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How to grow a beard is a question The Rugged Man gets asked often. Beard trimming style guide.

Well then how does an aspiring beardsman go about growing a beard?

For most men their first grooming step begins with the razor and shaving can but no one teaches you How to grow a beard.

Based on my own experience and collected tips from other beard growers this post serves as a guide to guys who are considering growing a beard for the first time and what to experience in the initial days and weeks of growth.

Here are the 4 stages of how to grow a beard.

1) Getting Started

Now that you have decided to lay your shaving tools down and you have committed to the process of beard growth you can prepare yourself for a few days of stubble. After 3-4 days of growth you may experience slight irritation, this is normal as the hair follicles start to protrude through your skin. To stimulate hair growth it is wise to moisturise daily to clean hair shafts on the skin.

BEWARE: Those closest to you may be startled by your change of appearance….. and may even drop subtle hints suggesting you should shave. It’s here where you must be persistent, explain to them that you are embracing your inner caveman. It may take them some time to see the light but eventually they will prefer you for it.

Key Point: Ignore the Naysayers

Beard trimming style guide

2) Prepare for the itch

As your facial hair begins to grow it can create friction between your skin and new hair follicles. This occurs as your skin may not be getting the sufficient moisture it needs. This itch may be further compounded if you have dry skin, as facial hair in its nature is coarse, this coarseness rubbed against dry skin causes the itch. Ouch!!

Using a good natural beard oil will help with this big time. I’ll be honest the application of beard specific products makes a massive difference on how your beard looks and feels. I cannot emphasis this enough, taking care of your beard through regularly washing and conditioning will make this journey much easier. Look for products with Jojoba and Argan oil and avoid products containing alcohol as it drys out the skin.

Towards the end of week 2 and the start of week 3 you will start to get a sense for the shape of your beard.

3) It’s Taking Shape

At this juncture your beard will be taking shape and you will start to get accustomed to your new found display of masculinity.

In practical terms the Itching should be subsiding. That’s why it is crucial you continue to moisturize, for your skin and beards sake.

Now that you are getting an idea of the shape of your beard you will begin to see how dense it is, what patches emerge and areas that need growth.

Key Takeaway: Be Patient, Let it Grow

Beard trimming style guide

4) You’ve come far, Now to Maintain

Around week 3 and 4 of your development your scruff may look unkempt, id advise to do a small bit of upkeep. In particular the area around your neckline and cheeks may start to look scraggly.

To trim these areas I would recommend using a beard trimmer. Alternatively this is a good opportunity for you to get your barber to tidy your beard up.

WARNING!! If you do this make sure to be very specific with your barber or he could take off more than you want. They aren't mind readers, if you find it difficult to articulate what you want bring the barber a photo of a beard style you would like to emulate.

Some beard advocates would suggest not to trim at this stage but to leave your beard grow out, I take a different view, I believe your beard is individual to you, I personally trim under the neckline and below the upper mustache lip. Again this decision is yours and YOURS alone.

To assist the maintenance at this stage of your growth, Now is a good time to introduce a good beard wash into your routine, I find that by having a shower using beard wash is the best way to clean your beard. This cleans and softens your beard which makes it far more manageable and less irritable during the day. Apply some beard oil and beard balm and your beard will be looking great and smelling even better.

Tip: Use a comb to groom your facial hair into a controlled and desired position.

Key Rugged Takeaways for How to Grow a Beard:

Beard trimming style guide

Unfortunately there hasn't been a magic pill invented that conjures a beard overnight. My friend, it takes time and it takes perseverance. The early days are the toughest when the itch kicks in and it is at this point that a lot of guys shave, however, survive this and the process gets much easier and you can look forward to looking distinguished with your beard.

I hope this guide helps you realize that the journey and pursuit of growing a beard is a liberating process. Just commit to getting started today and you are over the first hurdle. As the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton’s once proclaimed ‘by endurance we conquer’.

Now you know the Process, next week I will be discussing the factors that will contribute to the healthy growth of your beard.

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