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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock: Beards are IN. And they’re getting better than ever before as guys start to experiment with finding the right style for them. Short beard styles.

This year saw four main contenders for the most popular of the beard trend. Check them out below – you might get some inspiration for your next facial hair style.

1. Full beard.

Some think it’s rugged, some think it’s hipster, some just think we’re back in the 1800s. They may look kind of unkempt, but any beard takes some maintenance to look its best. Typically you will still need to shave your neck, sculpt the beard’s shape and trim your moustache if you want to carry this look well.

And don’t forget – facial hair is hair too, so you still need to take care of it. Giving your beard a wash with a quality shampoo will keep it clean, soft, and healthy.

The long beard looks terrific when contrasted with a slick short haircut (my favourite is with a bit of a quiff at the front).

Crazy short beard styles

2. Designer stubble.

Stubble is always in style one way or another. Guys love it because it because of its casual yet manly nature (I don’t work hard on my appearance to look this good), and girls love it because it gives guys a rebellious, badboy touch to their look.

There is a fine line though which, when crossed, means you’ve gone from trendy man to street bum. As with any look, it too takes maintenance. Make sure you trim and groom your stubble regularly, or you’ll start to see people avoiding sitting next to you on the train.

3. The Circle Beard

The circle beard gets its name from its shape. It combines a moustache and a rounded goatee to create its distinct shape. These beards are a great way to conceal a soft jaw or rounded face. It’s also a good option if you suffer from acne and want to keep your skin problems on the down low.

The circle beard requires regular maintenance so keep things neat and tidy, but is not too labour intensive to keep. If your facial hair likes to get a bit unruly, use a beard balm to keep it well conditioned, and a moustache wax to keep the hairs neat and tidy.

Short beard styles tumblr

4. Short and rugged.

This one’s a Hollywood favourite as well as on the streets, probably because it combines the sophistication of a short beard with a bit of that ‘don’t care’ rebellious attitude. This beard style is light weight, but some guys can get irritated skin underneath, so it’s important to keep it clean and conditioned well. Beard Oil is a favourite of ours, as it moisturises both the hair and the skin underneath, without being greasy.

There you have it. These are the beards that dominated screen and street this year. Which was your favourite?

If you’re thinking of experimenting with a beard, come into the barbershop for a consultation. We’ll discuss your face shape, your desired look, and work out which will look best on you. The right beard can change a man’s look completely.

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