something that’s noticeably changed about you.

This can be one of the major issues for guys who are about to grow out a beard - and results in them either never properly starting or trimming it off before it’s even given the proper time to grow.

However, if you start in mid October.

This way you can get 2 + weeks of initial growth (so you will at least be at around the heavy stubble stage), then you’ve got the excuse (a charitable one at that) of Movember, that gives you another four weeks as well as the following Decembeard (an additional four weeks) - giving you just over two and half months. You can raise a bit of money for charity too, win-win.

All by which time you will have some have a decent amount of growth and people will have had enough time to adjust to the idea of you actually having a beard.

If you are reading this in January, February though... you don’t wait until October just realise it’s your body, you can do what you want at the end of the day.

7. Visit a Good Barber First (Before You Style) + Questions to Ask Them

If you are particularly new to the beard game and worried about messing up your beard style on trimming it - first time round - we definitely recommend visiting a classic barber shop.

Not only is a great experience, but you can get a lot out of direct feedback to help with the general upkeep of your beard - moreover they will more than help you out with the look you are wanting to achieve. Plus, from there on in it is just about general upkeep on your part and if you feel like it is starting to get out of hand, just pop back.

Be sure to do some research too before you pop in:

8. Brush Up on Your Beard Mannerisms (aka Stop Touching Your Beard)

Granted stroking your beard is your “well earned” right after you’ve spent all that effort growing it out and maintaining it.

Beard owners both new and old do this. They pick, play and scratch at their beard.

Every time you play, twizzle and basically touch that awesome man mane of yours - it gets a little less glorious each time.

Beard grooming and styles

You are producing potentially more knots, more split ends all of which are damaging the beard. Worse still, you might tend to focus in on a singular area and patch of your beard (I was unfortunately a major culprit of this) - and you don’t need to trust my word, when I say - having a bald patch in your beard ain’t a great look.

This is probably the most simple yet also hardest beard grooming tip of them all: “Don’t touch your beard”.

9. What to Do About a Patchy Beard

Now most of the time what guys think are patchy beards, given enough time, turn out to be pretty darn good beards.

I certainly had doubts about my beard potential (particularly around my right cheek) but I gave it an additional two to three months.

Then it filled in nicely. Stay tuned (bookmark this page) for before and after pictures.

Now, even after you have given the appropriate time (3-4 month stage) and it still hasn’t grown out (and you are of appropriate beard prospering age, mid 20’s) - it might be time to call it a day?

This however, is not to say you can’t rock a patchy beard anyway (just see Mr Depp, if you’ve got any doubts) - just play to your strengths, your barber should be able to advise you in this department too.

Granted there are other options, although we don’t wish to advise them particularly - ahem: beard, ahem: transplant &, ahem, rogaine.

10. Use Beard Oil (Right from the Start) for a Super Soft Beard

Now pretty much every dedicated bearded gent - already has a special beard oil scent (if you’re on the search for one check out The Manual’s Top Ten ).

What new beard folk don’t tend to realise though is that you can actually start benefiting from beard oil pretty much right from the off, at that stubble stage.

Granted you don’t need to apply as much when you are only, but getting the oil right into your pores at such an early onset - sets you up for a great looking beard later - and will make your stubble start to feel softer too!

If you need a quick refresher as to why beard oil is so great: it repairs, shines, protects against hair loss and damages (split ends), keeps it elastic (and untangled), provides moisture for your beard (and skin - helping to fight beard-druff) and is basically your beard’s best friend.

11. Try a Dedicated Shampoo &, Conditioner

There are usually a couple of reasons why a beard can be feeling either bone dry or/and dirty: one is you are aren’t washing your beard enough (or you’re doing it too much), the other could be that you are using a typical hair shampoo that’s too harsh on your beard.

You see when you wash your beard, while you are indeed getting rid of all the grime and dirt - you are also wiping away all them oils that keep your beard healthy (you know, that beardy goodness).

However, using a dedicated shampoo such as the Mr Natty FFS beard shampoo or Beardsley range, will be much nicer to your beard. Granted, you will still need to condition it but it won’t be as harsh to your beard.

What I’ve learned only recently as well is that it is often beneficial to be shampooing your beard in warm water and then if you are using a conditioner to then fully rinse that off with cold water.

12. Beard Hairs Going Everywhere? Let’s Get it under wraps

Some guys have a lot of trouble with unruly hairs - with them spraying off all in different directions or just all generally going the wrong way.

There are a few approaches to solving this fortunately:

For hairs literally not lining up in uniform, a good solid beard wax should be good enough here to keep it all tame and remain sculpted into place (throughout the day at least).

For those hairs just plain out going the wrong way, you should be able to brush and comb them in line over a period of time.

Still playing up? Sometimes the best bet is to snip them away, if they are still persisting. Comb it out and any stragglers that you sheep, give them the snip.

13. Keep Up With the Skin Care Routine to Ensure Your Full Beard Growing Potential

After guys grow a beard, they tend to forget all about their skin.

You see, to have a good beard - it is crucial that you maintain a good skin care routine as you could end up with all sorts of issues from: beard-druff (as just mentioned), if you are prone to dry skin in particular or end up with excess oil in which case you could be preventing additional beard growth due to blocked beard follicles.

Granted, skin care does become harder with a beard, however there are ways to get round it.

When applying a moisturiser, I find it is generally best to go for the fingertip technique:

Step 1: Get a little bit of moisturiser on each of the ends of your finger tips

And of course if you remember from earlier:

Barbershop beard styles

This is where one of those awesome handy tools comes into play as well the “clarisonic” (used in the videos below from the helpful resources section), this helps you get past the beard and straight on the skin.

14. Try a Trip to the Masseuse (+ Other Ways to Stimulate Beard Growth)

... in theory by massaging your face, you are stimulating blood flow around this area - in turn this should encourage beard growth.

Get to know the other factors that fuel your beard growth and healthiness too (refer back to the Balding Beards on growing a thicker beard as well).

For instance, the impact that the male hormone (testosterone) has to play on growing a beard and ways you can naturally increase it and what things you could be doing now to lower it:

From literally just getting enough sleep or just a spot of meditating here and there can help you get a better beard.

15. Get to Know the 18 (plus) Beard Myths

This is one of my favourite bearded posts on the internet - and I think every newbie beardsman who has or is planning on starting out - should give it a read.

It has certainly cleared up a lot of things for me.

Eighteen Beard Myths by “beard titan: DanoFromCO” on pretty much the number one beard forum on the net, Jeffs Beard Board.

Sorting out a lot of common misconceptions surrounding beards such as:

Reality: No, they don’t just make you look hot in the summer, they make you look hot all year round!

In all seriousness, you can get your beard acting as your own personal air conditioner, just pour some water into it and it acts like an “evaporative cooler”.

16. Supplements: Beardziller, VitaBeard - Do You Need Them?

In relation to point 13 actually, feeding your beard with the right nutrition for better beard growth (particularly Vitamin A, C, E, Biotin and the complex Vitamin range) is essential for good beard growth.

What these supplements do is provide you with “enough of what your beard needs” in case you aren’t getting it through your natural diet.

So pretty much from this you can infer that: if you’ve got a good diet already, the impacts that these supplements have will be minimal at best. If you don’t however, they will probably help out with your beard growth.

Stay tuned though, as we are planning on holding our own investigation into beard supplements soon.

19. Beard Pruning: Use Your Trimmer (Even When Growing Out) for a Better Feeling Beard

Often when guys decide that they are “growing out” they literally won’t trim their beard for a good 2-3 months and end it up looking seriously scraggly, ya know sort of like… caveman style.

A good little technique we’ve learned over the years is to set your beard trimmer on the max cutting length setting and when your beard is dry, every week or so literally take the very tops of your beard hair off (like a 0.5mm or so) - just like pruning a plant.

You will likely notice the whole beard just comes across a bit healthier and better maintained with more of the beard being of uniform length (with different beard hairs growing at different rates) whilst eliminating any split ends before they spread.

21. Have You Considered Other “Alternative Agents” to Stimulate Beard Growth?

Understand the majority of your beard growing potential comes down to your genetics - this said, there are things you can do to ensure that beard growing potential is fulfilled.

Now we’ve already mentioned how important cleaning your beard is and your face (to remove blockages etc.). We’ve also mentioned diet and vitamins etc along with rest and reducing stress - as well as generally keeping a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are a few agents to consider as well, a lot of which you will probably find in a beard products.

Eucalyptus oil for instance is said to encourage beard growth along with “mustard leaves” as well as a combination of “Cinnamon Powder and Lime Juice”.

Now the studies behind that, to be honest we aren’t entirely sure about (and will continue investigating), but there are plenty of “ self-experiments ” around.

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