Indian celebrity beard styles. Michael Stipe’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Beard Is Part of an Unfortunate Celebrity Style Trend

Michael Stipe (Photo: Getty Images) Indian celebrity beard styles.

Duck Dynasty's controversial star Phil Robertson would seem an unlikely style inspiration for the politically liberal Michael Stipe, best known as the lead singer for R.E.M., but it’s happening.

Stipe, 56, was snapped sporting a lengthy, solid gray beard as he campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this week in New York. Reportedly, no duck calls were made at the rally.

Phil Robertson (Photo: AP Photo/A&,E, Zach Dilgard)

Stipe is the latest to rock a beard similar to the one that’s become Robertson’s signature look, Both David Letterman and Randy Quaid have tried it, too.

Indian celebrity beard styles

Robertson decided to keep his facial hair long because of his profession, he explained to Parade in 2013.

“The original purpose of the beards was to help with the wind when it’s blowing in your face,” the 69-year-old reality star said. “When you’re out there in the woods hunting like we are all the time, we found that facial hair helps you to stay a lot warmer."

Kingpin actor Quaid, 65, showed off a massive, unruly beard and flowing mane in October, when he appeared for a hearing before Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board to deal with legal woes. Appearance was obviously not his biggest concern at the time.

Randy Quaid (Photo: Getty Images)

Indian celebrity beard styles

Letterman, 69, has grown out his beard as well, simply because he can. The comedian retired last year from his late-night talk show of 33 years, and was thrilled that he no longer had to shave every day. Even though he’s well aware that everyone hates it.

David Letterman (Photo: AKM-GSI)

"I know — it’s not a good-looking beard,” he told Whitefish Review in December. “But I don’t even care. I just don’t care. And it’s kind of fun — well, I won’t say that it’s fun to walk around irritating people, I think I’ve proved that on TV — but it’s sort of amusing to see the reactions."

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