Barber beard styles. Beard Maintenance - 10 Tips to Optimize Your Beard

Growing a beard for men can be fun and just by seeing how good it looks on someone else can motivate you to have one of your own. But is it just a matter of hair growing on your face? Definitely not, unless of course you want your beard to look unkempt and repulsive.There are so many men in the world with beards yet while others are admired, there are those that are frowned upon. Beard grooming styles.

Having a neat and well-kept beard requires work and commitment that if you lack as a man then you are better off being clean shaven. Nearly everything on the face of this planet that looks good had some work put into it, either by man or by nature and a beard is no different. So if you decide to grow your beard and would like to maintain it, here are some tips on how to make it look neat and healthy.

your beard properly and regularly

Wash your beard with shampoo at least a couple of times a week. Do not use bar soap because it may dry up on the skin beneath the beard leaving an unpleasant feel. The moisturizing shampoo is preferred to keep the hair from becoming stiff. It is also advisable that you wash your beard under the shower to clear all the natural oil and give it a completely fresh feel.

After washing your beard, apply some beard oil to make the hair thick. This will also help in untangling the knotted bits so that it becomes easier to comb. Applying beard oil will ensure that there is minimum hair breakage as you comb through. A point to note here is that you should avoid beard oils that contain olive oil. It is not well absorbed into the skin.

3. Comb appropriately

Use a comb with strong bristles to comb your beard. As we have noted, applying beard oil will make your hair soft and thus easy to comb through. Avoid combing immediately after a shower when the hair is still wet. Combing your beard after applying oil will make the process much easier and relatively pleasant. This will in turn reduce hair breakage, something which is very common when combing. The beard combing should also be done slowly, don’,t apply unnecessary force to it. Just slide the comb through to ensure that any knot that is still present is undone.

your beard to the desired length.

In order to have your beard hair growing at the same level, it is advisable that you trim it regularly to get rid of overgrown or stray hair. This will make it appear can try to play around with new shapes. I f you don’,t know how to do it yourself then it is most advisable that you seek the services of a professional choose the best beard trimmer, read our reviews here.

Beard grooming styles

5.Avoid food particles in your beard

Sometimes when eating you may forget that you have grown facial hair. Your beard can decide to share your meal with you and trap food particles in the process. Imagine walking through the streets and everyone staring at you because you have a piece of food stuck on your facial hair. Now that is a very embarrassing scene. Eat carefully and always remember to check yourself in the mirror just in case.

6. Maintain a healthy diet

Well isn’,t this too obvious? The key to a healthy skin and body is a good diet. For your beard to grow properly and look healthy, ensure that you eat a balanced diet because all that hair growing on your face will definitely need something to fuel the growth.

you have a long beard, style it.

Not very many people manage to grow very long beards but if you happen to be one of them, then you need to style your beard. There are very many styles to pick from and you can settle on that which appeals to you the most.

your neckline natural when shaving.

When you are shaving or trimming your beard hair, try to follow the natural boundary of hair without moving it further away from the original position. This is a very common mistake and it can make you look funny but not in a good way.

9. Try to match the shape of your beard to your face

There is a reason why some people can only shave their head a certain way, it all depends on the shape. I know that comes off as a brush, but it is the truth. There are some hairstyles that are not meant for everyone and you would do yourself a favor by knowing which one suits you best. The same logic applies to beards and the way you trim it should be in accordance with the shape of your face. This will not only make it enhance your appearance, but it will seem as though it was meant to be there.

Beard trimming styles gq

10. Choose an easily manageable way of taking care of your beard.

Just because you have a beard doesn’,t mean you spend hours in a single day taking care of it. People may start questioning your manhood and you may be likened to ladies who spend too much time on makeup. Have an effective yet manageable routine of taking care of that beard so that you are not inconvenienced on a daily basis. If that is not possible then you’,d just rather shave it all off, you’,ll have an easier time then.

Having a beard may seem fun and easy but there is work put into maintaining its appearance. For you to look presentable, it is necessary to follow the above tips in taking care of it. As we have seen, having a beard is not just about growing facial hair, there is a lot of commitment that comes with it. Just like any other parts of our body, if they are unkempt they may be a health hazard. Your beard can be the breeding haven for lice and other parasites. It may also give off a bad smell because of all the stored up sweat. It is therefore very important to take care of it and make it look neat and presentable always.

Beard trimming styles neck

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